Reviews For Saving Grace
Reviewer: double dragon
Date: 11/04/05 22:48
Chapter: Rising Tension

Hornilicious. I love it. Very sensual. Nice descriptions. Poor Hermione, maybe she and Ron will settle it, then have a sex scene, then Ginny comes in and they have a juicy threesome. Awsome.

Reviewer: Garry Potter
Date: 08/23/05 14:19
Chapter: Rising Tension

COOL!!! The best same-sex pairing in the world! Deserves the 10/10 I have given it!!!

Reviewer: sixteenth_encore
Date: 08/16/05 14:01
Chapter: Rising Tension

This is really cool! I can't wait for chapter 5!

Reviewer: dave 049478
Date: 08/02/05 20:20
Chapter: Rising Tension

Please Update soon!

Reviewer: Tara Licine
Date: 07/27/05 15:40
Chapter: Where To Go From Here

Wow. At long last, there is a girl slash story. Not only that, there is a BRILLIANT girl slash story. I enjoyed this story a lot. I also know that if people from my school knew who this was, they'd proclaim me gay. Knowing this, I fully support this story... even though Ron's a drunk... and Harry's dead... and Hermione smokes... and I'll stop now.

Reviewer: GinnyAtHeart
Date: 07/24/05 17:38
Chapter: Where To Go From Here

I really like this story. I love how you came up with a great job for Ginny and how you explained a lot of what might happen if Harry leaves his too best friends alone on earth. Very good, can't wait for more. By the way is there a little inneuendo there that Ron secretly was in love with Harry, but chose Hermione because his mom's letter about Ginny being for women and the twins not wanting a family at all???

Reviewer: witch11
Date: 07/06/05 14:26
Chapter: Rising Tension

I like it a lot. I personally wish you to keep writing.

Reviewer: Dragen
Date: 06/14/05 14:10
Chapter: Rising Tension

Just finished the four chapters of Reviews for Saving Grace and I have to say that I like it. I rate it about 8 maybe 9... so when could you tell us when the next chapter coming up, and could you tell us how many chapters there is??

Reviewer: sissi
Date: 06/03/05 2:47
Chapter: Where To Go From Here

This is the story that got me totally hooked on Fanfics. Please update!

Reviewer: malfoyisgood
Date: 05/28/05 15:12
Chapter: Rising Tension

Beatuiful hope to read more soon. it just kinda keeps our attention i give it an infininte number out of 10

Reviewer: hpfannaticalltheway
Date: 05/22/05 4:15
Chapter: Rising Tension

this story is sooooo well written! if the characters didn't belong to someone else i would suggest trying to make it longer and to try to get it published! (although it would have to be adult fiction, definatly!) i think its worthy of something jk would write herself. u are just such a good writer, i can't get over it. I've heard the name Saving Grace before, though and i don't think the title suits it at the moment, but it might wen more chapters are added. i wish ron had changed when he realised he was hurting hermione, but this way it makes the story more intriging, and with out it there wouldn't be much to write. i've been inspired to write a fan fiction now because of your story (amung other things). definatly deserves 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10

Reviewer: saz
Date: 05/21/05 6:51
Chapter: Rising Tension

When is the next chapter?

Author's Response: I only planned so far and have been a little sluggish. Plus, with the log in being the way it is now, I'm not in a hurry to add a chapter. But the next chapter is in progress.

Reviewer: saz
Date: 05/20/05 11:54
Chapter: Rising Tension


Reviewer: hermioneluvsdraco
Date: 05/18/05 6:01
Chapter: Rising Tension

Great story! The idea of Hermione/Ginny was a bit strange, but a very good story, and written very well too, ten out of ten!

Reviewer: Rapmastaron
Date: 05/14/05 19:34
Chapter: Rising Tension

this is very well-written! however i find it odd that everyone in this story is gay/bisexual. thats a bit strange...and why is ron such a a meanie lol. but anyway, good writing! keep up the good work

Reviewer: Loonylovegood426
Date: 05/13/05 15:42
Chapter: Rising Tension

wow, that was pretty good! Great writing! You have great vocabulary and what not, I love stories like this! *10*

Reviewer: ronsgal
Date: 05/06/05 6:46
Chapter: Rising Tension

wow!! good going. nice story. poor hermy. but y did u make ron such a villain. cant u make him turn over a new leaf????

Reviewer: elka78
Date: 05/01/05 20:53
Chapter: Rising Tension

I like it. Adding it to my favorites. Want more. Please :)

Reviewer: sweetdreams1019
Date: 04/28/05 12:35
Chapter: Rising Tension


Reviewer: Fleury
Date: 04/27/05 15:26
Chapter: Rising Tension

Awww. Once again, poor Hermione. I hope that *something* will work out for her soon.

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