Reviews For E Deus Unum
Reviewer: cloudybear
Date: 06/30/05 16:35
Chapter: Chapter 15 Tuesday Night

1st review! I KNOW WHO DID IT! Thank you. I can finally sleep at night. Great chapter. Hehe Mrs. Harry Potter. Love it! Update asap!

Author's Response: Hi Cloudybear, With the Tuesday Night Murderer out of the picture things can calm down in Hogwarts, right? NOT

Reviewer: cloudybear
Date: 06/29/05 16:56
Chapter: Chapter 13 The Halloween Ball at Old George's Place

Love it as always! I was gonna ask the same thing as Applesauce, but you've cleared that up already. Update ASAP! I want to know who's killing all these random people!

Author's Response: I would have thought that you would have it figured out.

Reviewer: laughypunky23
Date: 06/29/05 11:15
Chapter: Chapter 13 The Halloween Ball at Old George's Place

i love this story!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the kind words! I've got a plan for the final battle etc. and I hope I can keep the story on track until then.

Reviewer: Appelsauce
Date: 06/28/05 18:35
Chapter: Chapter 13 The Halloween Ball at Old George's Place

I liked this chapter. Since Harry feels no pain, does that mean Hermione does? Excellent job. Sauce

Author's Response: Hi Appelsauce The pain transfer spell in chapter 11 lasts only 24 hours. I toyed with the idea of having a sleepy Hermione burning her fingers in Potions class and having Harry feel it because the “pain transfer” spell was just a variant of a shared feelings spell. But that would have made it hard for Harry to figure out what was going on. He would have been clueless why his fingers suddenly started hurting. So to keep the story moving poor Hermione took another hit. Neither Harry nor Hermione felt pain from this torture session of poor misguided Lucius Malfoy. They established a temporary Occlumency barrier between Harry and Voldemort with the Sympathetic spell they set off while dancing. Too bad they didn’t recognize that they set off a powerful spell.

Reviewer: Society Finch
Date: 06/28/05 15:50
Chapter: Chapter 13 The Halloween Ball at Old George's Place

Not that I dont appreciate some good political satire, but not mixed with my Harry Potter. Im glad you killed those characters off ASAP. I love your updates.

Author's Response: Hi Society Finch, I wrote myself into a box. There is a crazed killer stalking the halls of Hogwarts but I don’t want to kill any of the wonderful characters that JKR has developed. So I had to introduce some new characters to take the hit. Sort of like those guys on the old Star Trek shows that wore the red shirts. The moderators of this site are so cool! I really pushed the envelope with this crazy chapter and they let it fly.

Reviewer: Society Finch
Date: 06/28/05 11:52
Chapter: Chapter 12 Luna's Scoop

WHOA! That marriage thing came outta no where! But I like it. I also like the awesome amount of updates- seriously makes my unemployed existence worth living. Any who- keep up the awesome work and keep those updates comin' PLEASE!!!!

Author's Response: I wrote 13 chapters before submitting chapter 1. I'm working on chapter 16 but things will bog down soon when the submissions start coming in real time.

Reviewer: Waddiwasi chik
Date: 06/28/05 1:01
Chapter: Chapter 1 Crime and Punishment

OK, so anybody who feels confused, raise your hand. *raises hand and looks around* Blast- anyway. Thanks for updating so quickly. Er, is Hermione acting mental for a reason? And how is Harry so um... oblivious. I mean, come on! "Gee thanks for hoisting the buttload of pain i should be feeling onto yourself, by the way, wanna go race brooms?" or Ron's weird rant about chastity belts and whatever else. I dunno, maybe I'm just psycho... And about the whole 'Mirror of Erised' thing, ya, that would be awesome if Harry grew up to be Minister of Magic w/ twelve kids. Thats alot of kids... I have six other siblings so- Dang it, I'm birdwalking again. Ah well, excellent chapter(s)

Author's Response: Hi Waddiwasi chik The premise of this story is that Hermione loves Harry and that Hermione gets what Hermione wants. This is rather unfortunate because Harry’s a lot of trouble. Voldemort is back. People believe Harry now. He’s a hero. Lots of girls are flirting with him. It’s driving Hermione crazy. Harry loves Hermione but she’s been acting a bit crazy. Both of these kids are under a lot of stress. The students of Hogwarts are ready to divide into camps and attack each other. Iron discipline is turning the place into a pressure cooker. A murderer is stalking the halls. The paper is full of scary news. Magical marriage? They haven’t even gone out on a date. It’s all happening too fast to process. Quidditch and flying are Harry’s escape from a depressing reality. He’s trying to help Hermione relax but he’s not very good at it.

Reviewer: cloudybear
Date: 06/27/05 22:02
Chapter: Chapter 12 Luna's Scoop

Multiple chapters in one day! *rejoice* Okay, people are dying left and right. What is up with this? If all these people are dying now, what's going to happen in the final battle? Hehe, loved Ron's comment to Neville. Interesting as always.

Author's Response: I'm not going to tell you about the final battle. I have some ideas but I've got to get them written, it'll take several more chapters to set it up.

Reviewer: Appelsauce
Date: 06/27/05 20:08
Chapter: Chapter 12 Luna's Scoop

Ok you update like a maniac. And I LOVE IT!! That was a most unusual response to my last review. This chapter seemed to drag a little bit, but I think(hoping) you are building up to a huge event. Anyways good job. Sauce

Author's Response: Wouldn't it be better if things calmed down a bit and let that poor girl recover.

Reviewer: Appelsauce
Date: 06/27/05 17:16
Chapter: Chapter 11 The Fall

Wow this chapter was very...different. Hermione seems OOC really bad. I mean I know love does strange things to people but wow. Anyways, I love the way you think out of the box. The whole wand thing is very interesting. Awesome job. Your loyal follower, Sauce

Author's Response: Electricity is cool too, but you don't touch a high voltage line without getting a shock.

Reviewer: Society Finch
Date: 06/27/05 12:28
Chapter: Chapter 11 The Fall

God your chapters are long, but AWESOME!! Hermione is LOSING it. You're story is great and addictive! Keep up the awesome work!

Author's Response: She's under a lot of stress, so is Harry

Reviewer: cloudybear
Date: 06/27/05 7:40
Chapter: Chapter 10 Find My Heart

1st review! Okay, this story is very interesting, really creative, and unlike any other H/Hr fic I've read, but WHY is Hermione having near death experiences every chapter?!?!? It's killing me! (sorry, I couldn't resist the pun) I figured that the power was love, but how are they going to use their love? So many questions, so little time. Can't wait to see where this one's going!

Author's Response: Hi Cloudybear, Hermione has a lot of enemies: 1) Everyone who hates Harry Potter will hate Hermione because she is his best friend. This includes Voldemort and his followers and certain politicians. 2) Hermione is an honest to good Muggle-born Mudblood and she has a high profile because she is so smart. Every pureblood who hates Muggle-born wizards will hate her. (These people might hate Harry too because his mother was Muggle-born. But Harry’s unpopularity with this group is somewhat blunted because his father was a pureblood and Harry is a hero and a Quidditch player.) 3) Harry Potter’s fan club, especially the pureblood females, will hate Hermione because they think Harry could find a better girlfriend than a Mudblood, show-off, bossy, know-it-all like her. 4) Hermione was a major player in ruining the career of a certain short fat ugly witch. 5) Rita Skeeter really hates Hermione. She can use the Daily Prophet to turn thousands of people against Hermione. And that bug has a demonstrated ability to enter the grounds of Hogwarts undetected. 6) This S.P.E.W stuff has the potential to blow up in her face. Those house-elves are owned by rich wizards, she’s a threat to their property and lifestyle. 7) Hermione’s worst enemy is Hermione. She is such a perfectionist, she’s too hard on herself and she takes too many classes. This type of girl might become the valedictorian but they can have serious self-image issues. Anorexia is a common problem with this type of girl. She turned her back on her family to become a witch. She’ll marry a wizard and disappear into the hidden magical world. They’ve lost her one way or the other. She’ll feel terrible about that. Who is going to protect her from all of these dangers?

Reviewer: Appelsauce
Date: 06/25/05 16:33
Chapter: Chapter 1 Crime and Punishment

"We can't forget about Ron." I get it now. Good forshadowing.

Author's Response: Hi Appelsauce, Imagine what working with Charlie Weasley in a dragon preserve all summer would be like. And that brain thing in the Department of Mysteries, what did it do to Ron? I don’t have a clue, but I decided that Ron is going to be a bit more assertive this year.

Reviewer: Hagrid51
Date: 06/25/05 16:16
Chapter: Chapter 9 Autumn Leaves

Welcome back. A very good chapter, lots going on in the old school, from house elves to beheadings, muggle style beatings to nurses uniforms. Sounds about right for the few weeks back. Keep up the good work. Hagrid

Author's Response: Hi Hagrid, Thanks for the kind words! The story gets a little less sexual now that school has started. It’s so hard for kids at boarding school to get a moment alone with their significant other. That’s just the way a boarding school must be managed. So it’s less sex and more violence for a while. Either way it gets the kids hearts beating faster.

Reviewer: Appelsauce
Date: 06/25/05 12:39
Chapter: Chapter 9 Autumn Leaves

This was an unusual chapter, but I liked it. I still love this story. You have really elevated the suspense in this chapter. Please keep updating. Sauce

Author's Response: Key events are to happen in chapter 11.

Reviewer: cloudybear
Date: 06/24/05 23:46
Chapter: Chapter 9 Autumn Leaves

1st review! It has been far too long since anything has been updated, so I will take this oppourtunity to celebrate. *rejoice* Okay, I'm good. Poor Hermione. She's just getting worked and hurt to the bone. Weird about the whole Fudge thing. Kinda sudden...and a bit creepy. Snape's looking pretty shady to me right now. You could clear up some questions by updating. *puppy dog eyes*

Author's Response: Hi Cloudybear, Sorry about the delay with chapter 9, I was out of town. Chapter 10 has been submitted. I think Professor Snape is a jerk. This could be because I regard his teaching style as unprofessional. I’m using this story as a vehicle to publish my guesses about the next DADA instructor. If it’s a new character, which would fit the pattern, I don’t have a clue. But I think there are several existing characters that could be candidates for the job. Fudge was one of them. I have some other ideas too. For now Dumbledore has to scramble for substitutes.

Reviewer: Society Finch
Date: 06/24/05 11:28
Chapter: Chapter 8 Summer’s End

This story is SO well written, It's number one on my list to keep me entertained until book six, but you're writing style is so good! Please update SOON!!

Author's Response: Sorry for the delay, chapter 9 has been submitted.

Reviewer: Hagrid51
Date: 06/21/05 21:34
Chapter: Chapter 8 Summer’s End

I wish I still had Fluffy, or maybe Charlie can get Nobert back for me, I have know Severus Snape longer than you have, and I have Never seen him this bad. And I would dearly love to feed the good professor to my old pets for his actions! Hagrid

Author's Response: They have a strict discipline policy this year because the danger of student's fighting with each other is very real. Historically Hogwarts has had to have a harsh discipline policy. No one would think that Hermione would be the first to experience the consequences of this but she is the perfect example to show that no one is immune to punishment. The potion is useful.

Reviewer: Hagrid51
Date: 06/21/05 21:15
Chapter: Chapter 7 The Trap and the Bait

Where do I start? I can't seem to...In one thought I am both saddened and hopeful, weakened yet fortified, tearful and prouder than ever to know Harry, Hermione and you. And Dumbledore, great man Dumbledore.

Reviewer: cloudybear
Date: 06/19/05 23:30
Chapter: Chapter 8 Summer’s End

2nd review! Nah, that's not as effective. Oh well, I was here, but I didn't have time to finish the chapter this afternoon. I'm glad I didn't forget about it because it would have been a shame to miss such a good chapter. I agree that the train scene was perfect. The Hermione/Snape things kinda creeping me out. Harry needs to protect her right now! j/k Can't wait to see how this plays out.

Author's Response: We mustn't forget Ron.

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