Reviews For Temporary
Reviewer: dmlover1688
Date: 06/28/07 15:31
Chapter: Still

oh my god im soo worried about whats going to happen!!!

Reviewer: dmlover1688
Date: 06/26/07 17:15
Chapter: Don't Know Him

i loved this chapter!! i was mad at hermione for doing that but now i feel happy!! thnx a lot!! ill keep on reading!!

Reviewer: HaRRy_PoTTeR_fANaTiC
Date: 06/24/07 14:18
Chapter: Strong

sarcasm! haha, i love it! very funny, very funny. kudos for being so brillant with your answers to stupid questions!

Reviewer: pobox2468
Date: 06/22/07 18:25
Chapter: Permanent

Wow this story was so bad...
Hah, I'm definitely lying. This story was truly a pleasure to read. I loved every moment of it. It was very unpredictable, just like Draco, with many twists and turns. You should consider becoming an author. Once again, awesome job. This is the first story that I have read by you, and I can't wait to read what else you wrote.

Reviewer: revlis
Date: 06/20/07 2:51
Chapter: Permanent

i finished the entire story. and two words. fucking brilliant!

Reviewer: MadameKlueless
Date: 06/11/07 17:00
Chapter: All Over

*tears* so heart breaking!! but i loved/hated it

Reviewer: serina
Date: 06/11/07 15:31
Chapter: Permanent


You just add another one fan in your list!!!

Reviewer: halfbloodgirl
Date: 06/09/07 13:55
Chapter: Permanent


Reviewer: kiriol13
Date: 06/07/07 11:37
Chapter: Permanent

i just love left me speechless

Reviewer: saturnindian
Date: 06/07/07 11:30
Chapter: Permanent

whoo! Loads of twists and turns - glad it ended the way i wanted it to end! great one!!

Reviewer: WildlyinLove
Date: 06/06/07 12:21
Chapter: Permanent

Queen of Serpents,
I have read this story twice now and I have to say that I absolutely love your work. I have read Delightful Pain several times as well as a couple others and you are amazing! Keep it up!


Reviewer: PotterGirl_45
Date: 06/06/07 11:58
Chapter: Permanent

Wow this is such a great story. I love the ending i love all of your stories especially this and Delightful Pain

Reviewer: PotterGirl_45
Date: 06/06/07 11:58
Chapter: Permanent

Wow this is such a great story. I love the ending i love all of your stories especially this and Delightful Pain

Reviewer: jayme
Date: 06/05/07 10:57
Chapter: You're Mine

suck that, ron.
hahaha i love it.

Reviewer: halfbloodgirl
Date: 06/04/07 18:14
Chapter: Shattered

You are an amazing writer. I enjoy you work and I like the fact that you don't interfere too much or drastically change J.K's original plot. (you know what I mean)

Reviewer: PirateQueen4ever
Date: 05/31/07 15:07
Chapter: Permanent

i really liked this story u r an awsome writer

Reviewer: Hazil
Date: 05/29/07 9:07
Chapter: Shocking News


i knew there was a reason i never really liked ron , yey

bloody amazing story =]


Reviewer: Hazil
Date: 05/29/07 7:32
Chapter: Loving You

yey, i hope harry and draco become friends and leave out ron, i never did like him =]

omg how much t=do i want to be hermione!!!!!!, i am in love with draco, but who isnt

love the story so far =]


Reviewer: slyslytherin1314
Date: 05/27/07 18:56
Chapter: Permanent

OMG....this story was awsome. I love it!!!!
And your really good at writing stories like this.....=)

Reviewer: LibertyV
Date: 05/23/07 6:52
Chapter: Permanent

I LOVED IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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