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Name: ronsgirl123 (Signed) · Date: 01/21/07 20:16 · For: Epilogue: Weasleys
This was a great chapter. It was great seeing Percy again, even if he was well... a little angry. Good chapter! I can't wait to read the next one! Even though it will be the last one to this story :(

Author's Response: Couldn't end the story without giving Percy another appearance. If there is ever a one-shot with any ties to this fic, it would almost certainly center around Percy (since I think Oliver and Laura have had more than their fair amount of screen time). Hope you enjoy the second half of the epilogue!

Name: Just Tink (Signed) · Date: 01/21/07 19:42 · For: Epilogue: Woods
I hate it to be over, I must say. This is my all-time favorite romance, and to see it end is so sad! I loved the epilogue, though. It ended in a great place. Fantastic!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. I didn't want to disappoint the people who have waited for several months. Thanks for reading and for all of your reviews!

Name: MrsGinnyMalfoy (Signed) · Date: 01/21/07 19:34 · For: Cliché
YAH! You updated! It's been like for forever since you last updated. Great chapter. Very cute.

Author's Response: Ha. It has been forever since I updated. No more long waits now that it's complete. ;-) Thanks for reading and reviewing.

Name: JuliaWitch1000 (Signed) · Date: 01/21/07 16:28 · For: Epilogue: Woods
thank you very much for this story. it has been an amazing experience to read. you have created a whole new character, and recreated two, and you have done it to fully, and created a story i will remember as one of the best i have read! thank you so much!!

Author's Response: Hearing someone say they'll remember this story is probably one of the most satisfying reviews I'll get. Thank you so much for reading!

Name: JuliaWitch1000 (Signed) · Date: 01/21/07 15:39 · For: Epilogue: Weasleys
hurrah!!! finally... but it was woth the waiting:)

Author's Response: Haha, quite the wait it was. When I think about everything that's happened in the last several months, between when I started and finished the epilogue...I feel horrible for making everyone (including myself) wait so long to see how it all finished. Glad you thought the wait was worth it!

Name: phoenix_fille (Signed) · Date: 01/21/07 14:09 · For: Epilogue: Woods
I loved the epilogue, and am very glad that you've finished the story. Tahnks you for writing it, and start another story soon!


Author's Response: I'm very glad I've finished the story, too. A bit sad since so much time was invested in it, but...it's nice to have [finally] finished a story. Thanks for reading and the reviews, Laura.

Name: meryal (Signed) · Date: 01/21/07 13:37 · For: Epilogue: Woods
wow... even though i'm sad it's over... it still made my week. Thanks for all that you have done!

Author's Response: My pleasure. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Name: meryal (Signed) · Date: 01/21/07 12:30 · For: Epilogue: Woods
wow... even though i'm sad it's over... it still made my week. Thanks for all that you have done!

Author's Response: .

Name: beautyfades (Signed) · Date: 01/21/07 7:30 · For: Loneliness and Sympathy
Loved the first chapter. im glad your story has more than 10 chapters too. i dont believe you can develop a good enough plot in less than 12. i look forward to reading the next.

Author's Response: Oh, I'm glad at least one person is just beginning the story now that I've finished writing it. Makes me a little less sad to be done with it. Hope you enjoy the rest!

Name: phoenix_fille (Signed) · Date: 01/02/07 9:22 · For: Cliché
In case you thought that we had forgotten about you, We haven't. Please do the epilogue sooner rather than later : ) Thanks

Author's Response: I'm glad you haven't forgotten. :-) I haven't forgotten all of you either. The rough draft of the epilogue has been finished for a couple of weeks, but I just got back from London (really amazing city). I'll get the epilogue polished up and online soon. Promise. Sorry for the really, really long wait for this epilogue. Thanks for sticking with the fic.

Name: Just Tink (Signed) · Date: 11/10/06 9:44 · For: Cliché
I was just rereading this story and thought I'd tell you AGAIN how incredibly excellent it is. Oliver is an idiot, and Laura is an idiot, but I identify because I am also a stubborn, prideful idiot and am happy that there are other stubborn prideful idiots in the world that can have such a fantastic romance! (And that was a run-on if I ever saw one, but hey, it's a holiday.) Can't wait for the epilogue- this is definetely my favorite romance on the site, if not my favorite story!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like the story enough to read it again! Let's just hope that we idiots in the real world can have fantastic romances. ;-) The rough draft of the epilogue is so close to finished it's driving me crazy! Shouldn't be much longer before the whole story is finished.

Name: KitKat517 (Signed) · Date: 10/28/06 20:40 · For: Cliché

Author's Response: Still in the works. It's going to be pretty long (as usual, right?). I'm considering putting it up in two parts since it's been so long since I've updated, and it's hard to say when the epilogue will be completely finished. (School and work are keeping me incredibly busy.) Very sorry for the long wait! Thanks for the continued interest in the fic!

Name: ally1123 (Signed) · Date: 10/18/06 21:46 · For: Cliché
I love thise story so much! I only started reading it a couple days ago and already I'm through all twenty chapters. I usually don't stray from cannon relationships with all cannon characters but this story made me reconsider all that. I now have an interest in stories like yours. I also loved how you portrayed Percy and Oliver. I loved Laura's character. You were very descriptive of all her feelings and opinions and it made her character all the more beliveable. Dialouge in this story was great as well. Anyways, you have a wonderful writing style and you are very gifted at writing. I can't wait for the epilogue!

Author's Response: Thanks very much for the review! I'm glad the story has increased your interest in fics with non-canon ships. There are some great ones out there!

Name: ally1123 (Signed) · Date: 10/18/06 21:36 · For: Cliché
I love thise story so much. I only started reading it a couple days ago and already I'm through all twenty chapters. Anyways you have a wonderful writing style and you are very gifted at writing. I can't wait for the epilogue!

Name: solemnlyswear_x (Signed) · Date: 10/17/06 17:22 · For: Loneliness and Sympathy
Wow, I absolutely loved this story! The ending chapter was great. : ]

My favorite thing about this fic was Laura. She was such a believable character, and I loved her personality. She was stubborn and smart, and someone I had no problem relating to. You made her seem like a real person to me, and not some underdeveloped OC.

I also think you wrote Percy wonderfully. You kept true to the canon we see of him, but you added more depth to his character. You made him your own, in a way, but managed to stay with the actual books. He’s still not my favorite character, but I feel like there’s more to him now.

And Oliver. Oliver was wonderful, and he was perfect for Laura. He was funny, gave good advice, and was as stubborn as Laura. [Just like Viv and Just Tink, I’ve fallen in love with him too!]

Well, I can’t wait for the epilogue. Any sequel plannedl? Or at least something else about Oliver and Laura? Thought I’d at least ask, as I hate to see the story end.

Anyway, amazing job!!! : ]

Author's Response: I love it when people mention Percy in their reviews. He's probably the part of the fic I'm happiest with.
I don't think there will be a Laura/Oliver sequel. After this approximately 400 page novel-length, I don't think there will be enough of their story left to require another novel-length. It's possible that Laura and Oliver will appear in a one-shot sometime, but I doubt they'd be its focus.
Thanks very much for reviewing!

Name: Viv (Signed) · Date: 09/03/06 12:08 · For: Cliché
Wow! That's the first word coming to my mind. I wanted to finish reading all your chapters before leaving you a review, and now I'm done! What a wonderful story you wrote! This is one of the best that I read so far. Laura is a great character, I could relate to her in so many ways. I love her intelligence, her stubborn side, the way that even if she's sometimes afraid of admitting her feelings, she finds some strenght to do it anyway. And what can I say about Oliver? We didn't really know him from the books, except when Quidditch was involved, so of course you had a lot of space to develop him. And you did it perfectly! I think that, like Laura, I fell in love with him during my readings. I was so angry at him when he broke up with her, but in the end everything turned fine! That's the beauty of love...

You're really good with dialogues, it's flowing well when there's a conversation. And I like all the details you put about Laura's job, it was interesting. All I can say is you're a really good author! I just can't wait for the epilogue. I want to know how everybody's doing!

Author's Response: Thanks very much for the long review, Viv! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I certainly enjoyed writing it (most of the time; there were a few rough spots). School's been keeping me VERY busy, so I still haven't finished the epilogue. But I will! Promise.

Name: potions_perfection (Signed) · Date: 09/01/06 1:09 · For: Cliché
Love is a wonderful thing. I have to say that this was (is) one of the best stories I have ever read. You'll be nominated for that Quicksilver Quill award by me, and probably many others. I wish you luck on any more fics you write. And anything else you write as well.
--Potions Perfection

Author's Response: Ah. I'm a moderator here, so I can't win a Quicksilver Quill Award. However, I'm still quite honored by your nomination! Thanks very much for reading and reviewing!

Name: potions_perfection (Signed) · Date: 08/30/06 1:54 · For: Gryffindors
I haven't reviewed yet, but now I have to. This chapter made me cry. In a good way.

Author's Response: Hehe. I still like that chapter. :-)

Name: Lederhosen (Signed) · Date: 08/22/06 13:59 · For: Cliché
Aw, I really like this story. It was very well written! :D

Author's Response: Thanks very much!

Name: Just Tink (Signed) · Date: 08/20/06 20:16 · For: Cliché
I started reading this story around five o'clock this evening, and it's now nine o'clock, with only an hours break or so to eat and attempt some homework. This was a truly excellent story. Truly. I identify with Laura in ways that I've never identified with an original character before, including the ones that I've written myself and put some of my own personality into. I've fallen in love with Oliver, and having Laura love him is perfect, just perfect. You carried the plot excellently from beginning to end. The conversations were written better than any I've read in any story online, any site. This story, of all the ones I've read, truly seemed the most real. I almost wish that I had started reading this when it wasn't really finished, like it is now, but in a story like this it's about a trillion times better to read it like this than to not read it at all. I was skeptical about Dan at first, but you really made it work. And for somebody like me, who divides her time between identifying with Percy and hating him, the pompous git, you really characterized him perfectly, because in the story I was STILL dividing my time between identifying with him and hating because he was a pompous git. I really can't think of anything you need to fix, because this story is one of the best I've ever read in fanfiction. 100000/10.

Author's Response: Thanks so very much for the review! It's definitely one of the nicest I've received. I'm thrilled that you found the story believable, especially Laura's character. And I'm even happier that there's someone else out there who can identify with Percy Weasley! I definitely understand why you were skeptical about Dan; in canon, there almost certainly wasn't a Weasley brother we don't know about. I'm glad that you gave the story a chance anyway. :-) Thanks once again for your review!

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