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Name: Narwen3 (Signed) · Date: 10/25/05 16:29 · For: Sorting Hat Song 5
I was on MNFF and saw a link to this. I didn't really need a song, just thought I would check it out. Let me tell you, what a brilliant idea. I avoided the whole issue of the song a long time ago in my fic because it was too hard and I'm sure many authors feel the same. Great, brilliant in fact, work on this. By the way, the last one is my favorite. Wholly irreverent in terms of the hp series, making it all the better! I'll put these in my favorites.

Author's Response: That's exactly what's given me this idea :) Always glad to hear that people appreciate this.

Thanks. I really enjoyed writing that parody *lol* It's good to hear that people are enjoying it just as much.

Name: Lurid (Signed) · Date: 09/06/05 23:14 · For: Sorting Hat Song 3
Hey Meil! LOL I finally got around to sumbitting yet anoter chapter.. (7) and it got rejectd, so i thought I'd just stop by and say I mentioned you in y story as having written the song you recommended, Sorting Song3. Keep up the good work, mate, and look out for any random one-shots in my direction! =- ) heheheh Bet you feel good about not having to go back to school, aye? ~Steph*

Author's Response: I know what you mean. This site is quite strict in terms of standards. Really pushes you to improve grammatically-speaking.

school? Ahhhh!!! too many readings and papers and projects. *pout* But that's life...

Thanks for telling me ^_^ Good luck in re-submitting it. (getting a beta from the forums does help. It did for me ^_^)

Name: Fawkes17 (Anonymous) · Date: 08/13/05 12:16 · For: Sorting Hat Song 5
Yes! I really enjoyed this one. I agree with Vader on every count. It brings an amusing twist to the age old hat that we see every year. He's bound to hate his job one year, eh? I really liked how that one was written. Perhaps you should consider moving into Dumbledore's office and going into cahoots with the Sorting Hat. It'd be an intresting job. Anyways, once again you've done a great job. Keep it up. I can't wait to see what's next!

Author's Response: Either that or the Weasley twins managed to sneek some fire whiskey in for that hat. *lol* I've been trying to do just that ^_^ but the gargoyle won't let me in, now with McGonagall in charge .. I can't seem to figure out her password. *thinks hard* Catfood! *nothing happens* darn! I thought I'd get it right this time around.

Name: Vader (Signed) · Date: 08/09/05 10:15 · For: Sorting Hat Song 5

Vader isn’t sure why anyone else would take it any other way, but he found this to be a thoroughly amusing Sorting Hat parody. He must admit to being guilty of it at times himself, but Vader thinks the HP fan fiction world needs to lighten up and laugh a little more, especially since HBP. Submissions like this one are meant to leave the reader with a smile, not in a fighting mood because he or she felt the house they were sorted into on a fan fiction site was slighted. Hilarious! This is good fun, nutty imp, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Vader was really happy that you found his suggestion useful. You had some really great ideas in this one and all they really needed was slight alterations. Vader’s favorite bit has to be, “extraordinary ones bound for prison.” He thinks something like this poem might just be how it would sound if the Sorting Hat suddenly went wacko one day and decided it hated its job. What would have been even funnier here is if this parody included a stanza or two where the Hat tears into the founders too; Godric the Git or Remedial Ravenclaw. Of course, someone may have come after you if you did that (kidding!).

Great job and keep up the nice work!

Author's Response: Can't thank you enough Vader. You've really helped improve the flow. 'Extraordinary ones bound for prison' such a catchy line *lol* ... Godric the Git! Remedial Ravenclaw! *lol* I like the sound of that ... hmmm... Sleazy Salazar? Ho-Hum Helga? *snicker*

Name: TheVanishingAct (Signed) · Date: 07/28/05 13:24 · For: Sorting Hat Song 4
Alright, this was really good, and I think that it will help a lot of people. I do see the sorting hat singing this in canon, even though it's not. I also like the descriptions you used for the four founders, and it seemed very much like I would see them. The only thing that really threw me off is when you used "fellows" and "yellow" for Hufflepuff. Although it does rhyme without the 's', it makes the poem a little more choppy. All in all, a good piece.

Author's Response: You're right. I'll try and correct that one. ^_^ thanks.

Name: Fawkes17 (Anonymous) · Date: 06/19/05 16:06 · For: Sorting Hat Song 1
I just read the forth one and I have to say, I never before saw a Sorting Hat song that talked about the house animals. That's a unique idea, talking about the animals fit in to the whole thing, interesting.

Author's Response: Thanks ... wanted it's focus to be slightly different from the other three. ^_^

Name: Kestrel (Signed) · Date: 05/30/05 19:34 · For: Sorting Hat Song 1
I agree with everyone else; this was a brilliant idea on your part. When I first wrote the sorting chapter in my story (chapter three of An American in Hogwarts, which is in queue), I delayed in finishing the chapter because I had to write a sorting poem. It took me ages. I think you wrote these very well; at least they were better than all of the fanfiction sorting songs I've seen! 9/10, for pure inspiration and charity (for all of those that go without songs in their stories). P.S. Might you review my stories? Thanks!

Author's Response: Thanks. I just reviewed ^_^ great free verse and one shots.

Name: Fawkes17 (Anonymous) · Date: 05/30/05 15:08 · For: Sorting Hat Song 3
I agree with you. The third one has something that makes it ... diffrent. I really don't know what it is either. These are really great; you have a way with words and poetry. It's awesome.

Author's Response: I know ... I can't figure out what I like about it either. Thanks for the the encouragement ^_^

Name: Lady Katherine (Signed) · Date: 05/30/05 9:19 · For: Sorting Hat Song 3
These are as good as JK Rowling's! Not as long, but poetry is about quality and not quanity. I don't see how anyone would want to change these. Very good; keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thank you. I just love writing rhymes like these. I have a next one (in queue) which uses longer sentences ^_^

Name: Lady Katherine (Signed) · Date: 05/30/05 9:17 · For: Sorting Hat Song 2
Again, I must say how awesome this is. Ahh! I love clever people!

Author's Response: Thanks Lady Katherine. ^_^

Name: HPsmartone32 (Signed) · Date: 05/30/05 8:31 · For: Sorting Hat Song 3
you know these are cool if I ever need a song I'll know where to look!!!

Author's Response: Thanks ^_^ very nice to hear that people appreciate this. ^_^

Name: the5thmarauder (Signed) · Date: 05/28/05 11:18 · For: Sorting Hat Song 2
I think it is extremely kind you offering these songs to struggling writers, you should be really proud of yourself because they are really good well done!

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm happy to know that you writers appreciate this ^_^

Name: Hidden Watcher (Signed) · Date: 05/23/05 5:56 · For: Sorting Hat Song 1
::claps delightedly:: It's about time someone started a database of these... Some of the songs out there are terrible and most authors end up leaving them out entirely. Yours, however, is wonderful.

Author's Response: Thanks ^_^ I did noticed that most authors tend to leave them out ... I thought it's most likely because they don't want to bother with writing rhymes. So, figured I could simplify matters by posting a collection for people to grab as they please. Thanks for reviewing and hope you'll find this useful one of these days. ^_^

Name: Lurid (Signed) · Date: 05/22/05 22:20 · For: Sorting Hat Song 1
Do you write songs or anything? ARe you in a band? I thought your lyrics caught exactly what was going on, i really like them. I hope this reviwe encourages you to write more. If you'de like to return the favour, please check out my story and leave a review =-)

Author's Response: Nope ... am actually an ex-cheerleader (Junior High and partial HS days) thus rhyming is easy, since I used to write cheers on the spot. It does encourage me. Of couse I'd love to return the favour ... as long as the fic is not novel length ... although I truly love to read these types of stories ... I just find it takes too much time and I can't afford to get too distracted from my required readings *sigh* it's just that everything seems like a great read (except for those articles and textbooks I have to contend with)

Name: spilled ink (Signed) · Date: 05/22/05 22:05 · For: Sorting Hat Song 1
I loved this poem or song. I can't write poems because I'm not very...poemy. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks. Some of us can just write better than we can rhyme ... The fact that you have a story posted here is already something ... (The mods are quite strict afterall). Just thought I could offer a bit of an assist, since the TOS did state we can't copy straight out of JK Rowling which includes the Sorting Hat Song. Hope you'll find this useful ^_^

Name: Fawkes17 (Anonymous) · Date: 05/22/05 21:17 · For: Sorting Hat Song 1
Indeed, this is an amazingly unique idea. Koodos to you for coming up with it. I must say, I enjoy how you use diffrent words to describe the houses then one wuold usually hear. For example 'valor' and 'the front of a fight' for Gryffindor. Just simply superb. I could never write stuff like this (my attempt at a Sorting Hat song is currently displayed in my fic). Anyway, I've never seen an idea like this and I really admire your creativity. I do hope you display more. Excellent.

Author's Response: Thanks. I just submitted a second poem although I'm saving my fav. for #3 .... I don't know why ... I just like that number ^_^

Name: Lady Katherine (Signed) · Date: 05/22/05 21:08 · For: Sorting Hat Song 1
I like this a lot! I can't write poetry, persay, very well, though I can pull it off in a pinch (and with my handy-dandy rhyming dictionary.) But this is very good. I find it very clever to make a collection of Sorting Hat songs. ;)

Author's Response: Thanks. I just thought that some people does not like writing rhymes whereas I find it fun. ^_^
I find an online rhyming dictionary useful as well whenever I'm stuck. Thanks for reviewing

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