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Name: Shortone (Signed) · Date: 07/12/07 17:54 · For: I Do
I absolutely ADORE your story. definitly one of my faves!! please update soon!!

Name: LilyPotter20 (Signed) · Date: 07/09/07 8:17 · For: Home Sweet Home
i cant find my bra. that was classic

Name: LilyPotter20 (Signed) · Date: 07/08/07 20:22 · For: I Do
very good

Name: MilkChocolate1097 (Signed) · Date: 07/03/07 16:09 · For: Chapter 11 Kinda
show the purse incedent NOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: sammy501 (Signed) · Date: 07/01/07 21:33 · For: You're What?
This series is great! i love the scandel with Harry and ginny's marriage, i cant wait to see how/if Mrs Weasley ( Gin's mom) finds out

Name: jinx_pickle_jinx (Signed) · Date: 06/29/07 23:49 · For: Big Announcements
there so over protective its hilarious!

Name: ilovebeatlesx100 (Signed) · Date: 06/29/07 17:43 · For: Gifts and Goodbyes
lol omg i love that song . . . rock on sargeant peppers lonely hearts club band it was awesome though i never imagine harry singing

Name: Secret Lover (Anonymous) · Date: 06/28/07 14:00 · For: I Do
i LOVE your story! UPDATE please!

Name: daysoftheweek (Signed) · Date: 06/24/07 20:41 · For: Gifts and Goodbyes
I enjoy reading the story but certain things seem to work out too perfectly. Examples are the huge manor house and boatloads of money. I did like the fight you added toward the end; the two of them need more drama. Thank you for checking with Quidditch Through The Ages regarding the Magpies being the best instead of making it up.

By the way I must stand in solidarity with you on the drooling thing.

Name: Pure Luck (Signed) · Date: 06/23/07 0:46 · For: You're What?
Wow, I really love it.
I know that is in no way helpful to you, but, it's true!


Name: PrincessTipitoez (Signed) · Date: 06/22/07 16:37 · For: You're What?
This is a great story. I made two of my friends read it :-). Congratulations on nailing the characters so well. It seemed like everything that happened is *exactly* how they would take the situations.

Name: Alas123623 (Signed) · Date: 06/22/07 7:45 · For: Honeymoon
This is my favorite chapter of the ones you've written so far

Name: pam (Signed) · Date: 06/15/07 23:01 · For: Home Sweet Home
solei is also french for sun, just so you know, as in Cirque du Solei, circus of the sun

Name: Harry_Ginny_Love (Signed) · Date: 06/11/07 8:28 · For: You're What?
OMG, I love this story!! Update asap!!

Name: Alas123623 (Signed) · Date: 06/10/07 7:18 · For: Is it Bad News....
Harry Potter the-man-who-did-a-lot-of-stuff. i lave that quote! :) excelent story

Name: Alas123623 (Signed) · Date: 06/10/07 6:32 · For: Honeymoon

Name: MalfoyLover4 (Signed) · Date: 06/09/07 18:53 · For: Home Sweet Home
WOAH i just noticed you the author of life happens which i absolutely love!!!!

and i really like this story too

Name: Ginevra1988 (Signed) · Date: 06/09/07 11:38 · For: You're What?
This is a very interesting fic. When are you going to update? I want to know what comes next!

Name: Lavender_L (Signed) · Date: 06/04/07 8:06 · For: I Do
It was really good! Sorry I know that sounds like its bad and i'm saying it's good but i'm not really good at reviews.

Name: Millerman Jr (Signed) · Date: 06/02/07 13:12 · For: Home Sweet Home
you might want to re-read and make some changes in this chapter, especially the last chapter 'cos you wrote see saw rather than she saw

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