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Name: muggle4ever (Signed) · Date: 07/04/05 22:42 · For: Potions and Epiphanies
hiya. after battleing with loging in for a few moments it finaly worked. as usual this chapter was fantastic. it took me all evening to read it tho. my grandparents just arived for a few days and i was forced to listen to them give details about every single person at every single wedding and funeral they were at. but i finaly finished and i absolutely love your story. it was antagonizeing for a while in the first few chapters i was like " come on just go up and kiss her u stupid dough head!" so please update. and just wondering, how many chapters are left?

Author's Response: I'm not surprised that chapter took a while to read... it was about three thousand words longer than normal... something I'm kinda proud of. ;) I'll update as soon as I can, but it will probably be after HBP comes out. After all, the book is only about a week away! woohoo! There are about five more chapters... maybe only four, maybe as many as six. The story doesn't go on forever... I know where it ends... but it will take several more chapters to get it there. ;) Thanks for reviewing! Enjoy HBP.

Name: Tink (Signed) · Date: 07/03/05 18:33 · For: Awkwardness and Anger
I forgot to mention in the previous review that the scene with Mark and Adam making fun of Laura and Oliver was hilarious! I honestly couldn't stop laughing as I read that. I hope there's more teasing in the future! Too bad they're not friends with Fred and George, I would have loved to see what they would do to them. But that's alright, I think Mark and Adam can do some pretty steaky stuff themselves. ;-)

Author's Response: Oh, Adam and Mark are no Fred and George, although I modeled Adam and Mark after them a little. They have Fred and George's sarcasm... minus the practical jokes. I'm glad that I got to start using the other OC seventh years more in these latest chapters.

Name: Tink (Signed) · Date: 07/03/05 18:26 · For: Awkwardness and Anger
Aww, I loved this chapter. The cutesy fluff was perfect. It wasn't cheesy, but it was a nice little break from all the drama that Percy caused in the previous chapter. I hope you get the next chapter up soon! I'm really excited to see where this story goes. So, um... good luck? I guess, with your writing. I'm not exactly sure what to say. But write fast!!

Author's Response: Thank God you thought it wasn't cheesy! I can't stand cheesy stuff, and I was afraid I was toeing the line... that's why Mark and Adam played the role in that chapter that they did. The next chapter was in queue for a while and is up now. Thanks for reviewing. :)

Name: Tink (Signed) · Date: 07/03/05 17:59 · For: Beginning Again
Poor Laura. Well, she's lucky that her and Oliver are a couple, but Percy needs to get over the past. He doesn't have to like Oliver, but he shouldn't be angry at Laura, for her sake. You know, this story reminds me a lot about my own life. My friend was dating this guy who was a jerk, to put it lightly. I mean, he treated my friend just fine but he was mean to other people, including me. My friend knew that I didn't like him, and was ok with that, but broke up with him for her own reasons. And as much as I didn't like him, I would never want to hurt my friend. As long as she was happy, I was fine. I guess what I'm trying to say is, writing a story that other readers can relate to is a mark of a truly great author. I believe that's a major reason why so many kids across the world read Harry Potter, because they can relate to him. And if we're both on this site, we obviously think that J.K. Rowling is a tremendous author. Excellent job. I'm excited to read more from you.

Author's Response: Yep, JKR is an amazing author, and I'm realistic enough to know that this story comes nowhere near the real books. But it doesn't seem like Rowling is going to write Oliver's story, so I should be safe from that comparison. ;) As always, thanks for the review.

Name: Tink (Signed) · Date: 07/03/05 17:43 · For: Gryffindors
Forget the last chapter, this one was much better! Well, I loved the snitch scene too, but they didn't kiss in that scene! Aww. It was the perfect moment for a kiss. Especially their first one. And I love Hagrid. He is so cool.

Author's Response: Go Hagrid! Thanks for the review.

Name: Tink (Signed) · Date: 07/03/05 17:25 · For: Quidditch Cup
"Oliver brought his hand up towards my face, but before reaching it, brought his hand down to my arm and brushed at the sleeve of my cloak a few times." Augh, he totally should have brushed her hair off her face or something like that. Dumb Oliver! Really good chapter, I really hope that they become more than friends soon! It's going to bug me. And I agree with Joan, I think Laura needs to tell him. My friend gets HUGE crushes on guys, and I always tell her to tell them how she feels, not because I know that it might lead to something beyond friendship, but because they need to know. So Laura needs to tell him! And then they can get married. Alright, maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself. But they're an adorable couple.

Author's Response: Haha. I could probably listen more to Joan myself. As for when/if Laura and Oliver will get married... my lips are sealed.

Name: Tink (Signed) · Date: 07/03/05 17:07 · For: Quidditch Captains
This chapter was amazing. It had a ton of information about Dan, and we also learned a lot about the other characters. I loved it when Laura and Oliver talked about their wants, and Laura said she wanted a Ken doll. I had one Ken and a bajilion other Barbies, so when I played house Ken was always Barbie's boyfriend and Barbie had a single mom and no brothers. It brought back a lot of memories. I loved my Barbies. And thank you for replying to all (!) of my reviews! It's nice to know that my reviews are actually read and appreciated. Thanks.

Name: Tink (Signed) · Date: 06/30/05 19:44 · For: Slytherin
What an awesome chapter! Wizards and Warlocks sounded like such a fun game. I loved that they got stuck in the net, very awkward. But I guess they learned a lot about each other. And it's pretty stupid that Mr. Wood doesn't trust Laura. But whatever. I can't wait until they finally get together!

Author's Response: Wizards and Warlocks sounds like a fun game because Capture the Flag really is. Unfortunately, I seem to be the opposite of what Adam is in the story: my team always seems to lose. Yes, Laura learned a lot about Oliver in the net, and it will come into play in the chapter I'm writing now. As for Mr. Wood, I think a little skepticism of Laura is justifiable. It's not a huge part of the story, though. Keep reading!

Name: Tink (Signed) · Date: 06/29/05 21:09 · For: Fears of Fate
Where do I begin. There was so much I liked about this chapter. First of all, I love what you've done with Hagrid. I imagine how hard it is to capture his accent while writing, and you've done a pretty decent job with that. What I love, though, is seeing him interact with other students and always being there when they need someone. In the canon books you only see him with Harry and friends, and it's more along the lines of them trying to help him or get secrets out of him than him helping them. I hope that made sense. He's very wise, and people can really get something out of that hate/fate conversation toward the beginning. I also love how the relationship between Laura and Oliver is steadily growing. They're beginning to understand each other more and more with every chapter. As much as I'd love to see them get together in chapter 5, it's more realistic and believable. And it adds a little suspense. Even if you don't end your chapters in cliffhangers (which is nice) it's still enough to keep going. I got a little shiver down my spine when I read the broomstick scene, where she accidentally grabbed him. (In my case, I would probably have accidentally-on-purpose grabbed him.. hehe..) And the part where they were guessing each other's fears and favorite things was ADORABLE! Okay, I'm really excited to read the next chapter because I love Christmas and I want to know what happens! So I am ending this review, long as it was.

Author's Response: I hate writing Hagrid's dialogue because I don't think I'm very good at it. However, I like his character, and I needed a character (besides Joan) to really intervene in things between Laura and Oliver. You'll have to read a bit farther than chapter 5 to see Laura and Oliver together. Those two getting together is about the only suspense, I'm afraid, but it's not the end of the tension between characters (and therefore not the end of the story.) Thanks again for your reviews, Tink!

Name: Tink (Signed) · Date: 06/29/05 17:26 · For: Rows and Reconciliations
Another fantastic chapter! I'll be honest, I can't stop reading this. We're supposed to be getting ready for our garage sale on Friday, but I can't get away from the computer long enough. I really like where it's going, and I'm glad that Percy and Laura are going to be ok. I love how real all of your characters seem, their arguments are the best. I can really relate to Laura, because I definetly feel lonely sometimes and a while back my friend had a boyfriend and I didn't like him but she wouldn't break up with him... I'm rambling now, but it was smilar to the Percy/Penelope/Laura situation. Excellent work, I can't say that enough.

Author's Response: Hooray! My fan fiction is more entertaining than preparing for a garage sale! Haha, sorry, couldn't resist that one. I hope the garage sale went well. The arguments in the story are by far my favorite thing to write. It's fun getting to control how the conversation goes and who gets the upper hand in the fights. Thanks for the review!

Name: Tink (Signed) · Date: 06/29/05 16:26 · For: The Truth is but a Vision
Wow, excellent chapter. I loved the scene in the forest when they were scaring each other, that was funny and it seemed as though if they hadn't been fighting, they would have been very good friends. I'm really excited to see what happens next so I'm going to finish this and go back and read some more! Keep it up!

Author's Response: Later chapters touch a little bit on whether they'd have been good friends had the fight never happened. I guess they'll never know. ;) Thanks for the review.

Name: Karma_Kat (Signed) · Date: 06/28/05 21:01 · For: Awkwardness and Anger
10/10. I always thought someone should do a fic about Oliver ::drools::

Author's Response: Haha. There are a decent number of Oliver fics on other web sites, but not many here, for some reason. Thanks for the review and keep reading.

Name: Tink (Signed) · Date: 06/28/05 20:06 · For: Loneliness and Sympathy
My goodness you don't know how many times I had to log in to be able to review this story. I almost decided to quit and try again tomorrow, but I didn't, which shows how much I like this story! First of all, I have to say that I'm pretty picky when it comes to fanfics. I like original stories, quality writing and believable characters, and your story has all of it. I have to agree with some of the earlier reviews- it was a little confusing but the author's note at the bottom helped a LOT with distinguishing the conflicts. I'm sure that the further I go the less confusing it will be. Anyway, GREAT work, and I'm really excited to read the second chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you for fighting the log in system to review. (I had to do the same to respond ;) ) I'm thrilled that you like the story and that it meets the qualities you like in a story. After I finish the story, I think I'm going to try to address the confusion caused by the first chapter as well as I can. Right now, I'm focusing on writing the rest of the story.

Name: Rose (Signed) · Date: 06/25/05 9:19 · For: Awkwardness and Anger
hey I have been going on all the time seeign if you have updated and you haven't yet, please tell me you will soon!!! I love your story! 10/10 Rose

Author's Response: Your review got my butt in gear. I updated tonight. Hopefully, it will be online within a few days.

Name: death2sparky (Anonymous) · Date: 06/01/05 18:50 · For: Awkwardness and Anger
HAHA! This chapter was really funny. I liked the fluff in it. It was a nice change from all that pent up emotion of the last ones. It was so cute seeing Oliver and Laura trying to get past the awkwardness and finally get into that relationship. I was laughing a lot during this chapter especially. The part where Oliver was down on the couch instead of up in his dorm was great. HAHA! And those bits where they were stupidly sweet and Mark and Adam came along. That was hilarious. I think it was one of the best parts of the whole story! They just kept repeating it. SO FUNNY! And then the same things happens in the hall with Cedar and Rose! HAHAHAHA! Great job! Update soon! I still love this story!

Author's Response: It was kind of nice writing a chapter where there wasn't much drama. The next chapter will be more serious again, but not one without its "cute" moments. The chapter I'm working on now is about 2/3 finished, but the last 1/3 is proving to be the most difficult part. Your review came at a pretty good time. Thanks for your support!

Name: Manda90210 (Signed) · Date: 05/22/05 21:52 · For: Awkwardness and Anger
Excellent Chapter! I've been waiting for a REALLY long time for it but it was totally worth it! I hope you won't take too long writing the next chapter but if you must you must. Keep up the excellent work!

Author's Response: It's hard to say how long the next chapter will take. It's still in the planning process. I know what's going to happen, but not quite how it's going to happen. I'll update as soon as I can without making this chapter more work than fun. Thanks for reviewing.

Name: Rose (Signed) · Date: 05/22/05 6:35 · For: Awkwardness and Anger
hey, oh yey!!I loved that chapter I have been waiting for it and it was just as good as I was hoping! I love the time alone spent with laura and oliver and the way their friends tease them, is laura going to tell oliver about percy knowing about dan? I couldn't belive that percyhad known all along. are percy and laura ever gonna make friends? I realise you probably aren't going to answer any of these questions as it would kinda give the story away but still, I thought I wud ask them anyway! keep up the great work, and update soon, 10/10!!! Rose

Author's Response: I'm really glad you liked it. It's starting to grow on me. (It takes me a while to decide whether or not I like something I wrote.) As for your questions... you're right. I'm not going to answer them. ;) If I did, I wouldn't have any reason to write the chapters those answers will appear in. Thanks for the review.

Name: Manda90210 (Signed) · Date: 05/19/05 17:24 · For: Beginning Again
I REALLY enjoy this story! I'm glad Wood and Laura finally started an actual relationship. I have been waiting forever for that to happen! Can't wait for a new chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. You'll be glad to know that there are only a few minor revisions to be made on the next chapter. Then it will be ready for posting. :)

Name: Rose (Signed) · Date: 05/17/05 11:18 · For: Quidditch Captains
hi emily, I really love this story and I love that unlike most stories I have read it loads of times and I still love it! I love the snitches room ad finding all about how dan died I think you may be right about the theory I dunno really but it is a good theory even if your wrong I don't see why you don't have more reviews cos I love this story and I think it is a real shame that others don't seem to have realised that yet. keep up the great work and update soon I can't wait to find out what happens I am officially hooked! awaiting your every word with baited breath (lol), Rose

Author's Response: I'm glad you still like the story even while knowing what's coming up. You'll be glad to know that Chapter 11 is VERY close to being completed. Just working on a few things. Sorry for the long wait.

Name: muggle4ever (Signed) · Date: 05/05/05 17:16 · For: Loneliness and Sympathy
HIYA do u know how long it takes to read that story straight through? a long time. especialy while talking on msn... i really love your story. its soo sweet! i keep geting caught up in all the drama! school sucks so just put off homework! thats what im doing right now! please update i really love it....

Author's Response: I know how long it takes to read one hundred seventy pages straight through... and I'm impressed you did it. Glad you like the story enough to spend that much time with it. I'm working steadily (though perhaps a bit slowly) on the next chapter. Finals are in full force, but soon I'll be able to spend more time writing. Thanks for reviewing.

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