Reviews For The Knight Within
Reviewer: ringobeatlesfan4
Date: 05/31/08 20:50
Chapter: The Knight Within

Great fic! I loved how Sirius showed up thruout it, as I am truly the biggest Padfoot fan you will EVER meet. Just, great job! {BeccA}

Reviewer: DOBBYROX49
Date: 10/21/07 20:22
Chapter: The Knight Within

I really liked it!!!(well, then again i like anything with Siruis in it! LONG LIVE SURIUS BLACK! Well he may be gone feomthe world but never from our minds or hearts! MAN I CAN'T BELEIVE I SAID THAT ABOUT A BOOK CHARACTER!)

Reviewer: GryffindorGirl777
Date: 09/02/07 8:48
Chapter: The Knight Within

Great job! SO in my favorites!

Reviewer: hpfreak101
Date: 02/22/07 16:41
Chapter: The Knight Within

I very much enjoyed this story. Thank you for the wonderful story.

Author's Response: And thank you so much for the lovely review =)

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 12/29/06 22:17
Chapter: The Knight Within

Aw, that was cute! Very nice! I loved it!

Author's Response: Thanks a million times, GinnyPottergirl =)

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 12/29/06 22:17
Chapter: The Knight Within

Aw, that was cute! Very nice! I loved it!

Reviewer: potters_girl07
Date: 07/28/06 21:14
Chapter: The Knight Within

WOW!...omg..thats all i can say!...this was amazingly awsome!...definatly my favorite!!!!!!!!!:D:D :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked this story. For a reason I can't explain, this one-shot is my personal favourite of all the stories I've submitted so far :)

Reviewer: weasley_wanna_be
Date: 12/16/05 20:15
Chapter: The Knight Within

I love it! I think it's very well written, and I love the ending. "You're my hero." It's very good! 10/10 weasley_wanna_be

Author's Response: Thanks so much, my friend XO :) :)

Reviewer: EmeraldFire
Date: 12/02/05 18:04
Chapter: The Knight Within

Brilliant, loved the way you put it! :)

Author's Response: Thank you, glad you liked it :) :) and thanks for taking the time to review.

Reviewer: MayItBe
Date: 11/15/05 15:01
Chapter: The Knight Within

aww! I got goosebumps! Very good story!

Author's Response: Goosebumps, really???? I'm flattered! Thank you so much for the nice review. :) :)

Reviewer: the_dwc
Date: 08/05/05 0:40
Chapter: The Knight Within

A very good story! Thats all I can say because I am half way speechless.

Author's Response: Thank You for the compliment ^_^ !!!

Reviewer: CraftySlytherin
Date: 07/10/05 18:14
Chapter: The Knight Within

See.....I told you I'd finish reviewing your stuff!!! I absolutely loved this!! I liked the friendship you developed between Sirius and Ginny. Great stuff! I'll be sure to check out Dear Ron as well!

Author's Response: Man, you ARE fast!! I am truly GLAD you liked this story. Thanks for the cool review!

Reviewer: Luna_Lover
Date: 07/04/05 22:19
Chapter: The Knight Within

Cool! Just read this after reading "Those are our choices" But all your stories are finished! Ther's no suspense! :( oh well, this is great anyway. 10

Author's Response: * LOL * I'm glad you read this story after "Choices" and liked it. In fact, I tried to finish my stories before HBP's release, you know... ;) Now I am ready for Book 6! Ha Ha!

Reviewer: Ollivanders
Date: 06/02/05 14:40
Chapter: The Knight Within

I just read this for the 7th time and I realized that I never reveiwed!! Just wanted to say great story and I'll be awaiting more one-shots from you

Author's Response: 7th time, wow! I'm glad you liked this story. Thanks for reviewing, Ollivanders, and yes, I will certainly come up with more one-shots (while waiting for 'HBP' of course) :P

Reviewer: ginnyluvsharry90
Date: 05/31/05 16:32
Chapter: The Knight Within

i feel touched by this storie it think ill send it 2 my bf c wut ge say bout lol yup i will take that as a giant compliment i never send stories 2 him unless they touch me like urs did !!!!!!^_^ *10*

Author's Response: I'm touched, really! Yes, it was a GIANT compliment, thanks so much! I must admit I have a 'special thing' for this story. Hey, BTW, I hope your "bf" liked it too... ;) ;)

Reviewer: littleWoNdErFuL
Date: 05/31/05 15:36
Chapter: The Knight Within

Aww! I really loved it! A treat for a big Harry/Ginny shipper like me! It was really cute, I loved how Harry fell in love with her the first time he saw her in the mirror! Great work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, and a * BIG HUG * from a huge H/G to another :)

Reviewer: Robin
Date: 05/31/05 7:09
Chapter: The Knight Within

I loved it! I loved it I loved it. You should right another one! Gosh!

Author's Response: Thank you, Robin! Yeah, I have other stories on Mugglenet: "Dear Ron" (Romance R/H) and "Those are our choices" (H/G and R/H). Please, check them out :)

Reviewer: Lilir Wyddfa
Date: 05/31/05 3:38
Chapter: The Knight Within

Absolutly brilliant!!! Ginny getting the second mirror is such a nice idea (I hope, Jo thought of that one, too) AND Ginny being Harrys knight.... I love it!

Author's Response: * LOL * If Jo thought of giving Ginny the second mirror, OMG, OMG, I wish (no, pray) you're right :D :D Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: Katastrophe
Date: 05/30/05 23:24
Chapter: The Knight Within

Very well written. I am so glad that you kept Ginny's fiery spirit intact. I also think that Ginny/Harry is the way to go. He needs someone strong, and that she is. Keep up the excellent work! 10/10 ~~~Kat

Author's Response: Thanks, Katastrophe, for such a nice review. I totally agree with you about Ginny and Harry. And I sincerely hope we will have some of H/G romance in the next book.

Reviewer: honey_eyes
Date: 04/23/05 3:35
Chapter: The Knight Within

I love your story and especially Sirius's "polite ways" of saying things. I got a bit teary-eyed when i first read it coz i always cry a bit when Harry misses his parents like in the mirror of erised in PS/SS

Author's Response: Thanks for the nice review! BTW, me too, I have the same 'teary-eye' when I read about the Mirror of Erised ;)

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