Reviewer: HermioneGranger363
Date: 07/25/05 5:13
Chapter: Vacation


Reviewer: jellyhead
Date: 07/23/05 13:24
Chapter: Vacation

excellent chapter! i read it ages ago but i am gettin' impatient!!!! i no its not easy writing, but...when's the next 1 comin out?????

Reviewer: HermioneGranger363
Date: 07/20/05 13:36
Chapter: Vacation

PLEASE PLEASE update i'm DYING to know what happens if you don't then i'll be forced to kill you but on the other hand i won't be able to hear your great stoires.....

Reviewer: Leahr
Date: 07/07/05 19:58
Chapter: Vacation

Harry will be needing a timeturner this year lol Great, can't wait to see what happens next!

Reviewer: Leahr
Date: 07/07/05 19:39
Chapter: Mental Attack

Wow! I loved the mental battle between Harry and you know who. The action and details- it all made gr8 sense! Ok, I saw your response to the other reviewer in this chapter- do you want me to edit anything? just send it over.

Reviewer: Leahr
Date: 07/07/05 19:27
Chapter: Conversations

Sirius Black wasn't charged with 8 murders, more like 12 I think. Also, viscous is thick and sticky sort of, I think you mean vicious. ( Mrs. Granger's speech telling Haryy to let go of his anger). Sorry i keep criticizing bc. I think your story is the gr8est, the pillow fight was cute, and so is the lily- lupin side plot. Keep up the good work!

Reviewer: Leahr
Date: 07/07/05 19:12
Chapter: Revelations

Dentists have no training in gunshot wounds, they know teeth! I suppose they would know if he was running a fever or not, but still....

Reviewer: Leahr
Date: 07/07/05 17:17
Chapter: Back to Privet Drive

Great story! I have been trying to review for ages but something isn't working. I love the scene where Dudley learns about the phropecy, and the ninja is cool too. I added you to my favorites list! Great job!

Reviewer: zobothewitch
Date: 06/23/05 19:56
Chapter: Vacation

haha i loved it did harry get payed?!jk update soon

Reviewer: ginny15
Date: 06/23/05 16:50
Chapter: Vacation

Aww, I like Marie and Jim. And Harry's course schedule makes sense. But you never told us who won the bike race. Who washed dishes the first week?

Author's Response: hehehe, Hermione would have beaten Harry by a mile, because he still wasn't back to 100%. But as it worked out, Lupin and Tonks, and the rest of the guard took care of the housework. They were pretty bored.

Reviewer: Kerian
Date: 06/21/05 11:20
Chapter: Vacation

Good update! I like the introduction of Marie and Jim. Harry's course load also makes a lot of sense. Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks! The end is coming soon. Thanks for reviewing.

Reviewer: Bexly48
Date: 06/21/05 3:10
Chapter: Vacation

the story keeps getting better and better. i have a handful of stories that i keep up to date on from this site. and whenever this story gets updated i get so excited. yay!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading. The end is coming... :)

Reviewer: padfootprongs4eva
Date: 06/21/05 0:09
Chapter: Vacation

very awsome chapter! at first i thought that that couple that owned the pub was evil. im probbly just being paranoid. or am i??? i love your story and i hope that u update really soon!

Author's Response: Yeah, you're paranoid... :) They are just regular folks who happened to know James from around town. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

Reviewer: padfootprongs4eva
Date: 06/20/05 5:53
Chapter: Buith Wells

that was totally awsome!! i just read 1-11 and i love the hole thing!! i love the excitment. i never know when the next attak is gonna happen! i love it. i just hope that it goes beyond the summer! please update really really soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: It's coming very soon... it's actually done, mostly. So I'm just loading them now 1 at a time.

Reviewer: Luna_Lover
Date: 06/19/05 18:16
Chapter: Buith Wells

Yay!! !0/10! I'm so glad you gave Harry a vacation he so deserves it!

Author's Response: Yeah, he needed a break, before the real fireworks begin. :)

Reviewer: zobothewitch
Date: 06/18/05 15:25
Chapter: Buith Wells

yeha i loved it update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing again. Next chappie is loaded, so should be done soon.

Reviewer: ginny15
Date: 06/15/05 18:24
Chapter: Mental Attack

I don't remember if I've reviewed this before or not, but I've read the earlier chapters already, and then while searching through for something new to read, found this story again, with many new chapters. It's a good story, but I would watch your spelling and grammar a bit more. Try to keep everyone a little more in character, too. Otherwise it's going great. Post the next chapter soon!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. You're right, my grammer and spelling I struggle with. But I really enjoy writing, so thanks for reading.

Reviewer: DragonHunter
Date: 06/15/05 0:20
Chapter: Back to Privet Drive

Governer is a title that is used in England as a form of respect. Like sir. I love your story and hope to read more soon. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thanks...

Reviewer: zobothewitch
Date: 06/14/05 23:42
Chapter: Mental Attack

Wait governer?? Im confused can u explain that. But anyways i loved it poor Harry that must have hurt i wonder who will win the bike race?!?! Update soon

Reviewer: CLY
Date: 06/14/05 23:20
Chapter: Back to Privet Drive

This is still a good story. Keep the updates coming. ; )

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