Reviews For Circus Ultima
Reviewer: Binka Fudge
Date: 04/17/08 20:24
Chapter: Final Thoughts

This was a fantastic story, so much to happen in a school holiday. I hope there's a sequel somewhere, can't wait to see Harry develop his wandless magic and defeat Voldemort, at least Bellatrix, one of the strongest death eaters is gone. I think I've read of Harry possessing wandless magic in other fics, perhaps I've already read the sequel. Anyway, I've read this entire 28 chapter fic in one evening, I just couldn't stop, the first half was quite terrifying and I had to keep going to make sure they all got through it safely. I'm putting this and you on my favourites as I'd like to keep up with your excellent writing.

Reviewer: Pirate Fanatic
Date: 01/13/07 10:48
Chapter: Memories Revisited

very interesting story. the parts about hermione and the third floor were a bit weird but it fit perfectly in your story.

Reviewer: siriusluvr1333
Date: 01/04/06 19:31
Chapter: Memories Revisited

o mi gosh this has got to be the best fan fic ever in all of muggle net you did all of the charctrs perfectley and it was molded and blended so perfectly how u went from one thing to the next i simply luved it!!!!!!! it was amazingly brilliant i give you 15 out of 10 !!!!!please write more plz!!

Reviewer: Zubz2004
Date: 12/31/05 10:49
Chapter: Final Thoughts

What an amazing, maginificently awesome and splendid fanfiction! This has got to be THE best Summer fanfiction I've ever read. You met all the conditions of a brilliant fanfiction and also managed to include most of, if not all, the genres. You had a lot of dark angst and romance but here and there you had a bit of humour and drama. Brilliant. You're very talented at expressing feelings and emotions (I just had to repeat that!) and the way you not only developed the plotline, which was very well thought out, but also had many twists and turns in which the characters (especially Remus and Harry) began to bond and form relationships is quite superb. What I love most about your fanfiction was that your story was moulded around the ideas already given by J.K.Rowling and you simply developed them within your own plotline. Your characters were over-all canon and very well written. I really enjoyed reading the story from the different points of view of the characters not only because it was enjoyable to read but also because it broadened the readers understanding of the scenes and story as a whole. Your characters have really matured and I think that your character Harry has really reached that level of magical ability and maturity which will enable him to defeat Voldemort. I really enjoyed reading and reviewing this fanfiction (28 reviews for 28 chapters, lol) and hope you don't find my reviews tedious or my criticism too judicial, if that is the right word to use. I greatly anticipate other fanfictions by you so please do write more! You've done one hell of a brilliant (<-- favourite word) job!

Author's Response: Hello there. I was thinking about replying to the various points you raised as I read your reviews, but time doesnt allow so I will try and cover some of the questions here. First and Foremost, thank you for being a consistent reviewer! I like the fact that you were prepared to pause between chapters to review them. It really is appreciated. I know some of the points of the story map to things that happened in Book6 (Ginny and Harry getting together and then breaking up) but this story was written and completed (bar the tying up of some loose ends) by the end of June. It took me a while to get all the chapters up so the HBP was out before my story was completed. Anyway I am glad you enjoyed it. Sorry that at times it was confusing as to who was saying what... Am currently writing another little story set around the summer following the HBP. It won't be as long nor as complex, but I hope you will check back to read it when I finally get around to publishing it. Once again Thank you for the reviews!

Reviewer: Zubz2004
Date: 12/31/05 10:25
Chapter: Dazed, Beautiful and Bruised

What a magnificent ending! Absolutely brilliant and the way you describe emotions, as I've said throught-out this fanfiction, is wonderful. You're very talented at expressing thoughts and feelings not only through speech but also through description of the person's actions. It's such a sad ending but I guess it was always inevitable. We all knew it had to happen but so soon? *tear* One of my favourite chapters.

Reviewer: Zubz2004
Date: 12/31/05 10:16
Chapter: An eye for an eye.

Bravo! *claps loudly* That was awesome! So unexpected and brilliant and so close to the end too! I thought it might be a chapter about him breaking up with Ginny *tear* but I'm glad it wasn't. I thought it was Ginny who had walked in but then, when you described the person being unwelcome and stealthy, I thought it might be Wormtail. I was so shocked when it wasn't! I nearly cried when you described him being on the floor, it was so well written! I thought you might have killed him off and used the final chapter as a funeral or something. Amazing how hyperactive the imagination gets when anxious or under stress. I'm glad it wasn't though! How can Harry die?! He can't! Of course not. But your description was superb especially when you described that bubble of power and the pain seemed so...real. I loved this chapter not just because it had so many twists but also because you fit it so well with what happened in the Ministry of Magic and teh Department of Mysteries. I couldn't help but imagine Dumbledore being there in Harry's place not only because of the wandless magic but also because of the dialogue between the two. It was so much like the conversation between Voldemort and Dumbledore in the atrium. Brilliant. One more chapter to go. I'm going to miss reading and reviewing this fanfiction.

Reviewer: Zubz2004
Date: 12/31/05 9:54
Chapter: Introspection

Excellent chapter. Very sad after all that fluff. You've been doing that a lot in the past few chapters; raising our hopes or making us really happy and them bringing us back down to earth with something sad. Very nice.

Reviewer: Zubz2004
Date: 12/31/05 9:35
Chapter: Re-entering the Atmosphere

How sweet and fluffy. lol. Brilliant chapter. He needs to get these feelings and desires out of his system before he can get back to healing properly and becoming the young man he was born to be. Go Harry!

Reviewer: Zubz2004
Date: 12/31/05 9:27
Chapter: Thoughts unchecked.

YES! Finally! He's awake! *does a jig about the room* Brilliant chapter. I loved it, especially the ending. I find myself being unable to wiat for the end of every chapter because I know each one holds a surprise for the reader but then I also want to never reach the ending of the chapter because the more chapters I complete, the less of the fanfiction I have left to read. :( It's kind of a love/hate relationship. Ginny and Harry so belong together! * whoops and punches the air* Yay! Excellent work! (I know there's too many exclamations but I can't help it. HURRAY!)

Reviewer: Zubz2004
Date: 12/30/05 13:20
Chapter: Holding it together

Brilliant chapter. It's so sad! But i guess it can't be helped. Was this as a result of HBP or did it just...happen. Excellent none-the-less! Only a few more chapters to go :'(

Reviewer: Zubz2004
Date: 12/30/05 13:04
Chapter: Admissions

All I can say is...FINALLY! That took such a long time but I'm glad it's finally happened though I'm not that much of a shipper of Hermione and Ron but it's obviously inevitable. Now when are my favourite two couple going to get together? They're so sweet together and I can't possibly imagine them not being tied by the end of this fanfiction *finger crossed!* That was so cute and so very realistically written. I don't really think that this fanfiction should really continue into sixth year, it has it's own storyline and plot and to try to put that together with the happenings of their sixth year will take the limelight off this absolutely brilliant plot that you've already established. This fanfiction is one of the few, and very very few may I add, fanfictions of Summer before whatever year taht actually has its own plot line. Most of them just talk about Harry trying to get over the death and what ever small incidents that happen before that. Those aren't that good and I'm saying taht as an author who has written one such herself. Brilliant job! *wonders how many times you've already read that.* No, really, that was brilliant and awesome and cute.

Reviewer: Zubz2004
Date: 12/30/05 12:51
Chapter: His own private Hell

Very nice. I like the way you change points of view to better describe the feelings of the characters, which I enjoy reading very much. An over-all well written chapter. Good job!

Reviewer: Zubz2004
Date: 12/30/05 12:03
Chapter: The Woman He Loved

*Wipes tear* What a tragic love story. You wrote it brilliantly. Well done.

Reviewer: Zubz2004
Date: 12/30/05 11:45
Chapter: Reaching Harry

Very well written. I have a comment to make. Did you make a mistake in the last chapter when you wrote, "On the days when his vision was less blurry, Harry recognised the folds of a curtain surrounding his bed"? Because it seems the last few chapters are spread over the space of two days so why what do you mean by this sentence? Not a big problem though. Excellent so far. I'm loving it more by the chapter! :D

Reviewer: Zubz2004
Date: 12/30/05 11:27
Chapter: The worst Memory

No! He can't let the darkness take him. :'( Awesome chapter. You have some very original and brilliant ideas. Still writing at a consistent pace and at a brilliant level of story-telling. Well done! Just a thought, how many days are left until they're back to school. You say that he was collected two weeks before the end of August. A week passes of him watching everyone acting weird before the dementor incident happens and now he's been in the hospital for days. Hope your time line is correct. You don't have many more days to go unless you're going to continue the story into the school year.

Reviewer: Zubz2004
Date: 12/30/05 11:18
Chapter: Ron's Recovery

Very emotional! *wipes tear* You can capture emotions quite brilliantly. Great job! Hopefully he'll forgive her but it'll take time for him to understand. Very realistically written. And what of Harry? I hope he's ok :( Next chappie :)

Reviewer: Zubz2004
Date: 12/30/05 11:06
Chapter: The Prognosis

Amazing! (How many times am I going to start a review with an exclamation?!) Loved the chapter though once again it would be better with dividers between the changes in points of view. Your ability in describing emotions and how people would act in a certain situation is magnificent. excellent job! =)

Reviewer: Zubz2004
Date: 12/30/05 10:58
Chapter: The Other Side

Superb chapter! No critiscism. Your characters are very very very canon. Especially Dumbledore. Well done!

Reviewer: Zubz2004
Date: 12/30/05 10:50
Chapter: Between Light and Dark

Wow! freaky! Excellent chapter again. I loved the way you described everyone being worried but what touched me most was Ginny cradling harry's head in her lap and when I read that it quickly brought to mind the image of Harry doing something along those lines when Ginny was semi-conscious in the Chamber of Secrets. Did you intentionally do that or did it just kind of happen? Hermione is also slightly reminding me of Ginny Weasley and the Riddle's diary. Ginny was in a daze when Riddle was controlling her and she couldn't help but be drawn to him. You gave me a semi-heart attack even before the last sentence (which gave me a full heart attack) when you wrote ' or move straight to the point at which you found yourself about to reveal the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix to Lord Voldemort, Miss Granger?"' I was so...shocked. How could Hermione even do such a thing? I knew there was something wrong with Hermione but not to this extent. Never to this extent. Next chapter... =D

Reviewer: Zubz2004
Date: 12/30/05 10:27
Chapter: Summoning Prongs

Brilliant! That was so scary! I was sure something bad was going to happen. What was Hermione doing in front of the mirror?! How did the Dementors get there?! My mind's bursting with questions. Again, brilliant chapter! What more can i say except I'M LOVING IT! *McDonalds Theme Tune*

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