Reviewer: mrsgeorgeweasley
Date: 06/30/05 6:43
Chapter: Experiments.

Thank god Arthur isn't dead, i was getting to be very upset about that. I feel so sorry for the Weasley's. As each chapter goes by i hate Niall more and more. I really like Maeve though, she's been so good for Harry. You're doing such an amazing job.

Reviewer: Severus Snape
Date: 06/30/05 4:57
Chapter: Epilogue III

Wow Snape can dance! Amazing ending to an amazing story. I've enjoyed every minute. Bring on the sequel!! Oh and I nearly forgot! So glad to see him back in the story and now you've gotten me wondering what happened back at Abbeylara. Like I said.......hurry up with that sequel.

Reviewer: Severus Snape
Date: 06/30/05 4:52
Chapter: Epilogue II

Man, these log in problems are just getting wrose. Anyhoo, I couldn't have expected a better wedding. It was perfect and a great mix of wizard and muggle. Like your other reviewers I thought the way you got Snape to apologise was real clever and made sense. Remus is still fighting his feelings and I think thats good because you could have just had him give up and be all happy but this way is better. Off to read the last part now but i still can't believe its finished.

Reviewer: Wiccan
Date: 06/30/05 0:35
Chapter: Scorched Souls

It's got to be Roderick....Harp...groove...spider....? Yup, Please? That was a very intense chapter. All of it was wonderful. Nighty night...see ya tomorrow. Sure wish you had the 'enlarge font' here.

Reviewer: Wiccan
Date: 06/29/05 21:37
Chapter: A Detour

Well, of course, we would assume it was Hurtmore, not Goldspur, given the name. But of course, no good deed goes unpunished and they had to have gotten in trouble. That was pretty gutsy of Harry...good timing too.

Reviewer: Wiccan
Date: 06/29/05 20:55
Chapter: A Proposal

I hadn't realized that you had updated here and not 'the other site'. I surely do miss the 'enlarge font' option here, but will gladly cross my eyes to finish this great story.

Reviewer: mrsgeorgeweasley
Date: 06/29/05 14:10
Chapter: A Promise Made.

You are so very imaginative, how do you do it? I actually cried during this chapter, it was the strangest thing becuase i've never really felt anything about Snape before but i just felt so sorry for him.

Reviewer: mrsgeorgeweasley
Date: 06/29/05 13:42
Chapter: A Christmas Carol

Lots of ponderous things in this chapter. Harry with Luna....hmmm, not sure about that but i don't doubt for a second that you can convince me!

Reviewer: mrsgeorgeweasley
Date: 06/29/05 13:08
Chapter: Resurrection and Revolt

I'm liking Flich's behaviour, it've very strange indeed. I'm glad that Ron hexed Percy and i'm over the moon that Neville was able to deflect Malfoy's unforgivable. GO NEVILLE!

Reviewer: mrsgeorgeweasley
Date: 06/29/05 12:11
Chapter: The Daughter of Light

That was just incredible! I don't know what else to say, it was

Reviewer: Jenn_Weasley
Date: 06/29/05 9:23
Chapter: Epilogue III

Bravo!! *sigh* I've enjoyed this story so much. Thank you for writing it. I look forward to more from you.

Reviewer: Fantasium
Date: 06/29/05 6:01
Chapter: Epilogue III

To begin this, I’m so glad there’s a sequel coming. The feeling I have now (or have had since last night when I read the last part) is exactly like after finishing a really, really good book. I know there’s more coming, but you’ve still managed to actually finish this, it’s completed in itself. I’ve only ever felt this from one fanfiction, that was The Long Road Home by the mighty Ashwinder.

The spell that Felicia is working, it’s so nice to see. In the earlier parts of the epilogue I wasn’t a 100% sure about her presence – nothing wrong with her as a character, of course, but that Remus should be lucky enough to find someone so soon. Now it’s right, especially with how you write him, he’s coming to that final closure I’ve been awaiting for a few chapters – good, I shan’t have to slap him. ;) Towards the end, you had a mighty good composed Remus, some of the strength, will and pride I still like to see with this man was back.
Sprout! :D She was so in place, and her attitude and words – Maeve, I can see how you manage to write the major characters so well, there is plenty of foundation for most of them, but taking Professor Sprout out of the greenhouses and making her talk of such things… *shakes head* So clever where you put her too, being busy with something that grows certainly added to a true Pomona Sprout. Maeve’s slightly naughty thought at the end of their conversation was well placed.

...they sat surrounded by the peace of nature gone wild. - beautiful, something so true and easy for me to relate to. The words, peace against wild, how you combine them. Old word-artist, there.

It was him! Oooh, how can you be so cool, not even remotely hinting it until now! And that you pick up your little red thread, we’ve known he was a party planner all since Maeve first met him – and so he ends up arranging her wedding. I know I said his ‘ending’ was brilliant and worthy, it was, but I am so glad he’s back! The ‘conversing via web’ was clever indeed, had me smiling widely.
The dark Jenny was interesting, I find myself wondering again why she’s introduced here and now. Will it be important, later, that she was attending the wedding? Or is she simply a teaser for the sequel, and the wedding was good place to introduce her? It shall be interesting to see.

Alas, the end. I’ve already said how it made me feel, but there’s more of course. Harry’s gift, Remus’ note, the Muggle tradition of dragging something along, and then, the final exchange of words and Severus’ thought. *sigh* What can I say? Spot-on, brilliant, well done!. I think I’ve said ‘thank you’ after each chapter, at least I should have, so what can I say now? If Jo was actually teaching us to write Harry Potter FanFiction, I know she would be pleased with you, so pleased that she would have to invent a new grade, above ‘O’. So, I suppose, Thank You! /Anna

Reviewer: mrsgeorgeweasley
Date: 06/28/05 11:25
Chapter: A Lesson Learned

Oh just as it's about to get more interesting i have to go to work and it sucks. I'll be back asap to finish reading but i love the story thus far, it's so detailed and mysterious!

Author's Response: Thanks for all your reviews! Glad you are enjoying the story so far. :-) And I agree, work sucks!

Reviewer: mrsgeorgeweasley
Date: 06/28/05 10:18
Chapter: Wizards about Town.

The great thing was that althought this chapter was quite different from the ones before it, it felt totally natural. Maeve was very sensitive with Harry and i'm beginning to really like her.

Reviewer: mrsgeorgeweasley
Date: 06/28/05 9:21
Chapter: Doubts and Devotion

I cannot get over how well your words seem to flow, there is so much rich and vivid description. I love the intensity of things between Maeve and Severus, you can tell that the feelings they had and still have for each other are so powerful. I think JKR would be very hard pushed to produce anything better than this!

Reviewer: mrsgeorgeweasley
Date: 06/28/05 8:48
Chapter: A Discordant Note

Words really fail me, the way you describe everything is incredible and the way you're filling in little bits of their past together is amazing.

Reviewer: mrsgeorgeweasley
Date: 06/28/05 8:22
Chapter: A Stormy Passage

I did try and submit a review for the first chapter but the stupid computer wouldn't let me. I decided that since you did such a great job with betaing my chapter i really owed you and should read and review your fic and Wow. So far so incredibly good!

Reviewer: Saphira
Date: 06/27/05 13:45
Chapter: Epilogue II

Finally! Fifteen times I've tried to review this fantastic fic..........and fifteen times I've been logged out!! Anyway, really liked part too "go hiontach" as we say in Ireland which means brilliant. I really liked the way you included the "cupla focail as gaeilge" it's so nice to see some Irish words thrown in!! I couldn't stop laughing at your portrayal of Finn and Arthur's bewilderness of the thick accent. Throughout your story I've always really liked the way you planted little clues at the start eg. Maeve's hands what's the deal with the spider and the harp? Hmm interesting....... So I might as well finish this review before I'm unwillingly logged out again. A Brilliant fic by all accounts, sad that it is finished but looking forward to the sequel and the oneshots. Ar fheabhas!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for persevering and leaving the review! Well, now that the last part is up you can find out what the deal is with the spider and the harp....*grins* Glad you liked Finn... had to squeeze ina few words of gaeilge in there somewhere and the best way to do it was through Finn. :-)

Reviewer: Fantasium
Date: 06/26/05 19:25
Chapter: Epilogue II

Finally! Maeve, you’re killing me here. Normally, I have endless hours of pc time every day and I can read as much as I want – but there’s hardly ever enough. But now, when this pc time is very much limited, you present this! For the first time, I actually had to read one of your chapters in two sittings. Ah, well, let’s get to it now! :)

It’s impossible to not mention the exchanges between Harry and Severus, both as they were walking to the church and then during Harry’s speech. You simply did it, the brief sign of understanding that I think must come between the two. Wonderful.
The Irish official – why on earth was his name Seamus Finnegan Etcetera? At first I thought he might be related somehow to a certain dorm-mate of Harry’s, but according to HP lexicon (I had to double check), he’s FinnIgan, not FinnEgan. I wouldn’t expect you to do a ‘Mark Evans’, but if Jo did it, then…? As for the shorter name, Finn, I know I have asked before, but are you sure you haven’t read the Cheysuli Chronicles? There’s a Maeve and a Niall in them, and also a Finn. Don’t you introduce an Alix, a Keely or a Brennan, then I’ll be highly suspicious! ;)

“At the far end of the church she could see the black-capped head of her lover and her heart leapt for him beneath the confines of her linen.” - this is where he stopped being Snape, or even Severus, and was finally just a man. The following lines and paragraphs only added to that. I can’t believe what you’ve done to this character, and still somehow kept him in, that’s right, character.
Remus, dear Remus. I’m so glad you were holding on to his sadness and regret, it would have been all too easy to let go of it and have him jolly, especially with the new arrival of Felicia, but his feelings and attitude further illustrates his character and it makes the werewolf a wizard. By the way, I share his opinion that “At first it may not appear the most conventional of pairings.” - not just Maeve/Severus, but Severus at all!

Excellent little JKR-tie-back with the socks, we’re still wondering about that, aren’t we? That’s truly amazing with your story, how you can totally write your own thing, still stay in character and in story.
Two nice H/G treats there (my heart, which is in charge, thinks that’s a winner), whereas Maeve’s love life is heavenly bright and colourful, you keep Harry’s completely JKR in tone.

Now… That spider! And the harp! Your not telling me he made it, are you? If you are, I am completely thrilled!
As always, thanks for your story, Maeve!

Author's Response: I'm not telling you anything about either the spider or the harp....*smirks*

Sorry about that mouthful of a name! It was just a quirk in an endless line of quirks that the mad Irishman had to have. I was actually thinking of Oscar Wilde and his impossible list of names when the idea came to me. And Finnigan/Finnegan is a fairly common name in Ireland, I never even thought of the other Seamus..well not until you just pointed it out to, sorry for that little moment! He's definately not related. I might go and remove that Seamus actually, it's distracting now it's been pointed out! LOL As for Finn. Well, again, it's fairly common. I think of Finn and I think of Finn McCool (and one of my cousins!). I will have to go and root out this book now though! I think names are funny things in that, if you don't know the country they come from, they seem strange and unusual but to someone that comes from a country they are fairly commonplace. Maeve, Niall, Liam, Finn...all are fairly normal names for me but they do seem to have provoked a response both here and on the beta board.

I am so glad you saw the man at that altar. I think this has been one of the biggest challeneges for me. To take the canon Severus Snape and make him into an adult human male that would have feelings and needs beyond what we can see of him in canon. I've enjoyed writing this so much precisely because i can take these wonderful, wonderful characters and explore them, push them a little. To do that I had to take away the notion that we are looking at this from a child's perspective. And as Harry grows it will be interesting to see how Jo writes him...something we won't have to wait too much longer to see. He's sixteen now, that's got to give HBP a more mature feel. Anyway... yes, Severus is a man. I'm writing the wedding night at the moment (for my own gratification and that of a few friends! LOL) and he's definately all man in that!

Well Dumbledore had to give the socks, what else would he have given as a gift! LOL Harry and Ginny had to happen really. I'm not saying it will be a full-blown romance, but we had to have something in there.. everyone gets a little more open to suggestion on a wedding day..just look at Ron and his ogling of hermione's chest. :-)

Hope you like the final part and that any questions you may have about certain creatures are answered. *smirks again*

Reviewer: pandafan81
Date: 06/26/05 0:59
Chapter: Epilogue II

Bravo! Smashing! Simply wonderful! I like how Ginny's destiny was behind her, and then Harry runs to catch up with her! :) And who do the bands belong to? I'm dying of curiosity! Can't wait for the sequel!

Author's Response: Ahhh...well...the rings are a bit of a mythological throwback. I'm going to write an Afterword for HPDL that will explain all the mythological and location references. The previous owner of those rings will be explained in there. Some eagle-eyed readers will already have deduced who they belonged to by Maeve's vision in the chapel and by Lugh's explanation. And I'm not really a shipper, but I can't deny the Harry/Ginny vibe that's going on! It seemed fitting.

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