Reviews For Temporary
Reviewer: 4_leaf_clover
Date: 07/13/09 14:27
Chapter: Permanent

I loved this story! Where is the story that you mentioned at the author's notes in the second to last chapter? I really want to read it.

Reviewer: lil-miss-chatterbox7
Date: 07/04/09 3:01
Chapter: Permanent

really good story!

Reviewer: Josephine Granger
Date: 06/30/09 13:40
Chapter: Permanent

That was an awesome story!!!

Reviewer: Malfoy-Granger
Date: 06/11/09 18:17
Chapter: Shocking News

WTF! please don't let this get all sweet and gushy. She is pregnant!

Reviewer: Malfoy-Granger
Date: 06/11/09 14:08
Chapter: On Top of Me

This chapter was funny. But I had a hard time imagining Harry Potter saying "mo-fo" hahahaha

Reviewer: alienemerald
Date: 05/31/09 20:34
Chapter: On Top of Me

My man? Hells yeah? Mo-fo? Just walking around the Hogwarts Express with your shirt off? Shagging in random compartments without being noticed? I'm sorry, but even if this fic is OOC, I almost find it pardoy-worthy. NO good fanction (apart from a paradoy, maybe) has HP characters saying/doing those things.
And you need to use commas more often. You have a few too many run-on scentences.
Really, I don't mean to be rude, but PLEASE don't make this continue.... It's really not a good thing.

Reviewer: HayleyPotter
Date: 05/18/09 18:46
Chapter: Permanent

:|    I have no words to describe how amazing this story was for me to read...

Reviewer: oliverps
Date: 04/28/09 23:52
Chapter: Temporary

one of the best angsty draco/hermione fic i've read. brilliantly portrayed characters and hermione's pain is so palpable it's freaky, really.

Reviewer: Hermione_Draco_931
Date: 04/10/09 2:19
Chapter: Temporary

hmmm.... i liked this story a lot, its very sweet, that does mean that hermione and draco get together right??? They get married... anyways, keep on writing!!!!!

Reviewer: Luisa
Date: 04/06/09 11:23
Chapter: Permanent

Wow, this was amazing !

Reviewer: Aurora121
Date: 03/27/09 20:55
Chapter: Temporary

This is one of the absolute best fan fictions I have ever read. It is tied with another FF as my favorite fan fictions for hermione/draco. You are such a talented author and throughout the entire story my interest was piqued, and I was completely absorbed in the story. Amazing job! Keep up the GREAT work!!!

Reviewer: Naiara
Date: 03/22/09 15:38
Chapter: Permanent

I have just finished your amazing story and wow. I was glued to the screen for days. Thank you very much, your writing style is very fluent and your description really allowed me to related and empathise with the characters. :D

Reviewer: lalabella
Date: 02/28/09 7:08
Chapter: Temporary

i just read it all in one sitting. F'CKING AWESOME XD

Reviewer: Ginnygirl3
Date: 02/25/09 2:13
Chapter: Permanent

All i can say is WOWWW!!! That was incredible. I'm a sucker for Hermione/Draco pairing stories and happy endings so this worked for me. =) You had so many twists in the plot that you could have expanded this into a full book. There are a two things that I wanted to mention however: 1) there were quite a few typos throughout the story but thats just me being nitpicky 2) at certain points in the story you didn't fully explain what happened or the scene would progress so quickly that it was easy to lose some of the important details.
Besides that, it was a fabulous story that I couldn't stop reading! (I know this review is a loong time after your story was written but I wanted to review it anyways.)

Reviewer: ZomgShaylex
Date: 02/15/09 15:14
Chapter: Permanent

That's all I can say.
Holy crap, that story is awesome.
I've never thought pregnancy or rendezvousing was very "in character" for Hermione or Draco, but this story proves it can be.

Reviewer: Malook09
Date: 02/03/09 21:32
Chapter: Just a Dare

aww thats heart breaking how that ends. it was good either way... good thing there are more chapters LOL

Reviewer: Karma_Angelstone
Date: 01/10/09 23:48
Chapter: Empty

That is soo sad and hard to read..cause i have a little girl...again i say it great writing..just so sad

Reviewer: Karma_Angelstone
Date: 01/09/09 21:16
Chapter: All Over

It's so sad it made me cry,it took me to the school and made me feel what Hermione felt. You are an amazing writer

Reviewer: Karma_Angelstone
Date: 01/09/09 19:30
Chapter: Loving You

I love this chapter

Reviewer: Mickay
Date: 11/26/08 23:18
Chapter: Permanent

Honestly, your story turns me off of this site. That it could get site awards are shocking. Yeah, you had 'twists and turns', but it seemed to me that instead of having actual plot you just threw in every cliched occurrence you could think of and called it a story. There were various inconsistencies in the plot and all characters were extremely OOC. You definitely should think about employing the help of a beta, and if you had already then a different one. It started out as a good idea but seems as though you just went off on tangents without any sort of outline. Needless to say, I was disappointed, especially since you are supposed to be an esteemed author and this a favorite story. I won't be returning to these forums to read stories given the lack of standards for substantial writing technique.

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