Reviews For Canis Majoris
Reviewer: Chris_04
Date: 08/01/05 8:01
Chapter: Bellatrix's Revenge

Don't you think it's kinda' wrong for cousins to be in love with each-other? It's your story, you can do whatever you want, but I think that's just slightly weird.

Author's Response: Actually, yes I do.... But I also know a couple who also happen to be cousins, and while I would never do it hey, if that's your thing that's your thing.... I really didn't think about this when I started writing the story, because in my mind she had always been his cousin *shrugs* Ah well, live and learn, I guess.

Reviewer: Chris_04
Date: 08/01/05 7:47
Chapter: Mail

This is great, Remus had to take the knife away from James for fear that he might hurt somebody... typical :)

Reviewer: Chris_04
Date: 08/01/05 7:42
Chapter: Hogsmeade

But doesn't this make you think of Kentucky? Can you still marry your cousin there? I'm not sure, you used to be able to. I live in Ohio, so I'm not 100% sure.

Author's Response: Only if you aren't able to have kids. If you want more info about the states where you can marry your cousin go to this link:

Author's Response: Actually, sorry, that was wrong, you can't marry your cousin at all in Kentucky. You can in California though, which is where I live... *shrugs*

Reviewer: Chris_04
Date: 08/01/05 7:40
Chapter: Hogsmeade

Finally! I hate it when people are mad at each-other!!!

Reviewer: Chris_04
Date: 08/01/05 7:28
Chapter: The Challenge

"You, on the other hand, became friends with him about fifty-four hours ago!" Hee, hee, I thought I was the only math geek who calculated EXACTLY how long people have been friends, and/or going out :) I love this!

Reviewer: Chris_04
Date: 08/01/05 7:20
Chapter: Of Scarlet Ink and Anger

*laughs* Sirius reminds me of myself, I HATE it whan I cry. I feel sappy and over-emotional. :)

Reviewer: luvthe1uhurt
Date: 08/01/05 6:52
Chapter: Patrolling with Prongs

i love it!!cant wait 4 the next chapter!!this is my fave fic!*10*

Reviewer: MarieMcGonagall
Date: 08/01/05 3:31
Chapter: Patrolling with Prongs

Hey,loved it!It's my first James/Lily fic and I absolutely love it.I though James/Lily fics couldn't be that interesting, but this one's great.Maybe because it's not only James/Lily,but really I might give the other J/L fics out there a chance now.:)Can't wait for you to update though I see that you've just posted the last chapter.Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you, Iím so glad you like it! If you start reading other J/L fics, I recommend anything by Secret Lily, particularly Potterís Charm, which is long, but worth the read!

Reviewer: alex_the_man704
Date: 08/01/05 3:25
Chapter: Patrolling with Prongs

wow that was really amazing and i mean it! wow! please post as soon as you can!

Reviewer: Youth
Date: 08/01/05 0:49
Chapter: Patrolling with Prongs

I love it! I love it! 10/10!!!

Reviewer: bigbrowneyesCoS
Date: 07/31/05 23:42
Chapter: Patrolling with Prongs sad...really well-written! loved it!

Reviewer: bigbrowneyesCoS
Date: 07/31/05 23:41
Chapter: Jocelyn's Predicament

aww,omg soo cute how theyre finally getting closer! keep up the good work!

Reviewer: emeraldcalling
Date: 07/31/05 22:38
Chapter: Patrolling with Prongs

I know this my first time reviewing on this story, but I think it's absolute amazing it's extremely well written, and very original. I always look foward to the updates

Reviewer: FanficWriterNikki
Date: 07/31/05 20:50
Chapter: Patrolling with Prongs

That was so sad and so sweet! I loved it so much! Now I can't wait for the next chapter!

Reviewer: FannyPrice
Date: 07/31/05 19:49
Chapter: Patrolling with Prongs

my heart has fluttered with joy, and though i know youve just posted this chapter....may we have another?

Author's Response:

Author's Response: Chapter 15 is in queue! :)

Reviewer: FannyPrice
Date: 07/31/05 19:49
Chapter: Patrolling with Prongs

my heart has fluttered with joy, and though i know youve just posted this chapter....may we have another?

Reviewer: callmehermione
Date: 07/31/05 17:44
Chapter: Patrolling with Prongs

*sniff* so, so sad! I can't believe Vega died..that must have been so sad for all of them...and scary for James..the writing in this chapter is really well done!

Reviewer: callmehermione
Date: 07/31/05 17:37
Chapter: Bellatrix's Revenge

aaaahhh!!! really good chapter! i hope sirius doesn't do anything stupid! i love how fast you're posting these...

Reviewer: luv ya draco
Date: 07/31/05 17:19
Chapter: Patrolling with Prongs

loved it! first time i read this story and it was great!!!! please update dying here!

Reviewer: Crookshanks_Kneazle
Date: 07/31/05 16:14
Chapter: Patrolling with Prongs

yay! I'm the second (I always am, I have never been first, darn it..) Anyway, yay yay yay yay! It was awesome! You got some James/Lily in there finally after all the Sirius/Jocelyn (but don't get me wrong- love the Sirius/Jocelyn, it's more original). It was so sad. The last chapters have been sad...but good. Loved how Lily talked about her cousin and James cried. ~10~

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