Reviewer: Kelsid
Date: 06/09/05 20:24
Chapter: The Notebook

Good story so far- one thing, however. (Gotta nitpick.) Neville is a pure blood. So if Alice was muggle-born, according to your story, wouldn't that make Neville a half-blood? Or I think that's how JKR explained the blood thing... why do I have this urge to type JFK instead of JKR??? I've been doing too many reports on JFK's assassination... Oh well, great chapter. I salute you for attempting to write a story 115 chapters long. If I had to take on that task, I'd probably die. Best of luck! -Kelsid

Author's Response: That's okay, I was just trying to give the girls something to have in common... maybe I should change that. It's also because I wanted to make her Hermione like since we really don't know a lot about her.

Reviewer: Dreaming_witch
Date: 06/03/05 18:51
Chapter: The Notebook

I really enjoyed this chapter, its excelent!!! Please, I beg you, put inmore chapters, this is amazing!!! That's it, I'm hooked....

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you all enjoy it so much. My next chapter is submitted so cross your fingers!

Reviewer: XoDramaCutieXo
Date: 06/03/05 14:37
Chapter: The Notebook

Aw I love it! Its really good! You aren't going to write all seven years in it, are you? Just wondering! Can't wait for chapter 2!! :)

Author's Response: Actually yes... is that a problem? It is going to have about 115 chapters roughly.

Reviewer: ProngsPrincessLexi
Date: 05/29/05 8:47
Chapter: The Notebook

This was a really good fact by the end of the chappie I was pretty much absorbed and forgot about it being a Notebook that Harry was reading! I loved Too Far Gone, and so I hope that this will be just as good. I also really liked how Sirius and James didn't instantly make friends like in many other fics, because I don't believe that that's how it works in real life. Excellent! Update soon.

Author's Response: I thought that it would make the story a bit more interesting to read if there was emotions involved in the telling of it. Harry is going to finally see what his parents went through and not all of it was good as my "Too Far Gone" fans know...

Reviewer: 7 11 all the way
Date: 05/28/05 20:00
Chapter: The Notebook

i like the way how harrys reading it as a story1 thats sweet!ur really explaining it completely!i love what ur doing! keep up the work and update!

Author's Response: I have the next chapter submitted. I hope those Mods accept it soon, it's the sorting ceremony chapter and I want to know what you all think of my sorting hat song!

Reviewer: bigdreamer22
Date: 05/28/05 19:05
Chapter: The Notebook

Too Far Gone was so great so I had to check this out.. and It's just as great. I cannot wait to see how the story develops! Great job and please update soon!!

Author's Response: It follows all the information given to us about the marauders time at Hogwarts with a bit of extra information worked into it... Okay, a LOT of extra information worked in.

Reviewer: randomscribblings
Date: 05/26/05 15:52
Chapter: The Notebook

I'm really excited! I know it's kinda sad ... but yeah. I read "Too far gone" and that was great, so I'm hoping this will be as brilliant! Update soon!

Author's Response: Hopefully you will all like it as much as I do. There will be at least 100 chapters, possibly more.

Reviewer: MexiChick
Date: 05/23/05 20:32
Chapter: The Notebook

Eh. I dont know if the ohter one posted so sorry if it post twice. Anyway great chappie. Love it. I love the way you fabricted James & Sirius. You know its not like all the other fics where they have the whole they-knew-eachother-since-they-were-little-kids-thing. Anyway loove update soon.

Author's Response: Personally I think that James and Sirius were to much alike to be best friends from the beginning. I have a friend who literally shares my thoughts and we HATED each other at first sight. I think it takes time to be a friend to yourself.

Reviewer: littlebabywerewolf
Date: 05/23/05 16:01
Chapter: The Notebook

Absolutely love it. Can't wait for the next chapter. Please Update SOON.

Author's Response: I have sent in the next chapter, the next step is up to the mods...

Reviewer: Alice Waters
Date: 05/22/05 20:07
Chapter: The Notebook

omg omg omg....PREQUEL!!!!! i luuuvvved the other story!!!! omg!!!!!!! update soon!

Author's Response: This story is going to differ slightly from "Too Far Gone" once I reach the seventh year, but the basic plot will stay the same, so no worries!

Reviewer: harry potter is my life
Date: 05/22/05 12:50
Chapter: The Notebook

good beginning! i loved your other story so the prequel should be great too. One thing though, the way jk described james in the books was very arrogant and a concieted boy and when lily would reject him, he persisted to win her heart. its great story beginning and i cant wait for more!

Author's Response: In my story James becomes arrogant because he thinks that in order to win Lily's heart he has to be better than everyone so that she will notice him. I have very good explanations for why I am writing the story this way.

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