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Name: Kelsro7469 (Signed) · Date: 02/17/07 21:32 · For: Avada Kedavra

Name: Kelsro7469 (Signed) · Date: 02/17/07 21:32 · For: Avada Kedavra

Author's Response: Heh that's funny. There's like three Kelsey's at my school only two are spelled with a "y" the other is with an "i" What would be really creepy is if you went to my school too!

Name: ValorOrgulloso (Signed) · Date: 10/15/06 15:47 · For: Avada Kedavra
I haven't read many poems on this site, but I can tell this one is written well! Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks I don't really like anything I write even if I know that it's good. My writing is never good enough for me I'm glad you like the poem though.

Name: honey_dukes_lolipop (Signed) · Date: 10/01/06 15:01 · For: Avada Kedavra
good poem

Author's Response: Thanks

Name: CraftySlytherin (Signed) · Date: 06/29/05 20:53 · For: Avada Kedavra
Hey! I thought I'd check out your fic since you checked out mine. This is definitely good work! I don't believe poetry has to follow a certain form, or be a certain type. When writing poetry you just have to let it come from the mind and heart, and not be worried about counting lines or whether or not you're rhyming words. Very good job! You should try your hand at a full length fic :) If you get a chance, I have some other stories posted and would love for you to read them!

Author's Response: Thank You very much for reading this and I am currently working on a Harry and Ginny fic and that one should turn out to be long and I shall read those other stories!!

Name: Voldemort rocks (Signed) · Date: 06/01/05 9:15 · For: Avada Kedavra
Good Poem

Author's Response: thank you very much for the review sorry if I was a little late answering I havent been on for a wile

Name: madfoot (Anonymous) · Date: 05/21/05 18:33 · For: Avada Kedavra
SO sad and beautiful at the same time. Fics like this confuse my brain. I still like it though! It's VERRRRYY goood! *10/10*

Author's Response: Thank you finally someone respects my request for reviews thanx for the 10/10

Name: ron_lover2000 (Signed) · Date: 05/19/05 17:29 · For: Avada Kedavra
I really like good job Kels!!! c ya at school

Author's Response: Thanx Lizzy I love Ron too!!! :D

Name: prongs123 (Signed) · Date: 05/10/05 16:43 · For: Avada Kedavra
you're right.

Author's Response: Really how did you know I was right? Just kidding. Well that is how I feel it may not be completly along the lines of the truth but oh well.

Name: Diamond Quill (Signed) · Date: 05/10/05 10:47 · For: Avada Kedavra
That's a good perspective.

Author's Response: Thanx

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