Reviewer: Scarlet Steam Engine
Date: 12/13/10 0:09
Chapter: The Beautiful Friendship Begins

Great story, bit confusing in parts, a few grammars errors, but overall, I thouroghly enjoyed it
Thanks :)

Reviewer: shanshine
Date: 11/08/10 15:22
Chapter: The Beautiful Friendship Begins

Is the last line a quote from Casablanca?

Reviewer: Potter_lover13
Date: 11/02/10 7:33
Chapter: Moving On

Well I liked it. A lot of things seemed less real and too rushed. Such as Lupin and Kate. Then, I like it when people stick too the books, but you know. So this whole baby thing, but thats just me. I know I haven't given te best reviews in te past but I really did like th story. I would go to bed at night and wonder what was going to happen next :)

Reviewer: Potter_lover13
Date: 10/31/10 12:38
Chapter: Fall To Pieces


Reviewer: Potter_lover13
Date: 10/30/10 19:49
Chapter: Clouded Feelings


Reviewer: Potter_lover13
Date: 10/30/10 18:43
Chapter: Truce With The Enemy

I'm sorry these people don't even know eachother and they are in love? I want to read more about Lilly and James!

Reviewer: JamesAndLilyRomance
Date: 08/10/10 12:46
Chapter: Gossip

I loved this chapter

Reviewer: JamesAndLilyRomance
Date: 08/10/10 4:49
Chapter: Venus Adams

I. Hate. Her. She is too cold for a good story.

Reviewer: JamesAndLilyRomance
Date: 08/10/10 4:23
Chapter: The Yule Ball

I love your stories they make ME cry, and I'm a BOY!!!

Reviewer: JamesAndLilyRomance
Date: 08/10/10 2:56
Chapter: Wisdom of Dumbledore

I love fluff

Reviewer: emvln92
Date: 08/08/10 20:18
Chapter: Moving On

did a chapter get missed? or did you not write how they escaped from malfoy in the forest? or is my computer broken? :) it goes right from the smoke, to talking about the gossip at hogwarts

Reviewer: Godrick Hollows
Date: 07/24/10 9:30
Chapter: A Friend's Betrayal

This wasn't Peters' intentions, so i'm very sad that Peter ended up being the cause of James' death. All Peter wanted was to make new friends. This actually raises my view of Peter. This chapter had many unanswered questions, answered. For instance; why Peter betrayed James, why Peter was with Ron, and why Peter is such and unrespected death eater. This chapter nearly made me cry just how "The Prince's Tale" made me cry in the "Deathly Hollows." This is a very well written chapter.

Reviewer: Godrick Hollows
Date: 07/23/10 21:28
Chapter: He Loves Ya Lil

I like where this is going, but in the real Harry Potter, Lilly has more of a relationship with Snape. I don't really think James sold himself to Lilly enough for her to even think that she loves him too.

Reviewer: lilyfan
Date: 07/12/10 17:39
Chapter: Moving On

wowwwwww!! this story is really good. it is by far the best lily and james fanfiction i have ever read!!! the first time i read it i actually thought you were j.k. rowling yourself, but then there are some unrealistic scenes there....nonetheless are really love your version of the lily and james love story.
my favorite character is, of course, lily evans. my favorite scene would be when james gave lily the gold necklace that had their intialls written in the back.
i have no idea what to expect in the sequel..... suprise me!!!!

Reviewer: dancer2luv
Date: 07/04/10 19:55
Chapter: She Speaks

I really do hate Cole...

Reviewer: GinervaPotter002
Date: 07/02/10 13:09
Chapter: Moving On

What was your favorite quote in L/J: Their Story of Love? (GO DIGGING!)
“I meant, we made it,” James whispered, kissing her passionately.

Who was your favorite JKR created character? (ex. Sirius, Lily, James, Remus) Lily

Who was your favorite OC? (ex. Katy, Halle) Halle

Which villain did you hate the most? (ex. Venus, Cole, Voldemort, Peter?) Cole HOW DARE HE TRY AND DEFY THE LOVE OF LILY AND JAMES!!! LOL :)

What was your favorite part and/or chapter in this fic? (GO DIGGING!) Chapter 60

What do you wish to see in the next fic?
Fluff! ( No, just kidding um....let's see, I don't care what you put!)
Who was your favorite couple? I liked them all. But...Sirius/Halle because they were really devoted to eachother.

Is there anything you didn’t like story-related? (I’m not speaking of grammar.)
YES!! Ugh, no offense but they proclaim their love to eachother too much. "I love you" in my opinion, should only be used at neccessary times and if there are too many of those just put in a passionate kiss instead.

Thanks for listenin' ;)

Reviewer: brittshutup
Date: 06/07/10 16:12
Chapter: Moving On

"The L-BOMB? You dropped the L-BOMB on Lily Evans?" Sirius asked.




Chapter 59: The Big News

More cute fluff


I HATE Venus Adams.

By the way, that was amazing. I wont usually read stories this long, but it was well worth it.

Reviewer: harrypottergurl
Date: 05/21/10 21:06
Chapter: Moving On

That was a great story. My favorite quote was " I love you James Potter!" The first time Lily said it.
I can't choose a favorite character I like them all.
same as above.
When Halle found out she was pregnant.
How Lily and James get married and have Harry.
Its a toss up between L/J and H/S I can't choose.

Reviewer: harrypottergurl
Date: 05/21/10 11:15
Chapter: Venus Adams

The was James is thinking and the way she talks I think she's evil.

Reviewer: DownWithTheCarrows113
Date: 04/13/10 14:38
Chapter: Moving On

1.Well, let’s just say I feel that Lily Evans deserves this honor. Before my days at Hogwarts, I didn’t like people like Lily Evans. She was Muggle born and in my family, that wasn’t good enough. A Black was above the rest, purest of blood. I then met someone who changed my whole perception; James Potter. We met on the train and I learned that it didn’t matter who you were. All that mattered was what’s in your heart. When it came time to be sorted, I wished and prayed that Slytherin was not in my future. My whole family belonged in Slytherin, but I, I wanted to go somewhere different. I wanted to be with people of noble hearts. The hat heard my pleas and listened. My family was outraged. From then on, I’ve had to prove myself to them. I’ve tried to gain their respect but have yet to prevail. Now, after seven years at Hogwarts, I feel that Lily Evans deserves to be here more than any of the scum people with the name Black. She did something for me that no one has done. She filled the void in my friend James’ heart. She gave him the love he yearned for, for so long. And now, I’ve found love as well. Halle Douglas was a girl who changed my life forever. She helped me through my last year at Hogwarts. Without her, I would go insane. When I almost lost her, I knew I would never let her go again. So now, I wish to reveal to you all something I feel is important. The most important thing in my life. I married Halle Douglas and we’re going to have a baby.
3.I liked Halle
4. Bellatrix, always hated her to begin with a.k.a that bitch killed sirius
5.hmmm.. Serious with Sirius. The name alone says it all!
6. I want to see more of Sirius and Halle and more of Katy and Lupin
7. I did not like Cole and his arrogance!

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