Reviewer: mrsgeorgeweasley
Date: 06/16/05 4:35
Chapter: Accusations

Another great chapter there stormy! Your characterization of Lucius and Voldy was spot on. I really like the way you're keeping us hanging as far as Snape's loyalty is concerned. Can't wait for the update!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm so pleased you thought I got the characterization right as I was a little bit unsure about including Lucius at all. I'm glad I did though :) I'll update as soon as I've rechecked the chapter and I'm pleased you like the way I'm keeping everyone hanging about Snape!

Reviewer: malko050987
Date: 06/16/05 2:14
Chapter: Accusations

Great! Okay, guesses for what's going to happen. Snape said that he will choose the most powerful side, the winning side. Then I suposse that either Harry or Dumbledore will prove to be more powerful than Voldemort, or something will change Snape's mind. Or they discover he is a spy and the order/Harry rescues him. I like the encounter between Snape and LM, you did a great job with it, playing on the Lord's distrust of Malfoy after the prophecy event. And Harry needs to have words woth Dumbledore about the being left in the dark thing. It's like he said: He gives them info, but they don't give back. So i think he should get to know stuff. Bye now. Can't wait for the next chapter! How many chapters are left before you start posting the sequel?

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! I'm really pleased you like the way I portrayed LM and Harry is going to say something about being left in the dark. The next chappie's coming very soon (hopefully the mods can get it up quickly!) and there are six (at the moment!) chapters left.

Reviewer: Colin Creevey
Date: 06/16/05 2:08
Chapter: Accusations

Cool, I'm the first one to review chapter 14. Nice chapter, you must update soon or HEADS WILL ROLL. Snape is really confusing me though. It seems he is a double agent. Whose side is he truly on? He said to choose the most powerful out of the two, who would that be? Dumbledore is the most powerful, this cannot be true, he must follow Dumbledore and announce his support for him. Just tell Voldemort he's a traitor and Apparate to Hogameade and RUN to Hogwarts. Oh yeah, another 10.

Author's Response: Lol, chapter 15 is coming soon (and please let me keep my head, it'll be quite hard to write without it!)! I'm sorry if I'm confusing you, but I'm not saying which side Snape's following yet. You'll know really soon though... *dodges bullets as a result of vague answer*. Thanks again for the 10 though!

Reviewer: Colin Creevey
Date: 06/15/05 12:40
Chapter: Unexpected Departure

Update soon, however, before you go off saying Snape is a bad guy, I must tell you my theories. "It's coming back, Karkaroffs too, clearer than ever." There were Snapes words in Dumbledore Pensieve when he was talking to Harry about it. He was obviously telling Dumbledore about the mark on his skin. If he was a bad guy, he wouldn't tell Dumbledore that, would he? Where was he going anyway, you must update. Further more, I'm lowering your rating to a 9.9, but since there's no such thing, I'll have to round it to the closes whole number. Congratulations, you just got yourself another 10.

Author's Response: Since when did I say Snape was a bad guy? I really don't want to say too much on this because it becomes very important later but hopefully you'll understand a little bit more about which side he's heading to by the end of the next chapter. I will say though that Voldemort is convinced he's a Death Eater while Dumbledore's convinced he's working for the Order. *Sniffs* shame about the 9.9, lol! :)

Reviewer: Colin Creevey
Date: 06/15/05 12:14
Chapter: The Power of Suggestion

Very Nice. In response to your question on your first romance scene, I think it was very good and it earned you another 10, call me your biggest fan. I am about so close to losing my will and editing Harry and Ginny's romance back in my story, but you have no idea how long that will take unless you knew how long my story is, even I dont know, except that its more than 50! I am eager for the next chapter which I will read right now unless I am interrupted. Update soon anyway.

Author's Response: *Laughing* Don't let me interrupt you from reading chapter 13! I'm glad you liked the romance though and *hopefully* chapter 14 will be up really, really soon. PS: 50 chapters?! That an encyclopedia, lol!

Reviewer: Colin Creevey
Date: 06/15/05 8:03
Chapter: The Three Attacks

The worst part of reading Fan Fiction that supports a Harry/Ginny relationship is that it makes me regret editing out their relationship in my own Story, Wizard War III. As for Snape...I still like him. He is my favorite teacher...I think. When you made out Snape was Voldemort's most faithful servant, I didn't lke that. You took away that anger when I read that very funny 12 days of Christmas in Dark Lord style. Very nice chapter, I am determinedly trying to make your story 5 stars, but I can't keep sending reviews. Here is another 10 for makking me feel guilty about editing out the most possible romance.

Author's Response: I'm pleased you like Snape - to be perfectly honest, I think he's a lot of fun to write and I find I can relate him quite easily (please note, that doesn't mean I'm a Death Eater!). As for Volemort's letter, I didn't really intend it to be funny. Lol, it doesn't really matter though, I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway. Thanks for the 10 (again!) and I'm sorry that you edited out the romance in your story; you could always go back and re-edit them back in though...?

Reviewer: malko050987
Date: 06/15/05 4:30
Chapter: Unexpected Departure

Great chapter! Snape is evil! I just said that because I hate him. *grin* What happens next... hmm... Well, Snape is jealous because Harry has a Clamcelo (he could definitely use one in his meetings with Voldie), but I suppose that he'll have to find out that Harry isn't running away from his traumatizing memories, he's just protecting a secret. Maybe if he tells Snape this, he'll come around. The two of them need to work out some steam, or they'll blow Hogwarts apart. Maybe more detail on why Clamcelos are so rare? Or valuable? The cliffie's alright, as long as the next chapter comes soon. Bye, and keep up the good work. Can't wait for the sequel! hint! hint!

Author's Response: Thanks! As for your suggestion about the Clamcelo's history,I'll add something about that in the next chapter; well, I mean chapter 15. Chapter 14 should be up soon, I submitted it as soon as the last one got accepted. And as for the sequel, I've written quite a bit of it already so I hope the whole lot will be relatively soon after HBP. I'll be really annoyed though if JKR makes all my characters go OOC because of her reavels in book 6... :)

Reviewer: Colin Creevey
Date: 06/14/05 3:38
Chapter: Going Home

That was a wonderful song. I rarely hear excellent rhymes like that. Where did you get that, I was amazed. Very nice, another 10.

Author's Response: Thanks for the 10! And I didn't get it anywhere, I made it up! I've also written one for the sequel too - I hope you will like that as muchwhen it's posted as well!

Reviewer: pgeraci
Date: 06/13/05 12:48
Chapter: Unexpected Departure

Another good chapter with Snape. I think Snape is living very dangerously, possibly as a double agent. It will be interesting to read your interpretation of his role in the dark war.

Author's Response: Yes, he is living dangerously and out of interest, a Double agent loyal to who? I'm so pleased you liked the chapter though!

Reviewer: Colin Creevey
Date: 06/13/05 11:52
Chapter: Trials and Suffering

Poor Alex, he was just a small boy. Dont you have feeling for small people who have their whole lives ahead of them? I mean, that was so cruel of Voldy to do something like that. I put all the blame on him and the rest goes to me for giving you a rating of 10 FOR ONE OF THE BEST STORIES I HAVE READ. Honestly, nice plot development, haven't sees much stories better than this except the ones in my favorites.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! And I used Alex purely to show just quite what levels Voldemort would sink to. I'm so pleased you're enjoying it and *blushing* thanks for your really great compliment! :)

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! And I used Alex purely to show just quite what levels Voldemort would sink to. I'm so pleased you're enjoying it and *blushing* thanks for your really great compliment! :)

Reviewer: Katastrophe
Date: 06/13/05 8:15
Chapter: Unexpected Departure

Another fantastic story. I am so glad that Snape was not able to break through. Serves him right. Keep up the great work!~~~Kat

Author's Response: Thanks! And as for Snape, he's gonna find himself in deep water very, very soon :)

Reviewer: mrsgeorgeweasley
Date: 06/13/05 7:26
Chapter: Unexpected Departure

That was such a great chapter!! Apart from the evil cliffy - who am i kidding? even that was great, a little bit of suspense never did anyone any harm! I'm very eager to see the next chapter and i hope they validate it soon!

Author's Response: Hopefully it won't be too long! The last chappy was only 24 hours in the queue. If you can't stand to wait, you could always check out my one shot :)

Reviewer: death of a thestral
Date: 06/13/05 6:02
Chapter: Unexpected Departure

evil cliffhangers, dammit everyone always leaves it on a cliffhanger! grrrrr. great chapter, good to see snape on his kness in oclumency instead of harry:) update soon!!!!

Author's Response: Chapter 14 was submitted this morning and it's called 'Accusations'. I'm glad you liked the chapter and there are plenty more *evil* cliffhangers coming, and certainly more in the sequel to this story (ie: my book 7)!

Reviewer: pgeraci
Date: 06/09/05 14:21
Chapter: The Power of Suggestion

Another good chapter. I liked the direct, honest, and open exchange between Harry and Ginny. I also like the way you've set the stage for some hot friction between Harry and Snape in the upcoming lessons. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: I'm pleased you liked it! There's a lot of friction to come, so stay tuned! :)

Reviewer: grindelwald
Date: 06/09/05 11:28
Chapter: The Power of Suggestion

that was your best chapter...cant say how good it was, O hell ye, snaoe teaching Harry (AGAIN) loves it...cant waittrttt

Author's Response: Wow, that's a hell of a compliment! I'm so pleased you enjoyed it! Chapter 13's in the queue so I hope you won't have long to wait! There's a lot more action coming very, very soon...

Reviewer: Katastrophe
Date: 06/09/05 7:44
Chapter: The Power of Suggestion

Can we banish Cho to a deserted arctic island somewhere??? Think it is great you have gotten Harry and Ginny together. Oh, While we are at the banishing, Snape to a tropical island. That much sun would horrify him!~~~Kat

Author's Response: Lol! How about just put cho in the lake with the Giant Squid...? Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: malko050987
Date: 06/09/05 5:05
Chapter: The Power of Suggestion

Gret chapter! i hope Cho dioesn't interfere with them, or at least that they don't fight because of her. H/G, i mean. I can't wait to see Harry kick Snape's ass at Occ. and Leg. I hope you're going to do that. You ahould consider adding a bit of Ron and Hermione's reaction at the news of Harry dating Ginny. What will happen next... I suppose that Harry and Snape will develop a grudging respect for each other, after the uncovering of some secrets... That's it for now. Bye, Crs.

Author's Response: Thanks! You've sort of got it right but drifting a little away from what's going to happen... Good guess though! I really hope you'll like the next chapter as much as this one and as for Cho, I mentioned her more so Hermione could say what happened to Marietta than anything else. I'll possibly add more about R/Hr's reactions to H/G but in a later chappie. Cya!

Reviewer: mrsgeorgeweasley
Date: 06/09/05 4:58
Chapter: The Power of Suggestion

The Harry and Ginny action was excellent! Sod Cho Chang, nobody cares about her! Has he really got to go back to Occlumency with Snape? I'm afraid i don't have a clue what's going to happen next but i kind of like it that way!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! Yes, Harry is going back to Snape for lessons and I really hope you like chapter 13 when it's up!

Reviewer: Katastrophe
Date: 06/07/05 13:55
Chapter: Christmas

great chapter. the romance was good, but could have used just a little (emphasis on the word little) more detail. Keep up the great work! 10/10

Author's Response: There is going to be very little romance in the story - there's a bit more in the next chapter but nothing major. Thanks for the 10!

Reviewer: Katastrophe
Date: 06/07/05 13:21
Chapter: The Three Attacks

Great chapter, a bit dark, but very good!!!~~~Kat

Author's Response: I'm gald you liked it :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it :)

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