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Name: SimplyBuisness (Signed) · Date: 09/01/16 7:32 · For: Completely Mental, That One
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Name: I-luv-Hogwarts (Signed) · Date: 03/12/10 18:29 · For: Chapter 21
I just looked at your author page...
What do you mean that you aren't continuing this story!
I was reading it and we completly enchanted!
Please, please continue this fic!
I really love it!

Name: pin_lock123 (Signed) · Date: 07/11/09 17:52 · For: Chapter 21
OMG, first of, DONT KILL SIRIUS!!!! I LOVE HIM TOO MUCH AND THE LAST TIME HE DIED I CRIED FOR 2 DAYS AND I DONT EVEN KNOW THE BLOODY GUY!! also, i hope you do put him in the story in the near future. and you gotta write faster or im gunna explodee!! and put more HARRY POTTER into it!!!! i get the gitters when they talk (dunno if gitters is even a word but w/e) oh god im rambling!! anyway, thanks for the awesome story your writing!! wish Andy was closer to the potter gang tho =P

Name: Lympha (Signed) · Date: 06/16/09 4:15 · For: Hogwarts Express
I think this story is amazing and I hope that someday you will update. I have read it for 3 times already and I still find it very interesting.

Name: LunaTheLoony (Signed) · Date: 06/21/08 13:21 · For: Chapter 21
Okay, you haven't updated this thing since 2006. I might have only gotten an account in 2007, but i know it took you about a year and a half to put up 21 chapters.

Why is it taking longer to add one more chapter?

Name: rayasunshine (Signed) · Date: 04/16/08 2:10 · For: Chapter 21
i think i know wat happens!!
yay me!!
awesome story!!

Name: LunaTheLoony (Signed) · Date: 03/13/08 16:55 · For: Chapter 21

Name: SuchAGryffindor (Signed) · Date: 10/26/07 18:16 · For: Chapter 21
I would just like to take the time to tell you that I love your story. Its hard to find good Fred or George stories and I love those types. And this one is amazing. I can't wait till you get the next chapter out. It's really good!!

Name: Dreameth (Signed) · Date: 09/26/07 18:39 · For: Chapter 21
Wow! It's really good so far. Keep writing. Soon. Please.

The Fred/Andrea bits were a bit mushy for my liking, but maybe that's just me. I'm loving the UFFC, and the whole Fred thing, though.

And I want to know what the lightning bond is, too. So KEEP WRITING.

Name: Emerald Eyed Lily (Signed) · Date: 06/21/07 15:23 · For: Chapter 21
This is really good! I can't wait until the next chapter.

Name: joybelle423 (Signed) · Date: 03/11/07 3:17 · For: Hogwarts Express
Mar! *tackles* Why have I never read this before? Shame on me! Firstly, I love your author note. It makes me giggle. And secondly, I'm not even halfway through the chapter yet, and I'm already really enjoying it, not to mention intrigued. Andrea is adopted? Hmm. I think that's going to be pretty important in the future of this fic, but I've been wrong before. Mentioning her adoption is a great opportunity to describe their appearances. Nice.

"Did you see Potter's wicked dog?"

*giggles* Oh, I heart Lee Jordan. And the word wicked. But oh! How do the Bennings know that's Sirius? Interesting.

Oh, I love Sophie's personality! She's one of those people that seems a little hard to get along with, but once you know her, you love her despite everything. She and Andrea seem perfect for each other, platonically, that is. Andrea knows just what to say to make Sophie feel better. I love the camaraderie they have with each other. It seems oh-so-real, and I just want to hop into their compartment and chat with them. They're wonderful!

*giggles again* Girl talk! I love it! Sophie and Roderick – that's perfect! Aw! And Andrea and George. Well, I knew that was coming, but I love that each girl is comfortable enough to confess the person they like – even though they didn't tell at first! That's so … exactly what happens. And Sophie's silly grin! I've had one of those before!

*happy sigh* Mar, this is love. If it hadn't all of a sudden jumped from 1:59 to 3:00, I'd stay up reading this whole thing tonight. I can't wait to read the next chapter! Whee!


Name: HPluvr46 (Signed) · Date: 03/02/07 21:47 · For: Chapter 21
Hello? are you alive? I understand that you have a life beyond writing, but please don't just give up on your story. Its too good for that!

Name: adorKablefae (Signed) · Date: 01/23/07 16:13 · For: Chapter 21
plz write more! what happened to you?!

Name: Lurid (Signed) · Date: 01/11/07 4:29 · For: Completely Mental, That One
Why don’t you ask yourself whether or not you think I own Harry Potter, I think you’ll be able to come up with the correct answer… So now I totally need to go look at the reviews, hoping that someone would have made a stupid comment. ZOMG. They didn’t. They was so totally bait for me to take, and I TOOK IT. *pout*

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast…I simply couldn’t resist mate… omg MARIE said Mate! Either you’re Australian, or you’re a half-drunk version of Johnny Depp. And your moustache just twitched when you said that. Erm. Maybe I should start reviewing the story now >.>

“Woah there Potter,” she responded. Okay now, we totally know who’ll wear he pants in this relationship. ;-)

So, I think it was about the third chapter that I finally realised that this was AU with Andrea interfearing and the like. And I find your little ‘Dude, I’m too lazy to write out all of the section so go do me a favour and read it yourself’ excerpts. Like, you don’t even believe. And strangely, this works. I especially enjoyed the ease with which you inserted the details about Andrea and Roderick into Angelina’s speech at the same time as giving away his namesake. And Mate, I have sooo many chapters to read >.> I only have so much time and so little crack! *sob*

Name: Lurid (Signed) · Date: 01/10/07 23:56 · For: Hogwarts Express
Although JK stole all of the original text from me, I must let you know that this is the stuff she cut out. Think along the lines of Lord of the Rings Extended editions...this fic is like the stuff on the extra discs and the deleted scenes, maybe some alternate endings...I don’t know. I haven’t decided whether or not Sirius will die in my version...Plenty of time to decide that. Now, everyone open your books to pages 182 and 183, for that is where our tale begins... You’re so crazy, yo?

she didn’t only want to succeed, she wanted to squash any and all competition while she did it. lol, she has to have her cake and eat it, doesn’t she, the little nerd? I don’t care. I already hearts her. And you. *glomps love* And... oh my… I’m giggling at this character when she talks about Hermione. Giggles all around.

she had now planned Sophie’s future marriage to Roderick, as well as the names of all their children and was getting started on how each of their careers would comply with their familial obligations. I love these girls. They totally sound like someone I know. I mean, my child shall be called… um… Marie. Yes. Marie. But I will never love her, nor this story as much as her namesake and it’s author. *zooms in a squishes you*

So, I welcome you to the highly crack filled, totally irrelevant reviews. In which I may or may not try and steal George away from Andrea. Dude. You know I’ll win.

Name: Mlle (Signed) · Date: 01/07/07 15:36 · For: Chapter 21
I love the chapter. I especially like the part where you said that Harry's half of the dialogue made her a bit worried. Great sentence. I'm intrigued. Let's have the end, now, okay?

Name: Melanie (Signed) · Date: 01/06/07 18:29 · For: Chapter 21
When are you updating????

This is such a good story!

Name: AllergicToPink (Signed) · Date: 11/21/06 18:07 · For: Chapter 21
Gah! That was such I good chapter >_< I love Andrea; there are so many Mary-Sues out there, and you have Andrea's character, and the Harry Potter characters down the last eye lash. Uber excited about the next chapter, keep up the good work!

Name: LaneTechFreshie (Signed) · Date: 10/22/06 13:15 · For: Chapter 21
ARGH! I want to know the life-long secret! TELL US!! TELL US!!! Good chapter. Poor Andrea. Crazy George. There's actually a guy in my two art classes whose name is actually Don Juan. It's pretty funny. :-) Okya, I'll be waitng...

Name: marauders_girl (Signed) · Date: 10/20/06 7:27 · For: Chapter 21
ZOMGEE!! You don't know how excited I am that you updated! Again, another great chapter, and way to leave us hanging...
Great job! ^^

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