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Name: Waddiwasi chik (Signed) · Date: 07/07/05 0:07 · For: Chapter 1 Crime and Punishment
ďAre you sure you got the right stuff?Ē Ron asked, looking at the unlabeled vial. Smooooooth King... I really liked this chapter! And i have a great uncle named Bob...

Name: cloudybear (Signed) · Date: 07/06/05 22:35 · For: Chapter 18 Gold, Silver, Red and Brown
hehe Harry's whipped! Sorry, inside joke. This was a really good chapter. It reminded me alot of PoA or the end of OotP. Lots of info. I like that. I kinda lost track of what all the colors were. I got the gold and silver, but I'm not sure if I'm right on the red and brown. Oh well, great chapter.

Author's Response: The red plan refers to the blood transfusion way of destroying Voldemort. Brown refers to the brown book on Human sacrificial rituals.

Name: Hagrid51 (Signed) · Date: 07/06/05 22:24 · For: Chapter 18 Gold, Silver, Red and Brown
You do like living dangerously, don't you? Fires and ghost projections and stealing from the slinky one hmself? Don't know if I am man enough to read on! keep taking the potions Madame pomphry has no doubt given you and you will be just fine.

Name: Society Finch (Signed) · Date: 07/06/05 10:08 · For: Chapter 17 The Return of S.P.E.W.
Awesome work as usual. Im so glad you chose Canada, I can't wait to see where you send them!! If you need some help with the little Canadian details, gimme a shout! Although I assume you know quite a bit if you chose that country. Send us an update SOON!!

Author's Response: I really wish that I was more familiar with Canada than I am.

Name: MidnightJewel (Signed) · Date: 07/06/05 1:21 · For: Chapter 17 The Return of S.P.E.W.
I just read all 17 chapters and I have to say I really love your story. It's really different. Hermione's probably right in thinking that Harry's power is love. I wonder where she is.

Author's Response: Whatever power Harry has, the Dark lord knows nothing about it. If it is Love, doesnít that make you feel sad for Tom Riddle?

Name: VeryFirstMarauderGirl (Signed) · Date: 07/05/05 21:34 · For: Chapter 17 The Return of S.P.E.W.
Very good chapter. The only thing that I want to point out was that the saying to the Marauder's Map is "I solomly swear that I am up to no good." Other than that I think this chapter was very well written. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Oops. I wonder how long it took Fred and George to hit upon it?

Name: Old Fart (Signed) · Date: 07/05/05 14:36 · For: Chapter 8 Summerís End
I've just started reading this story today. I'll try and be diplomatic with my review. Your writing style is great. The story flows VERY well. That being said, I must now give an honest opinion of the actual plot. I find most of this story completely unbelievable. I don't think the Hermione the House Elf sub-plot was a very good idea. I also she would be so free with her sexuality. Also, the idea of the teaching staff allowing torture as a means of discipline is rediculous. Sorry, I'm just being honest. Again, please understand that it is not your writing style that I don't like. As a matter of fact, I think you have a talent for writing. It is just that this plot is totally implausible to me. I don't even think I will continue with this story. I will, however, check to see if you have authored any other stories.

Author's Response: Hi Old Fart, Thanks for the kind words. This is my first and only foray into writing fiction. Itís much easier to get started when the characters and situations have already been well developed. I do not think S.P.E.W. is just a silly subplot. I may be wrong about its meaning, but I think it is important. Hermione does act a bit extreme in my little story, but sheís under a lot of stress. Using harsh discipline on the students is canonical. Arthur Weasley has some scars to show for it. Dumbledore has apparently toned things down a lot. I think Dumbledore is one of the leading liberals of the British Wizard society, but with Voldemortís return out in the open, something has to be done to prevent students from fighting with each other.

Name: Appelsauce (Signed) · Date: 07/05/05 8:37 · For: Chapter 17 The Return of S.P.E.W.
Wow. I always get really excited when you update(or maybe it is my coffee in the mornings?) Either way, I love this story. Please update again soon. Sauce

Name: Waddiwasi chik (Signed) · Date: 07/04/05 16:12 · For: Chapter 1 Crime and Punishment
What's it like in your mind? Where do you come UP with this stuff? Does it just blow in through your ears, or something? The chapter was excellent... again... and why must you give us a cliffie!?! It's evil. Well, I'm off to go sulk 'cause you've hogged all the mad skills for yourself... Cheerio! Ta ta, and Bob's your uncle. Top of the muffin to ya!

Author's Response: I am a Muggle but I grew up in Salem and I knew some Squibbs. I also do have an Uncle Bob.

Name: cloudybear (Signed) · Date: 07/04/05 12:31 · For: Chapter 17 The Return of S.P.E.W.
1st review! Harry and Hermione are the cutest newlyweds in the entire world. EVIL CLIFFE! Where is she? I guess I'm gonna have to wait till the next chapter. Are you going to torture me for a long time?

Author's Response: Would I be mean to poor Hermione?

Name: Waddiwasi chik (Signed) · Date: 07/03/05 19:07 · For: Chapter 16 A Crash Course in Quidditch
One question: WHY DO YOU GET ALL THE MAD SKILLS?!?!?!?!? Ok, I'm done throwing a tantrum... *sigh* Very good chapter, and as usual, your writing is excellent and creative.

Name: cloudybear (Signed) · Date: 07/03/05 11:21 · For: Chapter 16 A Crash Course in Quidditch
This was a really good chapter. It's hilarious how everyone refers to Hermione as Mrs. Potter, and she answers to it! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE SARCASM IN THIS CHAPTER! Gotta have some sarcasm. Fabulous as usual. Update asap.

Author's Response: Thanks for the encouragement, you'll like Harry's first act as President of S.P.E.W.

Name: Hagrid51 (Signed) · Date: 07/03/05 11:06 · For: Chapter 16 A Crash Course in Quidditch
Well, you have done it again. Yet another great chapter. I thought for a minute that Nesmith was Mad Eye Moody when I read "Listen Missy..."

Author's Response: He's loosly modelled after a wonderful physician I once knew who once told me, "You don't like zits? Then keep your God-damn fucking fingers away from your face!" I had heard a rumor that he had been General Patton's personal physician in the second world war.

Name: Sir Nicholas (Signed) · Date: 07/03/05 7:20 · For: Chapter 16 A Crash Course in Quidditch
I am very impressed. The writing is smooth and flowing. Emotions are well expressed. Tension is present and drama. Keep up the good work and update

Author's Response: Thanks for the kind words, Nick.

Name: VeryFirstMarauderGirl (Signed) · Date: 07/03/05 0:40 · For: Chapter 16 A Crash Course in Quidditch
LOL, sry, just read ur responce to my last review! I really loved this chapter. I loved the James/Lily Son moment. "It's not time to die yet Harry!" hehe. scared me a bit with the heart stopping. I love how everyone is just starting to use Mrs. Potter when talking to Hermione. Loved the ending to until you got to Harry's daydream. I didn't quite understand that. Can't wait for an update!

Name: Hagrid51 (Signed) · Date: 07/01/05 19:56 · For: Chapter 15 Tuesday Night
Wow, you keep outdoing yourself King, You da King! Yet another great chapter, I mean, what could be better than Malfoy getting blasted by the boss? Filch and Delores...I don't think I will be able to sleep for a week just thinking about that match made in the sewer.

Author's Response: Thanks friend! What could be better than Lucius Malfoy having a bad day? Lord Voldemort has got to go.

Name: VeryFirstMarauderGirl (Signed) · Date: 07/01/05 19:31 · For: Chapter 15 Tuesday Night
Hello King, I really really really like your story. The only thing I would suggest to you, to make it better, would to seek out a beta. I personally noticed some mistakes and the characters would sometimes act out of charater. I have a great site that has a whole Beta database! Email me and I can give you the site. Good Luck with the story! P.S. Americans aren't that bad that we think the French are behind everything. I felt offended by that chapter.

Author's Response: I donít need a Beta. Iíve always had a terrible time keeping tropical fish alive. Every time I read one of my chapters I find things I need to change like Veritas serum instead of Veritaserum, Professor Flintwick instead of Professor Flitwick (that one is really embarrassing) and Ernie MacMillan instead of Macmillan. Itís a pain in the rear to edit these things once they are on-line too. Itís hard to keep on-line long enough to locate the errors and make the changes. Hermione makes some extreme moves that may seem out of character, but she is under a lot of stress. These valedictorian type girls can sometimes really surprise you. Iíve made Harry a bit less self centered because I think he has to grow in that direction. And Iíve made Ron a bit more of a leader than weíve seen in books 1 Ė 5, but I think he has it in him. P.S. I Love America.

Name: Hagrid51 (Signed) · Date: 07/01/05 15:11 · For: Chapter 14 The Suicide Clause
Well I see you havent been taking your twisted mind medication, you are still pretty far round the twist, I'd say....Doesn't seem to hurt your writing style any though. Just read the last three cpaters, good as ever. Nice an long too, You know the professors like long details chapters if you are in OWL or NEWT years. A chastity belt? I don't know, that sounds like a Muggle item to me. Keep up the good work and don't let the MUggles get ya' down.. Hagrid

Author's Response: Those Muggle chastity belts don't even talk. Can you imagine that? Anyone with a key could get around one.

Name: Beth Brown (Signed) · Date: 07/01/05 14:41 · For: Chapter 1 Crime and Punishment
Very interesting opening chapter. Your use of description is true to Rowling's style and you capture Harry's thoughts perfectly. The only thing I have a problem with is Percy's reaction to Ron and Ginny. Shouldn't Ginny and Ron be slightest bit uncomfortable around their older brother who's not only shunned their parents but their whole family as well? Other than that your story is awsome. I must read more.

Author's Response: Hi Beth, In my version of the story, which may not be quite the same as JKRís, there has been a real change in the wind. With Fudge having to admit that Voldemort is really back and Dumbledore being Hogwarts Headmaster again and reinstated to the Wizengamot, there is no reason for Percy to want to continue to distance himself from his family. Percy has had something of a change of heart but he is as ambitious as ever.

Name: Waddiwasi chik (Signed) · Date: 06/30/05 20:08 · For: Chapter 15 Tuesday Night
WHOO HOOO! I dont feel lost anymore! *does the happy dance* thanks for updating so many chapters so quickly! This story is very well written and always exciting! Nice twist with the whole 'Filch/Umbridge' thing. I GET IT!!! Or maybe i just got a decent amount of sleep last night... Ah well, excellent story and keep updating!

Author's Response: I'm beginning to feel sorry for Lucius Malfoy. On second thought, no I don't.

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