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Reviews For Wanton

Name: Milliebaby123 (Signed) · Date: 04/12/08 1:05 · For: Wanton
really good job done, i really liked the ay u did this!!!

Name: Rhi for HP (Signed) · Date: 02/09/08 0:08 · For: Wanton
LOL!!!!! OMG this was hilarious!!! I was just laughing my head off. Sirius"ly sexy"-- the last line, everything. *grins* "He wasn't just my manly sex slave!" lmao!!

Name: 4evayours (Signed) · Date: 10/09/07 9:21 · For: Wanton
lol how cheeky you are!
that was the only bit of your work ive read, and it was great =)
cheers for your work.

Name: Padfoot519 (Signed) · Date: 08/25/07 0:26 · For: Wanton
very nice

Name: ILuvHP4Ev3r (Signed) · Date: 04/04/07 21:33 · For: Wanton
lol aw i loved this, it was funny, made me alugh.

Name: ILuvHP4Ev3r (Signed) · Date: 04/04/07 21:33 · For: Wanton
lol aw i loved this, it was funny, made me alugh.

Name: DogLover4Life (Signed) · Date: 02/04/07 20:43 · For: Wanton
It was funny. Actually parts were laugh out loud funny. But I'm not a R/S shipper but I felt like reading one and I'm glad I chose this one. :D

Name: LadyLupin827 (Signed) · Date: 01/13/07 21:34 · For: Wanton
You wrote James' perspective perfectly: confident, intelligent, and amusing. My fave line was "To James, it looked like Remus was double chocolate cake, and Sirius was very, very hungry…"

Name: Potter_freak0515 (Signed) · Date: 11/25/06 0:28 · For: Wanton
I love Sirius! This fic made me laaugh enough to partially wake me up form my stupor. It's nearly 3 in the mornifng, but this was funn yenough to half wake me up. Which is saying something. I loe you S/R fics!

Name: LadyNightDragon (Signed) · Date: 10/26/06 20:19 · For: Wanton
I like this story... it makes me smile.

Name: nobodyhome (Signed) · Date: 01/24/06 12:40 · For: Wanton
I love your Remus/Sirius stories!!! (Actually, come to think of it, I love your Remus and your Sirius... damn *sees problem emerging*) ~ WRITE MORE NOW!!... er, pwetty pwease?

Name: Free_Phoenix (Signed) · Date: 10/28/05 5:14 · For: Wanton
Your Remus/Sirius stories are one of the best I've read in ages! I'm a true RL/SB shipper and your stories prove why! Although I'm very jealous of Sirius right now! 10/10

Name: PheonixAnimagus (Signed) · Date: 10/14/05 19:29 · For: Wanton
really liked this, it was sweet. very humorously written, and I lovvvve James' attitude. Can't wait to read your other one! btw- will you r/r my story? It's lily/james, called Last Chance. I only have 2 reviews! Thanx, and thanx for the great short story!

Name: CreeveySister (Signed) · Date: 08/09/05 23:15 · For: Wanton
Sirius/Remus RULES! No doubt! Love James's attitude.... And peter was sitting there, oblivious to it all! lol

Name: Kait (Signed) · Date: 01/12/05 13:44 · For: Wanton
Groovy. 'Nuff said.

Name: Little Loony (Signed) · Date: 12/22/04 8:15 · For: Wanton
It official i have kept count i am now Remus and Sirius's fag hag. YAY!!!

Name: keena (Signed) · Date: 11/27/04 15:57 · For: Wanton
Good, but Sirius is a bit pathetic and OoC, I prefer Kiss Me to this. Keep writing S/L fics though because they RULE!!!!!!!!!

Name: Midnight (Signed) · Date: 11/24/04 8:44 · For: Wanton
Pity it's one-shot, I really like this and hope you write more fics. Bring on the Remus/Sirius slash! You describe the characters well and their dialogue is also very believable. Nice job!

Name: JadedHeart (Anonymous) · Date: 11/22/04 4:05 · For: Wanton
Oh this is just great! I'm sad to see it's a one shot so I hope you're going to write another. ^_^ Great fun and "Sirius' -ly Sexy Black" is awesome. Can't wait to read more of yours.

Name: cespotter (Signed) · Date: 11/19/04 0:03 · For: Wanton
This story was really good, but i would love it if there would be more to it?? Or maybe you could write more stories, cause this was great... I think that its cute that sirius is so dense when it comes to his feelings for moony, so cute. and i love the interaction with james, taht was good

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