Reviewer: Diamond Quill
Date: 06/03/05 16:25
Chapter: Chapter 5 Remus J. Lupin

I love the way you've portrayed Sirius in this one. You've got his character exactly right to the books in my opinion. I am so intrigued to see where this fic ends up and I loved the Remus memory glass bit at the end. 10! :)

Author's Response: Thanks Diamond Quill. Glad to here you liked Sirius' portrayal. I'll be trying to reveal plenty of Black Family History but, I want to mix in plenty of sub-plot that involves the present characters ... so not to make this a boring history lesson ^_^

Reviewer: summer_solace
Date: 06/03/05 5:31
Chapter: Chapter 5 Remus J. Lupin

The character of Sirius Black is portrayed well...As usual,a job well-done!

Author's Response: Thank you. I was a bit hesitant on making Sirius a bit of a jerk, but figured that although he and James do have their hearts in the right place ... they weren't exactly the nicest kids on the playground.

Reviewer: 7 11 all the way
Date: 06/02/05 23:00
Chapter: Chapter 5 Remus J. Lupin

omg! this chapter was great i loved it! i loved the pranks sirus was pulling!and his "date"!lol! it seems to me theres a little group staring sirus and harry are suppose to be like sirus and james and hermione is like remus and ron is peter? well thats how its sorta coming along in mind and my mind is might be off! but w/e! anyways i really love this chapter good job! *10*

Author's Response: *grin* oh he gets worse, his pranks will get more elaborated as the school year progress. ^_^ Especially when he gets some new found allies.
Actually I see Harry's personality as closer to that of Remus, although he is James' son. James was Sirius' equal when it come to mischief making ... it this generation he'd find other equals. *grin*
Although this new group which Sirius will hang out with, is not exactly like the Marauders. Guess you can later judge if they're better or worse than James and his crew.

Reviewer: 7 11 all the way
Date: 05/31/05 19:57
Chapter: Chapter 4 - A Black in Gryffindor

I love this story! im anxious know about remus and that book that sirus has! ugh everything is so exicting! i cant wait to read more! keep up the good work!

Author's Response: I didn't reveal much on the book yet on the next chapter. It has more to do with Remus and also the friendships/arguments between Sirius and Harry.

Reviewer: MereRanger
Date: 05/31/05 16:27
Chapter: Chapter 4 - A Black in Gryffindor

I am eager to learn how Sirius' absense affected the lives of the Marauders. I would think that without him there would be no Marauders. You've opened up a lot of questions and now I'm extremely curious to see what happens next in your story.

Author's Response: Truth be told ... I didn't really dwell much into it. I just sort of assumed that everything will turn out almost the same with just slight differences (OK Major difference in Peter's case). The Blacks turned out differently (they took a more aggressive stance during the war) because Sirius wasn't around to oppose their ideas.

Reviewer: Diamond Quill
Date: 05/31/05 8:48
Chapter: Chapter 4 - A Black in Gryffindor

I agree with the last reviewer so I don't have much more to say, except for the fact I am very eagerly awating more...

Author's Response: Thanks Diamond Quill ... always happy to hear from you.

Reviewer: Magical Maeve
Date: 05/31/05 6:58
Chapter: Chapter 1 - Out of His Time

Well, you managed to continue the atmosphere of the prologue into the first chapter. It has the feeling of a great mystery about to unfold and you've taken the time travel theme and made it least so far anyway. It will be interesting to see Harry et al interact with Sirius and how will the poor boy cope living with the Malfoy's? Kreacher was very well done, he could have stepped out of the books. There were a couple of Americanisms in there; when Moody says 'Relax kid', dammit and candies and also when Dunbledore says 'I figured as much', not only is that an Americanism but I can't see Dumbledore coming out with it anyway. But apart from that the dialogue was excellent throughout. The interplay with Lucius and Narcissa was just great! I loved the way she knows how to manipulate her husband and you've portrayed her as being reasonably clever, which is good. Just one other thing, the italics for speech, it's just a bit distracting. Was there a reason for it? Apart from that it's a nicely written, different and interesting fic and I will definately be sticking with the story. :-)

Author's Response: Thanks for pointing those Americanisms out. I'll try to figure out a way to rephrase them.
The italics? It's actually not there for the readers. *L* It's there for me. I always had this problem with switching tenses, so figured I ought to differentiate the dialogues from descriptions and thus easier for me to edit my own work. And later I just read the italicized parts to check the dialogue flow. So it's more of a writer's tool than a reader's one.
I thought to leave the story this way so I can easily re-edit anytime I want. ^_^ I had gotten a few complaints about it, but found that I can't write story-style well without them. Since I'm writing mostly for myself, I do it my way. ^_^ Sorry I tend to babble a lot.
Thank you. Your review is extremely helpful.

Reviewer: summer_solace
Date: 05/31/05 0:51
Chapter: Chapter 4 - A Black in Gryffindor

Its been some time since i've seen such a good story, lovely turns of phrase and a rather unique idea.Its rather refreshing to read your story as it is quite different from the other fics.All i can say is that you have chose to do something different and you are doing it well! Looking forward to the next chapter.Good luck!

Author's Response: Thank you. It's always nice yo hear from a new reader. ^_^ Different is what I aim to be... hopefully I can stay that way. Thanks for reading and reviewing. *Am crossing my fingers that the next one be validated*

Reviewer: Diamond Quill
Date: 05/29/05 4:29
Chapter: Chapter 3 - The Most Noble and Ancient House of Black

Another good chapter though I felt really sorry for Sirius- they all hated him! So who is Nadine Black?

Author's Response: Nadine, is a name I made up a name for Sirius' mother. ^_^ I just don't want to call her Mrs. Black. There's no need to feel sorry for Sirius ... I don't intend to made him an angsty character (that just wouldn't be Sirius). As I post more chapters, you'll be feeling sorry for other characters like ... Snape, Neville, McGonagall, did I mention Snape? All because Sirius is a prankster and quite a good one too. ^_^

Reviewer: Diamond Quill
Date: 05/28/05 4:45
Chapter: Chapter 2 - Off to Hogwarts We Go

Yay! Looking forward to more. So James and Lily are still dead, but Harry is making friends with Sirius. I am most intrigued to see where this one ends up!

Author's Response: The next one is already in queue *crosses fingers* ...

Reviewer: Diamond Quill
Date: 05/28/05 4:39
Chapter: Prologue

I love the way the whole of the future has been changed by Sirius not exisiting. Does this mean James and Lily are still alive? What about Harry?

Author's Response: Actually the whole future (in this story) still ends up almost the same way it did in the canon... Lily and James still died and Harry still ended up with the Dursleys. ^_^

Reviewer: Diamond Quill
Date: 05/28/05 4:34
Chapter: Prologue

I love these stories with a young Sirius, they are quite unusual, there arent very many of this type on this website. Good prologue. Out of interest how did you get that photo at the beginning? I didn't think it was possible to download pictures into stories.

Author's Response: I aim to be unusual ^_^ the photo? I downloaded it on my photobucket account and just placed a link to the fic ... like so: ... the same way I do for the banners in my profile. ^_^

Author's Response: ok re-typing ... (img src="Weblink") -- replace the ( ) with < > respectively

Reviewer: DeerKillerBeemer
Date: 05/25/05 6:04
Chapter: Chapter 1 - Out of His Time

Yea! I'm the first reviewer for this chapter! *does happy dance* Okay, I'm done. I like this chapter! Hopefully, your next chapter will be validated soon...I really want to read it! Have fun with this and keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks ^_^ I intend to have a lot more fun on the next chapters. Thanks again for reviewing this. I hope so too... that way I can move on with the plot. The next chapter is more of a comic relief one. ^_^

Reviewer: DeerKillerBeemer
Date: 05/18/05 12:22
Chapter: Prologue

I love it! It isn't very often that I come across a story focusing on Sirius. I like how you showed Regulus in a weak light ... it makes sense with what is to come of him. Great Job, and update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you. Regulus will actually only play a minor role here. This will be a AU fic where Sirius will be at Harry's time. Regulus is to appear only minimally via flashbacks. Chapter 1 is already on queue. Hopefully there'll be nothing wrong this time. *crosses fingers*

Reviewer: Magical Maeve
Date: 05/18/05 9:32
Chapter: Prologue

Well that was short and... erm... tantalising. You have a nice turn of phrase that makes for enjoyable reading and it will be interesting to see more of it with the arrival of Chapter One. You had a few typos... like those nonesense or mom instead of mum, but those things are very small when compared to the interaction you have going between the two brothers. I also like the mythical, mystical feeling we have from just this short prologue. The whole idea of getting a prophecy said for a new child is very mythical and I wonder just what it was! I'm intrigued and hope your first chapter gets validated soon.. looking forward to reading more!

Author's Response: Thanks. I'll go correct those typos right away. Mythical was exactly what I was aiming for ^_^ so glad to hear that the prologue pulled it off. I just re-sent chapter 1 ... wow ... the mods here are pretty strict on their quality standards (I'm surprised that they missed those typos) but, their suggestion does help improve the fic. Thank you for reviewing. ^_^ The prologue is indeed short ... I just thought prologues ought to be. Not to worry the chapters are far longer.

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