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Reviews For Unequal Balance

Name: notabanana (Signed) · Date: 05/18/06 14:37 · For: On the Way Home
Oh dear, I'm sorry about your computer files. I had been wondering about your story.

Author's Response: Yeah....I'm working on though and all my planning has been stored somewhere in the vastness of my mind. Who knows where my story is going now? I'm working on it though! ~ Angel

Name: Hormiga (Signed) · Date: 05/11/06 1:00 · For: Lurking in the Shadows
^__^ It does! :-p

Author's Response: yea!

Name: offtheheazy6 (Signed) · Date: 04/26/06 13:23 · For: Lurking in the Shadows
awesome job! keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Hey, cool name! *smiles* Thanks for your generous and self-esteem lifting review!!! ~On Angels Wings

Name: Hormiga (Signed) · Date: 04/24/06 23:14 · For: Lurking in the Shadows
A que buen espaņol! asi me gusta leerlo!.. there is only one lit' mistake, the fact of the ņ which is a letter hard ot find in the english keybord so dont worry.... ur spanish is way better than my english!... o yeah I added a new poem! hope u enjoy

Author's Response: uhhh... doesn't "Hormiga" mean ant?

Name: Hormiga (Signed) · Date: 04/22/06 23:04 · For: Lurking in the Shadows
U read it?? yey! hahaha Im so happy!! ajajja I usually write in spanish but next time I'll try to do sumthing in english hahaha... If there was sumthing unclear.. ask me! ajja

Author's Response: Of course I read it! I had to!!! I had to get a little help from my handy little Spanish dictionary (I'm not completely fluent yet...but I'm working on it). Oh and please write more in Spanish! I hate having language barriers and I'm trying to get better at the one I'm focusing on. ha ha ha... Me encanta leer en espanol! (yes, I know there are some spelling - and possibly grammatical - errors in there, but there is only so much I can do on a computer..) ~Angel

Name: Hormiga (Signed) · Date: 04/11/06 1:29 · For: Lurking in the Shadows
O by the way... Im in for the party, just tell me hwen and what to bring! ajajaja All salute the Queen!

Author's Response: Oh my goodness! So much to plan!

Name: Hormiga (Signed) · Date: 04/11/06 1:27 · For: Lurking in the Shadows
Yey finally Im able to read it!... sorry it took me so long but i was on vacations... It was an amazing chapter (as usual) where u showed how something as simple as a friend... or love... may make u forget all ur troubles and agitations, that was simply genious! I love how James stood be her side all that time and how she simply forgot Sirius, but I simply adore the library scene! wonderful job!

Author's Response: Oh that's alright. By the way, I read your song on your homepage, I was able to understand most of it from what Spanish I know, I thought it was wonderful! Thank you so much for your incredibly kind compliments! : ) I'm so glad you liked it so much! Don't worry, next chapter will be out soon enough! (I hope...) ~Angel

Name: notabanana (Signed) · Date: 04/04/06 14:30 · For: Lurking in the Shadows
I now crown you queen of cliffhangers, and invite all the other reviewers to the after-coronation-party. Haha. Well, I certainly enjoyed that. The marauders are so chivalric... one expects them to go riding around on white horses in super-shiny armor. I think you need to bring them down a teensy bit, still, even though chivalry is part of their character. I am really enjoying the whole vampire and shadows bit, maybe because I just finished reading The Historian , a really-super-awesome novel involving vampires. But I digress, theres a part in the chapter where you forgot a space between paragraphs. Unhelpfully, I don't remember where but it might be worth a look. Congratulations on getting the chapter through. Update asap!

Author's Response: Enthusiasm is truly one of your most exposed traits. (that was a complement) Don't worry, they're about to come a step below 'knights in shining armor'. Remember when you said they accepted her a little too quickly? It all comes into play. Thank you once again for your much appreciated review! Oh, and thanks for the tip about the paragraph mix up, I'll check it out. ~Angel P.S. *smiles to self*....hmmm....Queen of Cliffhangers....*daydreams*....kind of has a ring to it....

Name: notabanana (Signed) · Date: 03/28/06 20:04 · For: On the Way Home
Sho' Thang!

Author's Response: Nice lingo there...Glad you took that with humor. *smiles ridiculously to self* ~Angel

Name: notabanana (Signed) · Date: 03/25/06 12:30 · For: Fright Night
Oh my goodness, another cliffie! A vampire in the shrieking shack? What is the world coming to! Haha. I enjoyed it, though. In the second paragraph you said "hallowed" instead of "hollowed", just in case you want to fix that. It might confuse someone. I liked the way you indroduce more of her character through Slytherin observation. It also was an excellent way of building up suspense! Hope to hear from you soon.

Author's Response: I'm pleased to hear you liked it so much. I did get your e-mail by the way. I'm not exactly sure how the beta thing works, but I don't think I'd be able to keep up with it anyways. Sorry, it always takes me a little extra thinking for the long run consequence. But please, keep leaving those helpful little tips in your reviews, they come in really handy. Thanks again for your noble services! ~Angel

Name: Violinist209 (Signed) · Date: 03/22/06 15:59 · For: On the Way Home
I absolutely LOVE your story! Although the beginning was a bit slow with all of the description, it has developed amazingly! I give you really big 10! Please keep on writing the suspense is killing me! P.S. If you haven't caught on yet, I love your work!

Author's Response: Thank you, how generous. I know, I can get a little carried away sometimes. I promise I'm really trying to get the next chapter in but they keep getting pickier and pickier (if that wasn't a word before it is now). I'm so glad you like it. Keep reading! Sincerely, On Angels Wings P.S.~ I love your name, especially the Violin part

Name: notabanana (Signed) · Date: 03/21/06 19:53 · For: On the Way Home
Hey, I sent you a message. Hope you get it.

Author's Response: I hope so too. ~Angel

Name: notabanana (Signed) · Date: 03/17/06 17:32 · For: The Things that Go Unseen
A cliffhanger! Arg! Someone save me, I'm about to fall off of a cliff! (sorry, its been a long week) So, I loved the cliffhanger, was very happy to see Peter, but must have been in a nitpicky mood because I found a lot of little grammar mistakes. Here's one, "Everyone had friends whether they know it or not." It should be "has friends" or "knew it". Right now there is contrasting tenses. Thats really picky of me, I know, but stuff like that kept popping up. Er, otherwise...I enjoyed it. James and Addie have got an incredible bond. It takes most people years to get that close to someone.

Author's Response: Well, your 'nitpickiness' might come in handy...the moderators keep rejecting ch.8, they say I really need a beta. I don't know how it all works, but I do need to find one or else chapter 8 might not ever be accepted. What you say about the bond thing is true, it takes most people years. But I'm giving this relationship based on what I know; there are some people you meet that you can instantly trust and love infinitely the moment you meet them. But no relationship is without it's troubles (especially for friends) *hint*hint*. Thank you!! ~Angel

Name: Pink_Fluff (Signed) · Date: 03/13/06 7:18 · For: Fright Night
Chapter 8 in queue? Yayness!!!!! I've been practically chewing my fingers off waiting for it!! I've checked your story every day for a mention of it. Now you have me in even more suspense!!!(if possible)

Author's Response: Actually this is the... seventh time it's been in queue...who knows really; I think I've lost count, seventh is only a guess. But I've made all the corrections they could've asked for from it so there shouldn't be any reason it would get rejected again. Thanks for keeping up though! ~Angel

Name: notabanana (Signed) · Date: 03/12/06 13:42 · For: The Singing of the Bells
Que bonito! I was definitely puzzled, but the writing here was absolutely fantasticly beautiful. Especially the very last lines. Your story is winning me over, I think. Oh, and I read you bio and a million high-fives to you for being a Baptist who doesn't think Harry Potter should go to Hell. ;-D

Author's Response: Once again your flattery is recieved with humility. Yes, me being Baptist has been a little strange. Though anyone who says someone, even a fictional someone, should go to Hell, clearly has obscured and clouded vision. I for one would not wish that fate upon anyone. Harry Potter is a story uniquely set apart from each other, and born to such innocently flamboyant imagination, I hold it in high respect. After all, it does have some good high moral value to it. Thank you once again notabanana for your excellent points. ~Angel

Name: notabanana (Signed) · Date: 03/12/06 13:26 · For: "You have become a queen among us."
I was just looking at the dates of the other reviews for this chapter and realized that mine will probably seem to crash down at once on you...made me chuckle. I'm not good at leaving long reviews after reading, like, six chapters so I guess you'll be stuck with a pile. =) Alright then...I like Sirius and James. They were fun, and took Addie right under their wings (a little too quickly?). But WHERE IS PETER??? He was still thier best friend, even if he screwed up as an adult. Hopefully I'll see more of him. I really like Addie's personality. I'm super-interested to see what happens!

Author's Response: Yes, they did take to her a little too quickly, but not to worry; that's all part of the major plot line. Don't let your nerves run away with you either, Peter is...around, and you will be seeing more of him later on. I'm pleased with your forward honesty, I find it quite refreshing. ~Angel

Name: notabanana (Signed) · Date: 03/12/06 9:00 · For: Maybe a Start
The sixth year girls are rather believable, if shallow. They made me smile. Remus is a bit TOO chivalrous (spelling?) but seems genuinely nice. Of course, how could a person hate Remus Lupin? Haha. Addie's reactions were also well done. They seemed right for her personality. I'm warming up to your story!

Author's Response: Good, I'm glad you responded to the 6th year girls...I wasn't quite sure how to portray them. And as for Remus, I agree with you; how can anyone not like him? He is after all my favorite character. I'm pleased to read that my OC, Addie, has made such a good impression. Thank you so much! Sincerely, On Angels Wings

Name: notabanana (Signed) · Date: 03/11/06 16:43 · For: On the Way Home
That was a lot of description, too much, actually. However, I have to admit that I was deeply intrigued. It was also very confusing, the very begining part with the room, or whatever, it didn't sound right. Nonetheless, I am on to read the rest. Maybe further chapters will clear up my confusion!!!

Author's Response: Hey notabanana, sorry to confuse you. I can get a bit carried away sometimes, I'll try and minimize it a bit more. Thanks for the criticism! (I'm being perfectly serious). Glad to see I've at least perked your interest. Sincerely, On Angels Wings

Name: Hormiga (Signed) · Date: 03/10/06 0:19 · For: Fright Night
Wohoo new chapter!!

Author's Response: Where? My account says it's still in queue...but yes it's coming soon, unless there's been an information update error. Glad to see you've kept your enthusiasm over the cold months in which my writing has been banned to for so long. ~Angel

Name: Pink_Fluff (Signed) · Date: 01/24/06 12:20 · For: Fright Night
That was BRILLIANT!!! I absolutely LOVED your chapter!!!! It was definately worth the wait!! I really think your one of the best authors on this site!! I just hope you can get the next chapter posted sooner than this one. It was EXTREMELY wonderful!! (Even if it was another cliffie) *100,000,000*

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!! I'm so glad you liked it so much. Don't pull your hair out the next chapter is ready it just needs to be submitted after a little tweaking...sorry about the cliffie...I have to add SOME suspense. ; ) ~Angel

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