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Name: Harriet Evans (Anonymous) · Date: 07/10/05 9:43 · For: Chapter 5 Remus J. Lupin
Well, Sirius seems very, very confident and I suppose this shouldn't surprise me, but I kept feeling that he was older than 11/12 years. However, the pranks were funny, as was his treatment of Snape. I was spellbound by the second portion of this chapter which I felt was extremely well written. I am very intrigued about what you have got in mind - were Lily and James' deaths altered in anyway with Sirius not being around? Lupin's memory also was very enticing - especially as it appeared that Snape had been captured. Oh, what isgoing on?

Author's Response: *lol* guess that's one of the big problems with an AU like this. For me t's easy to imagine Sirius as a child since he acts kinda immature for his age ^_^

Basically all the major events are the same but, since Sirius was not around there's slight differences ... Peter being one; Regulus (and his parents) being the other. -- Since Sirius wasn't around, the Blacks took a united stand and joined Voldemort. ^_^

Name: Harriet Evans (Anonymous) · Date: 07/09/05 18:09 · For: Chapter 4 - A Black in Gryffindor
This is a very original fic and I'm enjoying it. The scene with Sirius and McGonagall was hilarious. Interesting that Harry is drawn to Sirius. Well done!

Author's Response: ^_^ Figured it'll be so since in the canon Harry immediately felt close to Sirius (upon learning his innocence) although he knew Dumbledore and Lupin for far longer. Also the fact (in this fic) that Hagrid said that Sirius reminds him of James. ^_^

Name: Harriet Evans (Anonymous) · Date: 07/08/05 12:53 · For: Chapter 3 - The Most Noble and Ancient House of Black
Very good. I liked the choices you made for the family Crest. The chronicle is great - very amusing. Think you have got Sirius down very well. Was surprised by Neville's confidence - I guess this is as a result of being without his Grandmother's terrifying presence.

Author's Response: Thanks ^_^ ... Actually truth be told, I didn't do that intentionally ... I guess I got away with this because this is an AU fic. Guess I still don't have a good grasp on Neville's character. Will try to fix that. Thanks

Name: ermine the one (Anonymous) · Date: 07/08/05 12:41 · For: Chapter 2 - Off to Hogwarts We Go
Hey this is realy good! Funny, and interesting. It is very AU, but it seems to work realy well! Almost as if it should be there. Damn those italics howevere!!!!!!!! 9 --

Author's Response: Thanks. *lol* Sorry I can't take those off. I've already have the story coded that way, so after writing a chapter, I can easily edit it for grammar and switching tenses. (also helps to make me watch my tenses as I write) --- italization is not a reason for rejection but grammar is. ^_^

Name: Harriet Evans (Anonymous) · Date: 07/08/05 12:05 · For: Chapter 2 - Off to Hogwarts We Go
Yes - I do like it. Very amusing and witty. I am glad to see that Sirius appears to set himself apart from the Malfoys. Am getting used to the bloomin' italics aswell.(*sighs*)

Author's Response: 'bloomin italics *lol* that's a good way to describe them, since quite a few people do find them irritating. ^_^

Name: ermine the one (Anonymous) · Date: 07/08/05 12:03 · For: Chapter 1 - Out of His Time
Really good - however, the italics are a bit annoying ... 10

Author's Response: *L* You're not the only one annoyed. But thanks for pointing that out once again. I think I ought to place a warning about it on the summary. :)

Name: ermine the one (Anonymous) · Date: 07/08/05 11:56 · For: Prologue
Oh wow.

Author's Response: ^_^

Name: Harriet Evans (Anonymous) · Date: 07/04/05 17:27 · For: Chapter 1 - Out of His Time
Interesting - I thought you described Sirius' arrival in his new time very well. The interchange with Kreacher was funny, but also told us a lot about the boy. Liked the way that you kept the child's character consistent with the Sirius we know, but allowed for the fact that at his young age he would still be swayed by what his parents had taught him - ie references to mudbloods etc. I also enjoyed the section in the Ministry - you related it to canon v. well. Am also confused by the italics I'm afraid, as am so used to them being used for thoughts.(Am easily confused, however!) Anyway, well done.

Author's Response: ^_^ You're not the only one. Lots of people gets confused with that writing tool of mine. It's just my personal way to avoid switching tenses. People who are used to reading fanfictions gets confused but, I had someone said it makes things easy to read as well. It's not really there for readability it's an author's handicap. ^_^

Name: Harriet Evans (Anonymous) · Date: 07/04/05 17:10 · For: Prologue
Excellent start - I am intrigued and will read on.

Author's Response: Thanks ^_^

Name: BunnyT (Signed) · Date: 07/02/05 14:35 · For: Chapter 6 - S.P.A.W.N.
This chapter was good, but I don't think I enjoyed it as much as I did your others. It had a handful of mistakes, but nothing really huge. All in all, this was a great chapter. I'll try and get your next one back to you soon!

Author's Response: Thanks for helping me with the chapter. BTW there was still some problems (its repeatative dialogues and a few dialogue errors. Hope you don't mind since I know you'll be out the rest of the month. I had someone checked it out again --- mods sure are stricter now than they were before ^_^) Thanks again for the review and your help ^_^

Name: 7 11 all the way (Signed) · Date: 06/10/05 14:49 · For: Chapter 6 - S.P.A.W.N.
i love it! the beginning about the blue bird! i thought it was funny! sirus's prank on snape!! i like the thing about the kelpie and black isle it was kool! fred and george's rules lol! and of course LONG LIVE SPAWN!! and ill be trying to find out whose spawn or maurders?!!?it was great good job!*10*

Author's Response: Thanks. Glad to know that you like the Black history related plot. *Evil grin* I think SPAWN will be worse than The Marauders... after all they have Sirius Black and the Weasley Twins working together ^_^ They'll start causing trouble on the next chapter ... hopefully the 2nd revised version will be fine.

Name: summer_solace (Signed) · Date: 06/08/05 11:33 · For: Chapter 6 - S.P.A.W.N.
I agree with the diamond quill...Your story is rather mysterious and i love the humour you inject into your stories,as i am not very good at writing humour myself...Very eagerly awaiting the next chapter... :P

Author's Response: Thanks ^_^ Humour is a product of careful research by ways of pulling a few pranks on my own (kidding! - I'm not even half as capable of pulling the pranks decribed here - except the classroom switching prank - that one I actually did - and earned a trip to the principal's office)

Name: Diamond Quill (Signed) · Date: 06/08/05 11:29 · For: Chapter 6 - S.P.A.W.N.
Cool, I loved the chapter. I love the mystery of the kelpie and Black Isle etc. Out of interest- why do you italicise all your speech? I find it more confusing that way, but that's just me.

Author's Response: Thanks, glad to hear am keeping your interest.
The italics again? *L* It's actually more of a writer's tool. It's not really there to make things easiers for readers. ^_^ I just find it hard to stay on the right tense when switching between dialogues and descriptions. So the italics is like a physical reminder for me that I'm writing dialogues/descriptions. Moreover I find that it makes for easier self-beta-ing. I just read the normal text to check for tenses and then read the italics to check dialogue flow. ^_^

Name: BunnyT (Signed) · Date: 06/05/05 1:45 · For: Chapter 5 Remus J. Lupin
Hey wait a minute! Last chapter?! ILLEGALITY! Beware my hoards of fluffy bunnies- for they may or may not be waiting at your door if you delay another chapter! ^_^

Author's Response: NOOOOooo! Not Fluffy bunnies!!! AM dreadfully afraid of those pink ones the most! *lol*
No need to sic them bunnies at me ^_^ the next is already in queue .... hopefully it doesn't get rejected, because it's un-betaed.

Name: BunnyT (Signed) · Date: 06/05/05 1:43 · For: Chapter 5 Remus J. Lupin
More pranks? YAY! We all LOVE pranks! A couple minor errors once again, but that didn't stop me from LOVING this chapter... ^_^

Author's Response: *L* betas/editors have a hard time with me ... after they corrected a chapter/article ... I read their correction and was hit by an epiphany on how to improve the work thus added a line or scene or two ... and then I post. So the errors are probably my fault. ^_^

Name: BunnyT (Signed) · Date: 06/05/05 1:28 · For: Chapter 4 - A Black in Gryffindor
Another couple of minor mistakes... At least, I think that was in this chapter... I'm not quite sure... Either way- loved this chappie too! Remus? YAY!

Author's Response: Would you mind terribly to point out the errors so I could correct them? Thanks. Glad to hear that you like this one too ^_^

Name: BunnyT (Signed) · Date: 06/05/05 1:19 · For: Chapter 3 - The Most Noble and Ancient House of Black
Its a rhyming dead guy! W00t! ^_^ Loved it, as usual!

Author's Response: Rhyming Dead Guy ; Evil Dead Dad ; ... the 3rd one ought to be just as interesting as these two ... ^_^

Name: BunnyT (Signed) · Date: 06/05/05 1:11 · For: Chapter 2 - Off to Hogwarts We Go
Hehehe... Pink hair... hehehe... ^_^ very amusing!

Author's Response: ^_^ thanks ... didn't actually think that it'll work well since it's such a cliche prank idea, but I want to save the more original ones to give a contrast to individual prank ideas and group brain stormed one.

Name: BunnyT (Signed) · Date: 06/05/05 0:58 · For: Chapter 1 - Out of His Time
The Malfoys, eh? Interesting... Very interesting... I read an excerpt from a later chappie, so I'm fairly sure that this doesn't affect his side-choosing... -ness... stuff... anyway... I like it... still...

Author's Response: Figured that the Blacks wasn't able to influence Sirius much, so neither should the Malfoys. ^_^

Name: BunnyT (Signed) · Date: 06/05/05 0:49 · For: Prologue
Interesting... Very interesting... Do you have a beta? I noticed a handful of minor errors, just little things- but a beta would help. *flash back to beginning of prologue where it says "edited by"* oops... Anyway... I liked it!

Author's Response: Yes, darko edited until chapter 5 ... then I'll have to muddle it out on my own. I figured its for the best, else I'll never learn *lol* having an editor makes me extremely careless ...best I learn to cope without one and force myself to write grammatically correct chapters. My next chapter doesn't have a beta ... am crossing my fingers that I pass this site's stingent standards.

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