Reviews For Canis Majoris
Reviewer: Sophia Loren
Date: 07/26/05 21:12
Chapter: This is War

I really love this story, keep it up, you're doing a great job!!! I'm checking for updates all the time now! :)

Reviewer: JDR41
Date: 07/26/05 18:20
Chapter: This is War

I really do love this story. I'm glad you got an update up. I love how slowly but surely James, Sirius and Jocelyn are turning Lily a little less perfect. It's fun to read. Thanks! Good Chapter.

Reviewer: ilovetom
Date: 07/26/05 17:37
Chapter: This is War

This ff is really sweet! It's the best Lily/James one I've read. Please update soon. Also I just wanted to ask, how do you get all your ideas?

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much! Hmmm, I have no idea (ironic, eh?), lol!

Reviewer: hpbookworm06
Date: 07/26/05 11:20
Chapter: This is War

This is my favorite fan fiction. I can't wait for the next update.

Reviewer: luvthe1uhurt
Date: 07/26/05 10:33
Chapter: This is War

brilliant fic!!Yours is the best fic ive read so far!!(but im a lil confused?whats jocelyns name?jocelyn or adhara?:S:S)

Author's Response: Thank you very, very much!.... Okay, this is a little weird, but Adhara is Jocelyn's real name.... Jocelyn is her middle name; Sirius called her that when they were kids, and now all her friends call her that, but all her relatives (including her parents) call her Adhara, which is why Narcissa calls her that.

Reviewer: hermioneloves
Date: 07/25/05 23:25
Chapter: This is War

hey this is a great story!! update soon please!

Reviewer: Aumbriette
Date: 07/25/05 18:37
Chapter: Jocelyn's Predicament

This is such a wonderful story, I can't wait for an update!!! The time of the Marauders is always my favorite base for stories! ---and i must say I love the fact that you based the name on the same constellation, its loverly!

Reviewer: Dracos_Girl
Date: 07/25/05 13:01
Chapter: This is War

I love this chapter thank you for always updating so quickly. This is my favorite Fanfiction 10/10

Reviewer: pheonixtear
Date: 07/25/05 11:14
Chapter: This is War

wow, great job with this chapter!! keep it up!! please update quickly!!

Reviewer: vanillasweety
Date: 07/25/05 11:11
Chapter: This is War

eww toad brains, hahaha great chap, can't wait for the next

Reviewer: FanFic_Girl
Date: 07/25/05 10:28
Chapter: This is War

Awsome chappie! Can't wait for the rest of them

Reviewer: alex_the_man704
Date: 07/25/05 3:15
Chapter: This is War

omg i love this story!!!!! it is so awesome!!!! please post as soon as you can! and involve more romance please! from summer

Reviewer: emerald_burn
Date: 07/23/05 23:44
Chapter: Mail

i luv this story so much! update soon plz!

Reviewer: FanficWriterNikki
Date: 07/23/05 15:24
Chapter: Mail

i just read the whole thing for the first time and WOW it's sooo good! UPDATE SOON! Please? <33

Reviewer: far_away_fantasy
Date: 07/23/05 15:11
Chapter: Jocelyn's Predicament

AUGH!! PLEASE UPDATE!!!!! I can't wait for the next chapter!!

Reviewer: talosforrowwriter
Date: 07/23/05 12:21
Chapter: Jocelyn's Predicament

Hey, not bad! I love how you right. The characters are so real... Rowling would be proud!

Author's Response: Rowling would be proud... Wow, that is one of the nicest compliments I've ever received! Thank you very much!

Reviewer: FannyPrice
Date: 07/21/05 19:10
Chapter: Jocelyn's Predicament

i love your story. i think it is very witty, and jocelyn is actuallyt one of those few competely made up characters that actually seem that they could fit into the world created by jk rowling. looking forward to more

Author's Response: Thank you very, very much, especially about Jocelyn, as I am obviously very fond of her :)

Reviewer: KristenBlack
Date: 07/20/05 10:09
Chapter: Mail

I just discovered this story last night and I'm already hooked! Thanks for explaining the whole fourth cousin thing. It kind of creeped me out at first but now it seems to make since. I love the way Sirius thoughts go deeper in this story than any other I've read. Definetly a 10!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! It's funny, because a lot of people have said that about Sirius, and I really didn't think about that when I wrote it, it just kind of happened. But sometimes that's how the best stuff gets written, I guess....

Reviewer: EllaBookworm
Date: 07/19/05 16:51
Chapter: Mail

I love it. There are no words to describe it. What I do think is missing though is Snape and James jinxing each other. I know Lupin said they cooled it after 5th year, but they didn't stop. So add a bit of that in there ;-). But otherwise very JKR-ish, but with a style all your own. That's what truly makes a good writer. Of course, I think it's quite smart to have an OC that won't die. It's true, most people kill them off. But like JK said, why can't there be a person someone hasn't noticed yet? Like Luna or Cho. Of course, no one knows much about the Marauder's times, but it's quite obvious no one's mentioned a character like yours (since she's an OC), but the thing is, you found a way to put her in anyway, which is always handy. I can't wait for the next chapter, so lets hope it comes out of Queue pretty soon (Like tomorrow!)

Author's Response: Thank you very much.... I will try to put in some Snape and James jinxing, although I have already written through Chapter 20, so it might not be for a while, sorry :s

Reviewer: Crookshanks_Kneazle
Date: 07/14/05 23:04
Chapter: Mail

What do you mean you will be doing something worse than death to Jocelyn? Oh no, now I'm going to be worried for the next hour or so..Jocelyn is like one of VERY FAVORITE oc's in fan fiction everywhere(at least the ones I've read. Which are far too many...)

Author's Response: Thank you very, very much. I am extremely fond of her myself, of course. When I say I will do something worse than death, I do not mean I am going to have her imprisoned, or kissed by a dementor, or tortured into insanity. I will not, in fact, be inflicting any real harm on her at all… but this is what makes her fate so terrible. When I said I would not kill her, it was because I’ve noticed many authors use death as a way to rid themselves of OCs that become romantically involved with canon characters they obviously cannot ultimately end up with (Sirius and Lupin are the most common romantic interests of these doomed OCs). Therefore, I simply meant that the reason Jocelyn and Sirius cannot be together will not be because Jocelyn is dead… but, in fact, for (again, in my opinion) a far worse reason… and I’d better leave at that, before I say too much…

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