Reviewer: Sparks
Date: 05/18/05 23:12
Chapter: Scorched Souls

Just wanted to let you know that I am still thoroughly enjoying this story! You truly have a gift for writing.

Author's Response: Thanks, Sparks! Glad you're still reading. :-)

Reviewer: TheGreatLinkster
Date: 05/18/05 1:01
Chapter: A Discordant Note

I haven't read anything in a long time that captures me like this story does so far. You are an excellent storyteller, and I applaud your efforts...the first paragraph of this chapter was so vivid, I could actually picture it myself. And I loved Snape and the owl...quite funny. The conversation between Maeve and Sev at the end of the chapter was also well done. What a romance they must have had to still have lingering feelings after so many years! Good job, I'm really starting to enjoy this.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you have recognised the fact that they must have felt a great deal for each other in the past to still have such strong feelings now. I really must do something about writing some of their past. Thanks again for reviewing!

Reviewer: silver_secret
Date: 05/16/05 14:04
Chapter: Scorched Souls

I love your writing style, its very expressive and, you have a riveting plot. Its my favourite story on Mugglenet :D It still beats me why Meave likes Severus,though? Please tell me lol.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, Silver Secret! Why does maeve like Severus? I suppose she sees the good in him and she does love his sharp brain and sly humour... he may be a grumpy git but he's her grumpy git! LOL

Reviewer: TheGreatLinkster
Date: 05/16/05 7:30
Chapter: A Stormy Passage

I thought you did well with describing the past, and Severus' affections for Maeve...and as before, you write very descriptively, and are very creative. I can't wait to see where this goes. The only thing technically that I noticed is that you need a period at the end of your opening paragraph. :)

Author's Response: Someone stole my punctuation!! LOL Thanks for pointing that out and thanks for the review! :-)

Reviewer: loverro
Date: 05/12/05 23:53
Chapter: Scorched Souls

Great story, plot and you're very expressive with writing the descriptions. But I do hope that you update soon

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to review! Glad you are enjoying the story. :-)

Reviewer: Severus Snape
Date: 05/11/05 5:01
Chapter: Scorched Souls

I'm repeating myself but this was yet another great chapter and another cliffhanger! Who has come to explain it all?? I can feel this story coming to an end and I don't want it to!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: the5thmarauder
Date: 05/10/05 12:11
Chapter: Scorched Souls

These last two chapters were amazing, I forgot to check the site for a little while and I came back to find my FAVOURITE story of all updated, not once but twice, needless to say I was extremely excited! I love the last two chapters, my favourite parts I have to say were the necklace and the awesome and curious power surrounding it, and the ominous departure of Roderick, I am not entirely sure if it was his finale, he is a very slippery, yet endearing, character! I really loved the description of these chapters, the parts about the mexican stand off, if you will, in the corridor was very climatic, I was permanently on the edge of my seat! Thinking the can't die they can't die, I had to keep rationalising with myself, very enjoyable indeed as a reader! Thanks soo much for updating so quickly and to such an extent, can't wait for the next chapters! May I ask, will we get to see Maeve's wedding, well read about it I mean, you have such a descriptive skill, I hope you dont end up finishing the story before you let us into your imagination and write how the wedding goes! I know you probs won't answer, but well, one has to try! Thanks for the great chapters, amazing as always, your ability as a writer really astounds me and I am sure it will continue to do so!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing. You will be pleased to know that you will get to see the wedding! I haven't decided whether it will be the epilogue to this or the prologue to the summer holiday story I plan to write. But Maeve is choosing her dress and plans are afoot to book a keep checking back for updates! :-)

Reviewer: Harriet Evans
Date: 05/09/05 15:29
Chapter: Scorched Souls

Wonderful - I cried for Roderick and I cried for Snape - Harry for his best man? That is so cruel! Thank you for a fab read.

Author's Response: I found it very sad writing the Roderick scenes. But I rather like Harry as Snape's best will make for an interesting wedding! LOL

Reviewer: Winnie Weasley
Date: 05/09/05 14:31
Chapter: Scorched Souls

Well, what else is there to say but "BRAVO!" I just want to echo the same thoughts as the other reviewers. I hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks, Winnie...I'm working on the update right now!

Reviewer: CCCC
Date: 05/09/05 10:57
Chapter: Strange Meetings

I'm going to stop saying "me again", I'll take a wild guess and say you're capable of reading the username next to the review (assuming you aren't too busy writing) 1.I see you've left the cliff hanger unresolved, hmm, interesting. 2.I think you've missed out a quotation mark or two around the pamphlets, (I'm guessing that "What every Witch....." and "How to distract Dementors" are two different ones rather than one with a very long title). 3. I don't think there would be as much sexism towards Amelia as there would be here, since Dilys Derwent was MfM in something like 1700 I think the wizarding community is much further ahead in matters of equality, but on the other hand I can see the older pure-blood families having more traditional views. 4. hmmm, Can Grawp fit into Hagrid's cabin? he's apparently much bigger than Hagrid and he seems to fill the space very easily. 5.As I think I mentioned in my last review I'm surprised that Maeve is not even rebuked for her "demonstration" on Malfoy, I doubt he'd keep to quiet about it, and would probably have at least told his mother, and maybe complained directly to DD, and while DD may like Maeve I think he'd be just enough to at least mention it to her, even with amusement. Two cliffhangers going on at once? No wonder Ash complains, mind you, it's so well written that I really don't mind them.

Author's Response: Thanks for the reviews, Tom...I guess me nagging at you in chats worked! I am making a lovely long list of all your suggestions to be used when I start the big edit of this fic just as soon as I am through with the last chapter. most of your points are extremely valid and will be actioned. The issue with the quotation marks is caused by me being to lazy to put the correct codes in to make it italicised. Another thing that will be fixed on edit. Thanks're a smashing reviewer!

Reviewer: CCCC
Date: 05/08/05 17:16
Chapter: A Lesson Learned

Me again, me and my numerical system that I've stolen from someone, ah well. 1.hmm, A new vindictive side to Maeve, one that I wouldn't have expected, I wonder if she will be reprimanded as Moody was; she really is very defensive of Remus, and if she wasn't fated for Snape I'd be speculating whether that was a hint of a more romantic relationship.(btw, was the word "ferreting" deliberately used right after, or was it coincidence?) 2.Harry seems much more humble than we've previously seen (no comment, just an observation). 3. Firenze seems less aloof, than normal, I wonder if his continuing exile fromt the centaurs is making him feel, a bit lonely, perhaps desiring top interact with people a bit more (or am I speculating down the wrong track?) 4.tee hee, I really loved this idea, A painting on a diet (that's probably rather mean of me really, if she can't lose weight (which I'm assuming she can't) then that would be terribly depressing for her)) 5.Ah, one of your cliffhangers, Ashwinder complains about, I can see why, it's extremely annoying. Dare I wonder if it's a certain Malachy Meany? I've been wondering where he's disappeared to, or am I once again, running down the wrong track?. Which side of the ratings argument are you on? If you support them, I gave you a 10, naturally, if you don't, then I just left it on the default rating :). Well Done (again).

Author's Response: I'm usually on the default side but in this instance I'll say I'm in support of them! Thanks for another great list of things to think about. :-)

Reviewer: Eleanor_Prewett
Date: 05/08/05 11:25
Chapter: Scorched Souls

Btw, if that was Roderick's grand finale...its perfectly suited to him. He always did have a flare for the dramatic. What could be more dramatic than dear, dear Roderick dying to save the vapor he assisted in creating so others could be spared. :D But, since we never know when you're going to throw us another curve ball (you can tell I'm an American, can't you-*sigh* the wonders of baseball) I think I'll try to stay calmly optimistic. Once again, great story! I can hardly believe there are already 36 chapters!

Author's Response: I am so glad you enjoyed the descriptions of the house. I felt that this chapter needed a lot of that so I'm glad it worked. I tried to create the choking, oppresive atmosphere of the fire slowly taking hold. And it was the last time we would see Abbeylara so it deserved some attention! And Bella had to die, didn't she....horrid woman! Well, after all his scheming and lies Roderick really needed to do something heroic at the end of this climactic event... although you never know with Roderick...perhaps he thought he had a sure-fire way to get out and it went wrong?? And the necklace, well that was in from the start but even I didn't understand its full significance until she started hanging around a bit more with Snape and we saw it exerting a little power over her...there is a little more to come with the necklace....Maeve's visitor has something to say about it! Glad you're still reading and enjoying and thank you again for your lovely reviews!

Reviewer: Eleanor_Prewett
Date: 05/08/05 11:14
Chapter: Scorched Souls

I've tried reveiwing several times before, maybe this one will work. *takes deep breath* Wow! You've answered so many questions and yet so many more remain. I'm still unsure about the who 'werewolf' thing too, but I know it will be answered in due time. I just have to be patient. Oh! Bella's Dead!!! FINALLY! I was hardly daring to hope while reading the last chapter that my nemisis (long story, involves my own fanfics) is finally dead and gone! Ha! Serves her right! I'm not sure whether I want Roderick to be alive or dead. Wait! What if he's the one who comes to talk to Maeve! Yay! Now I'm even more excited! And I also loved Maeve's question to Harry, and his rsponse. Typical Harry, but a much more mature Harry. (I'm looking forward to the book you metioned. Good luck with the next step of your journey to publication! I'm confident in your skill and talent as a writer. You'll make it.) Excellent! 10, as always. Please review when you can!

Reviewer: Eleanor_Prewett
Date: 05/08/05 11:04
Chapter: Flight.

I must agree with your past reviewers: Wonderful chapter! I doubt that a single person reading this chapter didn't feel every emotion you described. I've always enjoyed those horror stories movies where a building almost becomes as much a character as the people, and I was greatly surprised and elated by your descriptions of Maeve's former home and the thickness of the air, filled to the point of bursting with magic. I'm also glad at least part of the necklace's origins and power has been explained, as I know I've asked about it in past reviews. I do wonder who has come to talk to Maeve? I guess it could be just about anyone. Oh! And Bella's finally dead!!! YEAH!!!!!! It might be cruel how much I laughed at that but she's definately dead and it serves her right! :D I dont think so, Harry said, looking at Severus with pure hatred. He caused most of those ghosts! --I love this line! Wonderful, wonderful chapter! Keep writing (I look forward to that book you mentioned, good luck with the publishers. Maybe you won't have to search long before finding someone who'll publish your work). Perfect! 10.

Reviewer: SusannaC
Date: 05/08/05 1:10
Chapter: Scorched Souls

I really hope thats not the end of Roderick,he had become my favourite character.i can undersatnd why he died the way he did but im keeping fingers crossed that he'll reappear. Even if it's in a story of his own and shows his history.another brilliant chapter with lots of ecitement and it was good to finally get an idea about the necklace.I know this is ending soon and i don't want it to!!!!

Reviewer: Fantasium
Date: 05/07/05 18:54
Chapter: Scorched Souls

I still don't know how you do it, how you can get so much into every chapter. This one was perticularly packed with plot, emotions, descriptions, conversation and even a little humour. It's rather like a roasted pig for a starved viking. Starting with Roderick, I'm not sure what I want now. If this was the end of him, it was such a brilliant and worthy one that I'm completely satisfied with it. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind having him back with his charm and sarcasm. Remus is getting very close to a slap, but I suppose we all know what emotions like that can do with us. I guess I have to be patient with him. I still hope you're going to let him have his moment - I don't think the werewolf thing is 100% sorted out, is it? I really liked the "mature Harry" who popped up in the end, doing the right thing for his friend. I don't know what end you've planned for the story, but when I read the end of this chapter I sort of had a film playing in my head, an amateur film from Maeve's and Severus' wedding, it wasn't a big one but it was very beautiful. The air had both happiness and sadness about it, and a defenite closure. I don't want your story to end, but at the same time I know you're going to do it so wonderfully that I can't wait to read it. It's only you and one other person who make the waiting for HBP bearable - Thank You!

Author's Response: Roderick is a little bit addictive! I think he was a perfect match for Snape in the sarcasm department. the werewolf thing is unresolved at the moment...we will have to wait for the next full moon. remus isn't going to get his chance in this fic as it's coming t a close but over the summer he will get himself sorted out for the sequel. As for the end...well the epilogue will be either a funeral or a wedding...I haven't yet decided which. ;-) And thank you for all your wonderful compliments!

Reviewer: TheGreatLinkster
Date: 05/07/05 12:09
Chapter: Flight.

I really like the names you chose in this story...and the description at the beginning is really well done. I thought I'd just say that, because otherwise, the chapter is quite gripping for the first one. It makes you want to read more, and I'm looking foward to what's to come.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Glad the chapter hooked you. :-)

Date: 05/07/05 3:35
Chapter: Scorched Souls

BLOODY HELL!!!! That was absolutely amazing. What a powerful chapter. You absolutely must update soon, for I fear if you dont I will explode with anxiety! I too am glad i have had the honor to be with you through the entire story from day one. I feel that if I hadnt i would have truly missed out on a wonderful opportunity. It has been my pleasure to be here through it all and although i must say it will sadden me when your fic comes to an end i am truly about to explode trying to figure out all your little twists and turns. thank you, i truly mean it! please update and respond soon! THE BIGGEST 10 OF THE ALL!!!!!!!

Author's Response: No, don't explode! Not until it's all over anyway. :-) And never fear....there will be a sequel so we won't have to say goodbye to them all for a while. Hope you enjoy the ending I have planned.

Date: 05/07/05 3:29
Chapter: An Unquenchable Fire

At this point it is hard not to be repetitive, but what I must say every time is this is brilliant! I must also say that i would be honored to recieve a copy of your first publication and copies of the many more that I am sure will follow. Thanks for giving me something to do that I can truly enjoy. Once again my dear you get a 10!!!

Reviewer: Severus Snape
Date: 05/07/05 0:24
Chapter: An Unquenchable Fire

The tension mounts! I was so pleased to see Bellatrix finally get what she deserves, shame she wasn't tortured into the bargain, although she would have probably enjoyed that. Another great chapter.10/10

Author's Response: Yes, Bella needed to get her just desserts!

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