Date: 09/07/06 8:36
Chapter: This Isnít a Chapter, Itís an Epilogue

WOOO! Great story, oh and for you sequel, you should include the Marauders, they make everything better!

Author's Response: *Shakes head sadly* See, in my experience, the Marauders do anything BUT make everything better. This is why half of them are dead, and the other half are a bunch of weiners. *Ducks as things are thrown at me*

Date: 09/07/06 8:29
Chapter: What Lies Down the Rabbit Hole, Trio?

Wicked chapter! I just have one question, how can Harry- The- Penguin climb i ladder with his flippers, or wing, or... you get the point.

Author's Response: He's a very talented penguin. Y'know, I think we've got another first: a chappie being called "wicked."

Reviewer: purpleplastisine
Date: 09/06/06 18:23
Chapter: That's Hand-y, Hermione.

oh my god! this is amazing! what happened to the hufflepuff with the umbrella-head?

Author's Response: His friends stand under his in the rain.

Reviewer: purple_wiccan123
Date: 09/02/06 18:44
Chapter: This Isnít a Chapter, Itís an Epilogue

I have followed this story FOREVER and am now grieving *sobs*

MAKE A SEQUAL that is the answer to EVERYONES problems!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Here, have a hanky, and cheer up at this: THE FIRST CHAPTER OF THE SEQUEL HAS BEEN SUBMITTED!!!!!!

Reviewer: SiriuslyInLove7
Date: 09/02/06 11:29
Chapter: Weekend At Draco's

HA! I loved Snape's Enemy list! Awesome work.

Author's Response: Ah, the Infamous Lists. Seems that's one of the best parts of the entire thing. Well, judging by the number of reviews commenting on how funny and drink-snort-tastic they were.

Reviewer: SiriuslyInLove7
Date: 09/02/06 11:15
Chapter: Revenge of the Penguin

HA! Harry is a penquin! YAY! Now all my dreams have come true!

Author's Response: You heard it here first, folks: I am better than Disney Land. Lot less expensive too.

Reviewer: Arwynn
Date: 08/24/06 21:14
Chapter: This Isnít a Chapter, Itís an Epilogue

what is the other story arbitrare is in? nani!!!!

Author's Response: It's a story I started where he lives in a large, crazy house with his nephew. He's a bit scatter-brained there as well.

Reviewer: PpJt
Date: 08/24/06 11:50
Chapter: This Isnít a Chapter, Itís an Epilogue

0.o (I beleive that's enough to convey my feelings=p)

Author's Response: >:D (I believe that's enough to convey MY feelings.)

Reviewer: bgsthpfanever
Date: 08/22/06 16:57
Chapter: Repetitive noise is a form of torture

ok no offence but this is kinda wierd!!! but i guess to each his own but as it is harry potter i am going to keep reading this story!!!!

Author's Response: No offense taken. I know I'm weird, I know the story's weird....So yeah, not offended.

Reviewer: joyheart
Date: 08/21/06 20:32
Chapter: Death Can Be Funny

that was so funny i needed to take a sec to collect myself

Author's Response: Gasp! You have a review with more than ten words in it! And I was just about to dub thee master of short reviews.....

Reviewer: joyheart
Date: 08/21/06 20:23
Chapter: Revenge of the Penguin

that was so funny

Author's Response: But of course. Penguins!

Reviewer: joyheart
Date: 08/21/06 20:05
Chapter: Knights of the Wrong Table

that was great

Author's Response: Yep, another good one.

Reviewer: joyheart
Date: 08/21/06 19:58
Chapter: Repetitive noise is a form of torture

now that was funny

Author's Response: Yes, I liked this one also.

Reviewer: MizzWeasley
Date: 08/18/06 12:49
Chapter: Dance Time! Or, A Mockery Of February

this is possibly the most BORING fanfic iv ever read. :)

Author's Response: I'm hoping that the smiley at the end of your review means you're joking. Because if you aren't, I'll be most displeased.

Reviewer: RowenaRavenclaw
Date: 08/15/06 5:59
Chapter: This Isnít a Chapter, Itís an Epilogue

great story! please write a sequel! It could be that the Power of Suggestion isn't really gone and is stuck at Hogwarts because of all the magic in the air... or something like that... well, just telling you in case loads more people say the same, just so's you know's. RowenaRavenclaw

Author's Response: Fear not, a sequel is forth coming! It will come forth when I actually have the time to write it. Sad thing, having to clean....

Reviewer: evil angel
Date: 08/12/06 17:09
Chapter: This Isnít a Chapter, Itís an Epilogue

i loved it! this is so going on my favorites list!!!

Author's Response: I wonder at the point of putting a story in the favorites if you've already read it. Is it to go back and read again and snot chocolate milk at the screen? I don't care, I just like being on favorites lists!

Reviewer: Silver_Quill
Date: 08/12/06 2:05
Chapter: This Isnít a Chapter, Itís an Epilogue

Oh, this is a good ending... What other story was Arbitrare from? Oh, and I have an idea for a sequel... The llama really belongs to the Llama Leader (which is my nickname from my friends, but I don't have to be the Llama Leader) and the Llama Leader and all of the Llamas attempt to take over the school, then the wizarding world.

Rant over! 10/10, regular awesome comments and stuff.


Author's Response: Your Llama Leader has been duly noted, and it will be interesting to see where it will fit in with the Llama Losers. And Arbitrare is from another, completely non-HP story I started, where he lives in a very large and confusing house with his nephew.

Reviewer: Nerevar_Reborn
Date: 08/11/06 18:22
Chapter: This Isnít a Chapter, Itís an Epilogue

its spelled calamari, not kalimari. GREAT STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D luv this story! random lol! sorry... i love random stuff but no one else i know appreciates it at all :D

Author's Response: Oops, I was probably thinking Mario Kart. Whatever. At least you liked the story!

Reviewer: Nerevar_Reborn
Date: 08/11/06 18:17
Chapter: What Lies Down the Rabbit Hole, Trio?

the phobia where you're afraid of the dark is nyctophobia. (i think) luv the story!

Author's Response: brohter/beta-tester said I could look it up, but I didn't feel like it. ^^

Reviewer: Nerevar_Reborn
Date: 08/11/06 18:02
Chapter: Magazine Madness

i like this story! it's sooo funny. i like the similarity between arbitrare's enemy list and snape's list, lol. *hands author an onion*

Author's Response: *Puts onion in pocket* Thanks! Now I can ward off werewolves, and most of humanity.

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