Reviewer: ewkl
Date: 10/10/05 11:02

Your story is amazing. I loved it so much. I really hope you could write a series to it, but sometimes things are best left unsaid.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to review. It really does make my day to know that someone read and enjoyed my story!

Reviewer: Magical Maeve
Date: 09/30/05 7:50

I like the relationship you're still building between Hermione and Jessica. The way you threw in the fact that Ginny had died was so casual that it really made me stop and blink. Perfect way to do it. Not sure about Hermione saying gal-pal, I'm assuming that's an American thing. As is defense.... should be defence. The description of the garden was just lovely... I could really picture it. And I read your A/N... you made the right decision with the training and I think you've got the balance just right. loved the Patronus.... that was a great moment. :-)

Author's Response: I wasn't (still not) sure about gal-pal either, but I didn't want to say 'girlfriend'. Too much slash around these days LOL. I did change estate agent and your other recommendations. Defense...well, blame it on the American version that I read. It's used too often to change them all. I really appreciate your Brit-picking for me. It helps a lot! Thank you for taking the time to read and review!

Reviewer: Garbage
Date: 09/18/05 2:56
Chapter: Ch 24: EPILOGUE

that was beautiful and wonderful!! i LOVED it lol. i think your description of limbo was interesting and i hope that it's not like that (no offense to you)-i don't know if i'd like being in an abyss of darkness lol. i always imagined limbo has a vast white empty space full of different people waiting they're judgement, which sort of reminds me of how they would decribe it in a movie (with a line up and a secretary ahha). but i hope i won't find out for a veeeerrry looong time.

Author's Response: I like the idea of the line...take a number and have a seat! LOL! My limbo was 'nothingness' where she had to come to terms with her death. When she did, the light was coming for her...her Faery just got there first and then went into the light himself. Really, she was only there for just seemed a long time. So glad you enjoyed the story, and thanks for leaving a review.

Reviewer: RoverDroverTiger
Date: 09/17/05 20:20
Chapter: Ch 24: EPILOGUE

Finished yeah I'm happy sequil coming soon please. Sorry I didn't review before just got a account you know!!

Author's Response: Thank you Rover! Don't know when sequel coming...have some adjustments due to HBP, but am working on it. Thanks for signing in to review...I appreciate it.

Reviewer: Harriet Evans
Date: 09/16/05 15:40
Chapter: Ch 12: STARK REALITY

Well, I have been steadily working my way through your chapters and have enjoyed every one. Your OC is taking good shape, and I have to say, I rather like her, especially her Faerie blood.

I thought I would stop at this point and leave a review, as the tone of the story seems to have taken a darker turn. You still manage to amuse me with many humorous comments, but the tone is definitely darker. I find this encouraging and I'm now hooked to know what is in store.

I very much enjoyed her initiation into the Order, and Harry's comment at the end was great. Good thing she's honest, eh?

I also want to mention that I am enjoying your characterisations. Also, the dialogue is very good; very 'British' in tone. The only point that I had a few qualms about was Dumbledore's incandescent anger at the beginning. It seemed to me slightly odd that he was so visibly angry, given his tolerance of Harry's escapades during his school days. Maybe Dumbledore's a bit of a sexist? Or maybe he's just that bit older and more fearful.

Anyway, I enjoyed it very much and am off to read the next chapter, right now. Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to review...especially an insightful one, at that. Hmmm...."Dumbledore's incandescent anger" (nice turn of phrase there!) The only thing I can say is that Jessica was getting way too big for her knickers and needed to be knocked down a peg or three. I was thinking that the only other person in Potterdom that laughed while fighting was Sirius, and we know what happened there. Perhaps, if DD had felt his ranting had made a big enough impression, he wouldn't have shown her the pensive, but he had to be drastic to get through to her. Harry, while breaking every school and a few wizard laws, still showed some humility. His risk-taking was undertaken with the greater good in mind and some fear. Jessica, however, was on the verge of developing major conceit and just was relishing her new power. I hope that explains my thinking why I came close to going off canon on DD. I really love it when a reader pays enough real attention to ponder things like this!

Reviewer: Magical Maeve
Date: 09/16/05 7:48

Susu is such fun! How sweet that she was Jessica's childhood toy. All these little things from Jessica's past are really building her history so nicely. I also liked the fact that she was keeping potential buyers away. That's like the haunted house that no one will buy"

What I really like about this fic is the little details that you cram into every chapter. I particularly enjoyed the United Parchment Owl. Nice details like this make the world come alive for the reader. I also loved the names of the alleys. If Harry got Vertic Alley wrong presumably the Floo network would send him straight up or down! LOL The furniture was a nice touch. The table with the inlaid K would have been quite a find for her. I also loved the fact that Hermione was successful in her mission to help house-elves. She put in so much hard work and badgered everyone to death at this seemed like pay-off time for her. And Draco..what a nice bit of characterisation that was. you did evilnastyDraco very well. Poor Jessica... Draco would be enough to make anyone want to learn every hex in the book.

Another great chapter!

Author's Response: Hi MM! Ah yes, Susu. I don't remember being three years old, but I imagined that Jessica would remember at least the name. Being raised Muggle, she would have 'forgotten' that she was a living creature though. I have thought about writing Susu's life story, but can you imagine an angst-ridden House-elf story? LOL! Well, it would end with a big Susu/Dobby wedding! I try to inject funny or humorous bits into each chapter. JKR does this and I have tried to learn from her. There are chapters toward the end where this is impossible. Again, just like her, I start light...but end dark. Just in a very condensed form. Thank you for letting me know you are still reading. It means a lot to me!

Reviewer: JandM
Date: 09/11/05 14:39
Chapter: Ch 24: EPILOGUE

Great story - keep on writing!!!

Author's Response: Thank you...I am trying...really trying! Appreciate your encouragemnet!

Reviewer: Phoenix_Flame
Date: 09/10/05 20:06
Chapter: Ch 24: EPILOGUE

I have loved this story. Jessica was a very interesting character, and it was great how you ended it. Very good job!

Author's Response: Thank you! I must have rewritten the ending a dozen times...and may well find more to add or change later. So glad you liked it!

Reviewer: Basta Granger
Date: 09/10/05 16:55
Chapter: Ch 24: EPILOGUE

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This story was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I've got to tell you, this is the best of all the fanfics I've read, and that's saying something because I've read more than 50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Ohh, that is quite a compliment...Thank you so very much. I appreciate you reading it, but taking the time to leave a review like this is WONDERFUL! Thank you!

Reviewer: Harriet Evans
Date: 09/10/05 15:35
Chapter: Ch 7: HOME AT LAST

I am really enjoying this story, it is so original and funny. I love all the little details that you include that make it so interesting. This was by far my favourite line of the chapter, though “Oh, No!” yelled both Hermione and Phoebe simultaneously, sounding almost like the harmony only the Beatles could manage. I thought it was hillarious! Well done!

Author's Response: At last! Someone mentioned that line! It is my favorite, and no one has ever commented on it before. Thank must have a warped sense of humor like mine! So glad you are enjoying the story!

Reviewer: broken memories
Date: 09/08/05 21:43
Chapter: Ch 24: EPILOGUE

I have to give you an enormous amount of credit on this story. This has to be, by far, the most amazing story I have ever read in my entire four years of reading any type of self produced fiction. The way the words flow romw your brain is the type of writing I aspire to create. I loved this story, and have told all my friends about it. They also find it amazing. Thanks for taking me on this incredible ride!

Author's Response: You have no idea how much your review touched me. After over 9300 ‘reads’ on another website, I received my first ‘iffy’ review two minutes before yours. They said parts of my story were “cheesy”, but then asked for a sequel! This is my first attempt, and I poured a lot of myself into it. Perhaps I overreacted to “cheesy”. I guess that’s why the review system is so important…it helps us and spurs us on. Reviews like yours make me want to try again…and try harder. I know you couldn’t control the timing of your gracious comments, but they couldn’t have come at a more appreciated time. Thank you.

Reviewer: sweet7anonymous
Date: 09/07/05 13:46
Chapter: Ch 24: EPILOGUE

Wow. that was one of the best stories ive read. I cant believe its over. you did mention that there might be a sequel, is there? But that was a magnificent, from start to finish. Keep writing, you're very talented at it. :)

Author's Response: Thank you Sweet for your faithful reviewing! I'll miss your smiley faces now that it's over. Guess I'll have to do a sequel to see ya again! I had one in the works, but HBP ruined it. I'll see what I can do. Thanks again!

Reviewer: sweet7anonymous
Date: 09/07/05 13:41
Chapter: Ch 23: BLACK AND WHITE

shes not dead is she? oh the suspense is killing me. sorry for the short review but i must read the next chapter. excellent chapter by the way! :)

Author's Response: There is always 'hope' in the Potterverse!

Reviewer: Hormiga
Date: 09/07/05 13:31
Chapter: Ch 24: EPILOGUE

I am more than exited about ur story. Im also deeply sorrow that it has reach a explosive but necesary ending. There are some many thing I would like to express and say in gratitude tu u and ur Jessica but I can really find words magnificent enough. I have enjoyed the literary roller coaster u have provided me. I must insist that u keep writting. Thanks a Million

Author's Response: Thank you so very much. I am honored that you read the whole thing and took time to review. "Literary roller-coaster" Wow! That's one that I will remember to perk me up when I'm feeling down. Thank you!

Reviewer: sweet7anonymous
Date: 09/07/05 13:02
Chapter: Ch 22: SHADES OF GREY

oooh, i wonder what will happen. Sorry for the short review but i must continue reading. Excellent chapter as always. :)

Author's Response: (smooch!)

Reviewer: sweet7anonymous
Date: 09/07/05 12:49
Chapter: Ch 21: DARK AND LIGHT

That was written so beautifully. The part where Dumbledore groped McGonagall was hilarious. I can't wait to read the next chapter.

Author's Response: Tee Hee...I've always wondered if he and the old girl had something going on!

Reviewer: Little_hoole3333
Date: 09/06/05 23:30
Chapter: Ch 23: BLACK AND WHITE

Hmmmm.....interesting. Have you you got a copy of "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them"? It has a description of the Fairy that doesn't quite fit the story, but maybe you've noticed that. In the book it's spelled "Fairy" and in yours it's spelled "Faerie", so that can pass. Oh, and, this was written before HBP, so those mistakes can pass too. I don't mean to be overly critical, but I just wanted to let you know. Other than that, It's very well written. By the way, did you know about the Fairy/Faerie 'thing"? :) :O :P

Author's Response: Actually I did know the difference. As Hermione explained it in Ch 4, the ancient race of Fae (hence Faeries) live only in the hidden Faerie Woods that no wizard or Muggle has ever entered. Fairies are totally different creatures. Thanks so much for reading!

Author's Response: I've been thinking about editing in my theory that Snape really didn't kill Dumbledore...that it was something they planned. There is evidence to support this. Let's just pretend that happened, and that's why both of them are in my story years later. Thanks for stimulating this idea...I may just do a little re-writing! ;-)

Reviewer: broken memories
Date: 09/06/05 12:18
Chapter: Ch 23: BLACK AND WHITE

Amazing and beautifully written, just as the rest of your story. I expected nothing less. This story has kept me in it's cluthes. I can't wait to see more! It's absolutley spectacular!

Author's Response: Oh wow, thank you! I can't tell you how much it means to me that people actually enjoy my work. The Epilogue will be submitted tonight...I have to say that it is my favorite...simply because it took so much out of me to put myself in Jessica. Hope you enjoy it.

Reviewer: Magical Maeve
Date: 09/06/05 7:14
Chapter: Ch 7: HOME AT LAST

I've had a summer filled with holidays and children so haven't be reading Fics at all. And now I'm back this was one of my first ports of call. I'm still loving Jessica. Your writing skill keeps her well abouve MSdom and I love the detail you put into everything. You are realy developing her as a character and I think the friendship that's building with Hermione is really enjoyable. Nice to see Hermione really relating to another female. The house makes sense. I am a great one for giving houses feelings and characteristics of their owners so it makes perfect sense for me to see this house so filled by her parents. *Rubs hands together with glee* I had forgotten how much I loved this story and how great your writing was! Real estate woman would be referred to as an estate agent in Britain... that's the only piece of concrit I can give you1 LOL She was a great creation... I've met many beauty consultants with the exact same characteristics as her.

Author's Response: Great to see you back! You have some catching up to do...I am posting the Epilogue sometime tonight. Yes, I adore Phoebe, and may actually do a one-shot on a day in her life. Thanks for the Brit tip and takingyour time to read and review. Much appreciated.

Reviewer: number_one
Date: 09/05/05 11:54
Chapter: Ch 22: SHADES OF GREY

this is a pretty good sood story, update soon please... ; )

Author's Response: As fast as I can!!! The Epilogue will be submitted tonight...and the journey is over. Thanks for reviewing!!

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