Reviews For Blood of the Heart
Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 11/26/06 22:28
Chapter: Journeys

Cool, Hagrid and Grawp found them. Molly and Ron are emotional wrecks, and even Dumbledore is on her bad side for once. They fought 2 Death Eaters, and are on their way to Pomfrey. Nice developments. : )

Author's Response: lol - thanks!

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 11/26/06 21:48
Chapter: Bonds Broken

Tood bad Catarina died. Why'd you kill her if she was your favorite. Is Nathan good or bad? It's getting hard to tell, sort of. I guess it's pretty bad that the bonding was interrupted. It must be good that Ginny is getting better at Apparating.

Author's Response: Unfortunately, everyone I love can't live forever. Nathan is walking a fine rope - be assured that he's good at heart, though.

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 11/26/06 20:45
Chapter: Apparations

Oh no! Will MoldyPoo find out where they are now because of the letter to Ginny about the Apparating?
Nice romance. I love how Ginny talks about 'my' daughter and Harry says 'our' and she doesn't even notice what he means!

Author's Response: If I answer that, I'll give it away. :) Glad you're enjoying the romance.

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 11/26/06 20:15
Chapter: Suspicions

Evil suspenseful cliffie. Are they going to die? Are they immortal? What is going on?!?!

Author's Response: on. Things may become clearer. if they don't, let me know.

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 11/26/06 2:05
Chapter: Transitions

This chapter is sweet, plot-moving, and thought provoking. That basically covers it all! : )

Author's Response: lol - yay! Maybe some questions were answered, then? :) Thanks!

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 11/26/06 1:36
Chapter: Birthday Surprises

Interesting developments. Nathan really is in the inner circle then, isn't he? H+G really should get married, it would make things easier and fun! : D

Author's Response: lol - you know, that was suggested at some point in time by my beta. But I just couldn't see two so young tying the knot even if it was the Wizarding world. I guess it's the Muggle in me.

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 11/26/06 1:10
Chapter: Blood Bonds

Aw, so sweet at the end. The Blood Bonding sounds a litlle...dangerous though. Will they really be unable to be harmed?

Author's Response: Well, sort of. Vague enough?

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 11/26/06 0:46
Chapter: Homecoming

That made many more questions than it answered. I hope everything is explained by the end of the story!

Author's Response: lol - you've got 33 more chapters to go (I think). Don't worry. I tried to answer everything I started!

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 11/26/06 0:22
Chapter: Old Ties, New Beginnings

Oooh, was that Borgin's mom??

Author's Response: if I told you that it would ruin the next chapters...

Reviewer: the_wind
Date: 11/12/06 2:06
Chapter: Transitions

We wuv you, walla walla Washington...

Author's Response: lol - it's fun to say, isn't it?!

Reviewer: mrsdan
Date: 11/04/06 9:57
Chapter: The Tomb Part II

uh no!!! Luciusn should rot in hell!

Author's Response: Yes he should! :)

Reviewer: mrsdan
Date: 11/04/06 9:54
Chapter: The Tomb

Uh oh...

Author's Response: Yeah...

Reviewer: mrsdan
Date: 11/03/06 17:01
Chapter: Circlet

Loved it!!

Author's Response: Thank you! This was one of my favorite chapters, too.

Reviewer: mrsdan
Date: 11/03/06 17:01
Chapter: Circlet

Loved it!!

Reviewer: mrsdan
Date: 11/01/06 16:53
Chapter: Directions


Author's Response: Indeed!

Reviewer: mrsdan
Date: 11/01/06 16:39
Chapter: Acceptance

OMG!!!! That was SO SCARY!!!

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

Reviewer: mrsdan
Date: 10/31/06 12:35
Chapter: Simple

I feel bad for Joanna!!! She has to decide between Neville and her parents! :(

Author's Response: I know! But don't worry. Things have a way of working out.

Reviewer: mrsdan
Date: 10/31/06 11:33
Chapter: Holes

What happened to Anna??

Author's Response: Ah...Anna isn't the one to worry about. :)

Reviewer: mrsdan
Date: 10/31/06 10:56
Chapter: Holiday Surprises

She's PREGNANT!!! OMG!!! When did this happen??? After the Halloween ball??

Author's Response: Oh heavens no! They'd just re-met at that time. It was at the end of the chapter titled "Insurance".

Reviewer: mrsdan
Date: 10/31/06 10:37
Chapter: Fates

This is REALLY good so far!!! Your AWESOME!!

Author's Response: lol - thanks!

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