Reviews For Croaker
Reviewer: Binka Fudge
Date: 05/02/08 20:24
Chapter: one-shot

I found it hard to take any of this seriously, it was very very funny.

Reviewer: StrangeBella
Date: 12/02/07 23:11
Chapter: one-shot

I liked the beginning a lot, I like how he thought to wake up late in the morning for the adrenaline.. very funny! Although I would make a suggestion that you change Edmund's last name. When I first read the tittle and description for some reason I thought it was a story about a frog. But thats how my mind works sometimes so it could just be me. Anyways, great story!

Reviewer: Zoheb
Date: 01/25/07 10:02
Chapter: one-shot

This is quite a good story. I really like it: you ought to write more of them.

PS: When's the next chapter of Magorian coming?

Reviewer: redhead525
Date: 05/04/06 20:41
Chapter: one-shot

Heheh, I haven't read this before... I've read a lot of Magorian though... Anyway, this was pretty cool!

Reviewer: redhead525
Date: 05/04/06 20:41
Chapter: one-shot

Heheh, I haven't read this before... I've read a lot of Magorian though... Anyway, this was pretty cool!

Reviewer: wishiwereaweasley
Date: 02/04/06 10:12
Chapter: one-shot

I thought this was very well done indeed! Especially considering half of it was improvised...I certainly couldn't do that if I tried! You used a very interesting idea here, playing with a character who's mentioned twice or so in the course of the books. Very ambitious! You have a nice, snappy writing style, and it get's the reader right into the character's head. I can fully understand his addiction to coffee, I have it too! Also, his conclusion that being late is exhilarating is hilarious! I've had that thought myself, but it always gives way to reason. Can't be late for everything! Oh, and the monacle is perfect for his character. Just the right touch! So all in all, very well done indeed!

Reviewer: Kestrel
Date: 06/25/05 16:47
Chapter: one-shot

I thought this very original and funny (in the places that it was meant to be). I try to be original in my plots as well- I'd love it if you'd review my stories! Thanks!

Author's Response: You know what? It's been awhile since I took a good long stretch and sat down through a string of HP stories. I'll give your fics a looky.

Reviewer: ByMerlinsBeard
Date: 04/27/05 16:42
Chapter: one-shot

Good job. I thought the beginning and end were quite funny. I ran across your story while searching for "unspeakable" because two of my stories deal with the Department of Mysteries. I wrote a one-shot about Bode, so seeing one about Croaker was fun. Thanks for an entertaining story. I'll have to check out Quirrel sometime. Right now... I'm late for class. Oh snap.

Author's Response: I will now look for your Bode fic and review it.

Reviewer: Fleury
Date: 03/26/05 0:29
Chapter: one-shot

Squee. I loved this story. I imagine Rookwood would've been obliviated, because then Voldie would've known. I really, really enjoyed reading this, and I'm glad I did. I can't wait to read your other two stories (you said you had other stories in "Magorian" and I took a look :D)

Author's Response: Yes, Rookwood was Obliviated; only Dumbledore and Croaker knew about the prophecy's contents. If you liked Magorian, review and give me your ideas- they are a precious commodity. Also keep on the lookout for my upcoming one shot Appara. Adieu.

Reviewer: LilmissBrit
Date: 03/06/05 1:49
Chapter: one-shot

Thank you, then!

Author's Response: You're welcome. .emoclew er'uoY Ou'reyay elcomeway. U'yero woelemc.

Reviewer: LilmissBrit
Date: 03/04/05 11:55
Chapter: one-shot

Wow! When you write, you really think it out well...I really enjoyed it, it was a pretty unusual spin but I liked it. Not the usual! Excellent, 10!

Author's Response: Actually, I didn't really plan out Croaker. Most of it was improvised. Thanks for the 10, I gave all your chapters 10's too.

Reviewer: Zetera
Date: 03/02/05 11:37
Chapter: one-shot

That was great, and really well thought out - I enjoyed it immensely. BUT - didn't we see Croaker in 1994 in GoF at the World Cup? Or was that his son? Also, the Prophecy was made the year before Harry's birth, so 1979, not 1980. Sorry to nitpick, it's what I do. Very, very, very good fic though.

Author's Response: All plot holes can be explained thusly: It's magic. Seriously, though, I was too lazy to pick up th humongous green book with my twelve-year-old girl arm strength, so you can say I had a bit of a lack of research. Rest assured all other references to canon will be candid and accurate.

Reviewer: Hermiones_Revenge
Date: 02/24/05 19:22
Chapter: one-shot

(by the way, 'esta lloviendo hombres' translates to 'it's raining men'.)

Author's Response: Het regent mannen. Chove homens. Идет дождь мужчины. Piove degli uomini. Det regner menn. Es regnet Männer. Il pleut des hommes.

Reviewer: Hermiones_Revenge
Date: 02/24/05 19:21
Chapter: one-shot

That was amazing. *HEEP* Wonderful character, wonderful plot, hilarious little tidbits thrown in. Damn those thief owls...not the coffee! *gasps* Anyway, horray for you, horray for gravy, y esta lloviendo hombres! Alleluia!

Author's Response: A hearty HEEP to you too.

Reviewer: emaleth
Date: 12/12/04 18:34
Chapter: one-shot

what an interesting person to do a one shot on. i really enjoy your writings. i'm hoping that you will do more, and quickly. i'm off to read the rest now. keep it up! you amuse me!

Author's Response: I was just wondering why no one did a fic about an Unspeakable, so a made a little bio for Croaker and set off to make a story out of it. I was sure to add in my favorite villain, Augustus Rookwood, and an addiction to coffee, and there you have it.

Reviewer: Lady Lupine
Date: 12/08/04 11:58
Chapter: one-shot

That was an excellent one shot, it was really funny, I read your other fan fics before i read this, i was really good, keep up the good fan ficing!

Author's Response: And I was beginning to think Croaker was a dud... thanks for informing me otherwise.

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