Reviewer: cooldude
Date: 09/27/06 2:49
Chapter: Epilogue

grt goin..........iv read both ur books- power of emotions n dis one in record time without a break........i just cudn't stop readin till it finished.....too bad bout dat
harry n Ginny wiz their 7 kids.....nice way to end it.....givin him wat he always wanted-a family of his any plans to continue after dis??? maybe Post-Hogwarts category wiz all d kids goin there to think bout it

Reviewer: marky728
Date: 09/26/06 19:15
Chapter: Sacrifice

Maximillion St George.. rings a bell.. dick king smith..the hodgeheg!! love it :D

Reviewer: mesalike
Date: 09/24/06 13:41
Chapter: Epilogue

amazing story! i have read all of your storys and i have to say that they are bloody amazing! amazing story!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: potter97
Date: 09/23/06 1:22
Chapter: Epilogue

that was another 1 of ur gr8 fan fics. keep 'em coming pleeeeeeeaseeeee

Reviewer: friend_of_fans
Date: 09/17/06 14:20
Chapter: Epilogue

Yeah...One more.... At least we have this site to keep it going!

Reviewer: Last HP Relative
Date: 09/15/06 19:14
Chapter: Recovering...Again

you know all these prophecy "flashbacks" are giving me a headache, not on your part, but harry ought to just kill voldy and get it ovber with or at least put amemory charm on him so he doesnt remember these sorta things geez.

Reviewer: Last HP Relative
Date: 09/15/06 18:46
Chapter: End of an Era

praise the lord the dursleys are gone!!! but i wish that dudley had made it. anyway i dont think id mind killing harry's "uncle" myself right now. plus dumbledore, "its for your saftey harry" "voldemort is looking for you harry" yeah so lets put harry where the death eaters know right where he is, if they cant find grimmuald place then they cant reach him. DUH!!!!!!! great chapter though

Reviewer: LMelynn
Date: 09/12/06 0:57
Chapter: Survivors

ummm? Problem with the ending?

Reviewer: LMelynn
Date: 09/11/06 0:00
Chapter: Calm Before the Storm

THAT IS FRIGGIN HILARIOUS!!!! I mean the dog thing, not the breakup ARE a pushover....but I see how it would be difficult. You know, mugglenet has "you have a pet named after a HP character" on their list of "ways to tell if you're a Harry Potter addict". It's ok, I have one husband wanted to name our newest cat Jack, and when my mother heard the choice she promptly replied "You can't name him's a muggle name!" He has HUGE bright green eyes so of course his name is Potter. He gets so confused when we watch the movies because he has no idea why the TV keeps yelling at him. :)

Reviewer: MWorth
Date: 09/10/06 22:29
Chapter: Epilogue

This was a great ending to another wonderful story. I am again sitting here reading this to the end when I should be in bed!!! Thanks for another great read!!!!!!

Reviewer: Jennifer M
Date: 09/08/06 22:22
Chapter: Epilogue

Great job! Great story! Write something you can publish!

Reviewer: Jennifer M
Date: 09/08/06 13:55
Chapter: The Winds of Change

What a touching ceremony. I was very moved by it. This ending has been worthy of JKR herself.

Reviewer: Alanius
Date: 08/30/06 17:05
Chapter: Epilogue

Great story. I really enjoyed reading it. You should add another chapter that is set another fifty years later, when Harry finally dies, and how he is reunited with his parents and everyone else for good.

Reviewer: PpJt
Date: 08/29/06 12:48
Chapter: Epilogue

Ah, a happy ending. they deserved the 'quiet' life after all that... hehe

Reviewer: PpJt
Date: 08/29/06 12:36
Chapter: The Journey Home

Great story. My comments on the prequel of this stand for this. Well worth a read and it will almost certainly will be re-read by me.

Reviewer: moine
Date: 08/26/06 19:46
Chapter: Back Where We Belong

about the thestrals,. wouldnt harry have allways been able to see them and not just after 4th year? because didnt he see his mum die?

Author's Response: JKR said that he woudn't have seen them before because he was only baby. He was too young to remember it, never mind understand it.

Reviewer: rthet54
Date: 08/23/06 0:27
Chapter: Epilogue

seven children eh? hmm... seven is the most magically powerful number lol, just thought i would bring that up...

Reviewer: Ouch
Date: 08/16/06 21:06
Chapter: Epilogue

The end of a story is always so sad....even if it's a happy ending, it's sad to know that there's no more coming....well, all good things have to come to an end....I just wish it wasn't so [i]soon[/i]....

Reviewer: valeskadmello
Date: 08/13/06 18:17
Chapter: Epilogue

the whole thing was really gud ..... i enjoyed the first one and this one too ... keep the gud work up ... ur stories were fantastic

Reviewer: jakgarden
Date: 08/07/06 2:13
Chapter: Epilogue

I love your writing style. I've read 4 of your stories so far. This one had me laughing, and crying. I enjoyce your epilogue, It sounds like Harry and all have a very happy life. I can only hope JKR does something simular. Thank you for a very enjoyable read.

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