Reviewer: harry luvs ginny
Date: 12/05/04 15:33
Chapter: Reunion

I read this story a REALLY long time ago-- like almost a month and I was looking through the reveiwa and realized that I haven't given one... so here it is. I LOVE this story. It really intensifies the whole Harry/Ginny thing. It's a great story and I enourage you to write lots more.

Reviewer: Rhinodome
Date: 11/24/04 1:36
Chapter: Epilogue: Just Desserts

I agree this was a fantastic fan fic. The best romance Harry/Ginny I have seen for sure. I just found it a few days ago so no waiting for chapters and could just read into it whenever I had spare time and never regretted one moment of it. If you have other things up I will be sure to read some now that I finished this one. Very good job. :)

Reviewer: Rhinodome
Date: 11/24/04 0:31
Chapter: Past, Present and Future

I had a sinking feeling that first part was going to happen. But it was still funny to read through. The spell is the key for the part in the last chapter that is what I was missing. Nice thinking about that.

Reviewer: Rhinodome
Date: 11/23/04 23:45
Chapter: Light in the Distance

A couple questions started in my mind as I read this but you answered them later in the chapter. Or you gave some hint to it. It is as if you are reading my mind. :) A nice believable chapter in all details.

Reviewer: Rhinodome
Date: 11/23/04 22:21
Chapter: Into the Fire

Having Mrs. Weasley meet him there at that time was perfect. Things don't always work out as planned. Especially when you are trying to be sneaky. haha At the end good thing Draco came and saved Harry. I found this chapter interesting and with enough detail so it all seemed real. :)

Reviewer: Rhinodome
Date: 11/23/04 4:53
Chapter: Out of the Frying Pan...

A couple of rather interesting turns in this chapter. I can honestly say I was not expecting everything to turn out like this when I started this chapter.

Reviewer: tonkswithblackhair
Date: 11/23/04 4:26
Chapter: Reunion

awesome story!!>...keep going ashwinder u have all the talent to become an awesome author..........!!....pls write more stories of harry/ginny soon coz they seem like a perfect couple

Reviewer: Rhinodome
Date: 11/23/04 4:01
Chapter: Revelations

Lots of stuff going on in this chapter. It is at the point now where I don't want to stop reading just like the books. :)

Reviewer: Rhinodome
Date: 11/23/04 3:36
Chapter: Back to the Burrow

A nice family dinner and solving a few issues.

Reviewer: Rhinodome
Date: 11/23/04 2:41
Chapter: Better Than Chocolate

That was a good chapter that had the entire rainbow of emotions tied in. The story behind all of that was strong and moving in a smooth way so it seemed nature. Nicely done.

Reviewer: Rhinodome
Date: 11/23/04 1:26
Chapter: Ghosts

Lots of things going on in this chapter with it all ending on a good note.

Reviewer: Rhinodome
Date: 11/22/04 23:31
Chapter: A Night Out

That was a nice little night out on the town. And back to work she goes, although this job should be better. So far this story has a nice feeling to it as a whole. At the half way point I would still recommend it. :)

Reviewer: Rhinodome
Date: 11/22/04 22:47
Chapter: Confrontations and Confessions

Harry's day then the fight. Then some thought about what is going on. So far so good.

Reviewer: Rhinodome
Date: 11/22/04 22:21
Chapter: Invasion of Privacy

I liked this chapter not sure just why but it had a certain feel to it that was fun. Harry coming home when he did just adds to the next chapter on ward I go.

Reviewer: Rhinodome
Date: 11/22/04 21:50
Chapter: Suspension

Well now Ginny will have more free time to see what happens.

Reviewer: BTC11
Date: 11/22/04 21:20
Chapter: Epilogue: Just Desserts

OMG!!!! This totally filled my craving for more Harry Potter, while waiting for the next book!! Ashwinder--I love your style!! I will read your other works FOR SURE!! *BTC= one of my fav. chapters!! *guilty grin* **My nickname**

Reviewer: Rhinodome
Date: 11/22/04 21:18
Chapter: Security

A nice little look back in the past when it all started. The rest of the chapter fit as well.

Reviewer: Rhinodome
Date: 11/22/04 20:41
Chapter: Someone to Watch Over Me

A good chapter keeping my attention. Even a little focus on the evil at the end. Guess we shall have to see what happens.

Reviewer: Rhinodome
Date: 11/22/04 4:16
Chapter: Muggle London

A good story so far. A nice easy going chapter. Even got a chuckle out of me a couple times.

Reviewer: Rhinodome
Date: 11/22/04 3:52
Chapter: The Morning After

Well don't know if I ever saw the Monty Python movie so I can't even take a guess. However it was still a good chapter. A little turn of events can add a lot to any story and it works here as well.

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