Reviews For Catch My Fall
Reviewer: Felix Felicis_potter fan
Date: 06/16/12 0:47
Chapter: Missing Old Times

this is so confusing

Reviewer: Felix Felicis_potter fan
Date: 06/15/12 23:53
Chapter: The Last Battle

thats terrible, but i saw it coming

Reviewer: Ginnypotter2699
Date: 11/14/11 3:58
Chapter: Birthday Wishes

Actually Lily was 20 when she had Harry, 22 when she died. I know because in deathly gallows it says she was born in 1960 and died in 1981

Reviewer: Bella Got Bite
Date: 08/03/11 23:41
Chapter: The End of a Beautiful Thing

Loved it, all of it!!! :D

Reviewer: charlieweasleylover
Date: 07/31/11 14:36
Chapter: Finding Strength

Okay, that chapter made my cry :'(

Reviewer: arnold_the_pygmy_puff
Date: 06/19/11 19:58
Chapter: Growing Up

I loved your story! It made me laugh and cry and it was just wonderful. I'm glad you decided to write this one and not just leave it at the first story.

Reviewer: bibliophilebaby17
Date: 04/23/11 19:08
Chapter: Concealment

hey we dont wear powdered wigs anymore since the 18th century infact. do u guys say cheerio old chap and act all fancy all the time? didn't think so ;)

Reviewer: bibliophilebaby17
Date: 04/23/11 18:59
Chapter: Finding Strength

ugghh im crying katy is goin too then innnit she

Reviewer: bibliophilebaby17
Date: 04/23/11 18:31
Chapter: Proposals

the picnic approach again eh

Reviewer: llilli
Date: 03/25/11 14:34
Chapter: Fawn Daniels

naww, i liked the ending :)
and bye bye Fawn

Reviewer: llilli
Date: 03/17/11 13:45
Chapter: Finding Strength

*sadface* I really like Halle ... But I suppose that she had to do because it would ake sense with JKR's books.... :(

Reviewer: Fanitisyfiction
Date: 03/04/11 17:10
Chapter: The End of a Beautiful Thing

you are a very good writer. I hope you do go into creative writing and write books. If you do, I would read your book or books.

Reviewer: maddylovegood12345667
Date: 02/28/11 19:51
Chapter: Snape's Information

Please no dying people.

Reviewer: maddylovegood12345667
Date: 02/28/11 19:45
Chapter: Tangled Web of Lies

Wow great story I definitey know why you're top author.

Reviewer: maddylovegood12345667
Date: 02/28/11 19:35
Chapter: The Fidelius Charm

Do Lily and James die?

Reviewer: maddylovegood12345667
Date: 02/28/11 19:28
Chapter: The Chosen One

Stupid death eaters

Reviewer: maddylovegood12345667
Date: 02/28/11 18:27
Chapter: Reflection

Lots of emotions!!

Reviewer: maddylovegood12345667
Date: 02/28/11 18:22
Chapter: The Death Flower

No happiness!!

Reviewer: maddylovegood12345667
Date: 02/28/11 18:15
Chapter: Harry James Potter

Wow!!! tEARS OF joy and saddness

Reviewer: maddylovegood12345667
Date: 02/28/11 18:12
Chapter: Katy’s Secret

Why why why why why why why WHY!!!!!!! now Katy. tears are falling

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