Reviewer: harrietamidala
Date: 04/26/08 0:46
Chapter: Floo Powder

wasn't there a sequel to this story called Harry Potter and the Flame of Obitus? I cannot seem to find it anywhere, not even on your account. What happened to it? Did it get deleted? Or are you revising it and resubmitting it soon? I don't know, but I would really like some answers, Stormy!

Reviewer: harrietamidala
Date: 04/20/08 15:05
Chapter: Floo Powder

didn't you have a sequel called Harry Potter and the Flame of Obtius? I can't find it! What happened to it?

Reviewer: AzkabanFire
Date: 10/04/07 16:44
Chapter: Floo Powder

It was ok.

Reviewer: Ravenclaw Goddess
Date: 09/29/07 0:40
Chapter: The End of the Beginning

Dear Stormy,
I usually never like to review a story untill i've finished it completly. so here it goes: WOW!! Your story was soooo good, probaly one of of my favorites ever. the chapter when Harry was inAzkaban, that was so fantastic. I just want to read it over and over again. Seriously, i love this stroy. I'm so looking forward to the sequel. good, no, Great Job. keeping writting, your really fantastic.
Sicerly Yors,
Ravenclaw Goddess

Reviewer: Astronomygirl_101
Date: 09/28/07 13:40
Chapter: Truth, Lies and Curses

Okay, I liked this chapter, but i REALLY didn't need to know what Caedisio meant. Other than that, I really liked this chapter. And your right, the wait really is worth it. But i would like to know why Snape said Harry's first name.?

Reviewer: Astronomygirl_101
Date: 09/27/07 14:45
Chapter: The Power of Suggestion

I can agree with oyu, thr next few weeks in the chpaters WILL be interesting. Please keep it up in your next story, for I WILL read it when I'm done with this one. Your doing a great job, please keep it up.

Reviewer: Astronomygirl_101
Date: 09/27/07 13:35
Chapter: Unwanted Power

Well, I liked the chapter, except the last part was confusing, very, very confusing.

Reviewer: Astronomygirl_101
Date: 09/26/07 17:18
Chapter: Invisibility

Ooh, well, I can't think of anything to say right now, I'm trying to remember what I wanted to ask you. When i remrember I'll put it in with my review, Good Luck on your next story, Astronomygirl_101

Reviewer: Astronomygirl_101
Date: 09/26/07 16:44
Chapter: Going Home

Okay, I loved everything in htis chapter, except for the feast. You're supposed to make it a DINNER feaast. not a BREAKFAST feast. Thats all I have to say.

Reviewer: Astronomygirl_101
Date: 09/26/07 16:20
Chapter: The Clamcelo

LOL! Ilovee this chapter. The clamcelo was brilliant. I love the way you use actual latin words is just BLOODY BRILLIANT!!! OOH, I all most forgot, thiese four chapters were awesome!

Reviewer: Astronomygirl_101
Date: 09/26/07 16:01
Chapter: The Remittomissum Charm

WOW! I was very suprosed when i read that you didn't just make up the name of the spell. Wayt o go! Please keep it up, while it may be hard to pronounnce, it does make for a good read.

Reviewer: Astronomygirl_101
Date: 09/26/07 15:50
Chapter: Trials and Suffering

WHAT THE HELL! Sorry, I mean: WHAT THE HECK WAS THE LAST PART ABOUT?! it made no sense whatsoever.

Reviewer: Astronomygirl_101
Date: 09/26/07 15:36
Chapter: Floo Powder

Awesome! I LOL'd when i read the letter. I can't wait to read the other chapters.

Reviewer: Phoenix Rising
Date: 09/14/07 9:54
Chapter: The End of the Beginning

Awesome story. I have yet to read the sequel, and it had better be as good as this one. ;-)
Good use of invented spells and objects.

Reviewer: Phoenix Rising
Date: 09/14/07 8:14
Chapter: The Three Attacks

Voldy seemed a bit too...cheerful. Good story though.

Reviewer: Phoenix Rising
Date: 09/14/07 7:10
Chapter: The Clamcelo

Great story so far. (b'')b
You are right, Latin is confusing.

Reviewer: Smeagoldor
Date: 03/13/07 17:24
Chapter: The Power of Suggestion

I can Review now that Harry and Ginny are together. :-}

Reviewer: Phoenixis
Date: 02/09/07 10:40
Chapter: The End of the Beginning

An awesome story, couldn't pray for a better one. Your writing has enraptured like those of very few have. I can't wait to start reading the sequel.

I had a queer feeling when Harry swore that it wouldn't be Snape whom he would telling the prophecy that he would do exactly what he did.

And the Dursleys being offended by Bill, that was geat. I burst out laughing imagining the looks on their faces.

Reviewer: Pirate Fanatic
Date: 01/12/07 4:23
Chapter: The End of the Beginning

WOW! I love the ending and all the things you wrote about were so magical. i'd like a clamcelo!!

Reviewer: ardentharlequin
Date: 12/19/06 21:25
Chapter: A Second Departure

“Everyone ready then?” Katie asked, standing in front of the Gryffindor team with a confident look spread determinedly over her face. “We’ve got to win this one — Malfoy’s been getting cockier all weak, I think it’s about time we wiped that arrogant smirk off his face.”

shouldn't it be "week"?

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