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Name: iheartsirius (Signed) · Date: 08/16/05 20:45 · For: A New Past
People who work in the Department of Mysteries are called Unspeakables, lol. I haven't reviewed in, like, a century, sorry, but yeeahh... this story is seriously amazing. I love how you make everything fall in to place. I'm not like "WTF", hehe. It makes alot of sense. There were a few grammatical mistakes, but otherwise, the past whatever-amount-I'm-making-up-for-in-this-review of chapters have been flawless. 10!! Yay.

Author's Response: yay! thanks :D

Name: Twins22 (Signed) · Date: 08/10/05 22:26 · For: A New Past
I love it is great. its going to be funny to see how Harry Ginny Sirius Remus and Snape all get the two pasts confused like talking about things that never happened in the "new" past. the DoM*, their title it think is "Unmentionable", so it would have been Unmentionable Potter but the way you did it was shorter. Please Update Soon your story is one of my favs.

Author's Response: oh yes, i remembered it was unspeakable or unmentionable :p thanks for the reminder :D

Name: MereRanger (Signed) · Date: 08/10/05 11:49 · For: A New Past
I wonder if Harry and Ginny think they might be going insane what with all the new memories! Will everyone who remembers the orginal past gradually forget what happened then or will those memories blur with their new ones? I would love to hear more about Harry's "new" past- what it was like growing up with Sirius and Remus. Excellent chapter- update soon!

Author's Response: ooo..good question. one that will actually be answered in the upcoming chapters, so stay tuned!

Name: hp3190 (Signed) · Date: 08/09/05 22:38 · For: A New Past
yay!! another chapter! it was only a little confusing, there were a few parts that I reread and then kinda got... but overall, very good! can't wait for the next one!!

Author's Response: thanks!

Name: Padma80 (Signed) · Date: 08/09/05 2:39 · For: A New Past
It's great to see another chapter up! I love this tory and am happy that you continue to write it even though you are very busy. It was slightly confusing at first, then started to make sense later in the chapter. Hopefully Harry and Ginny will get together again. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: thanks for sticking with me through the sticky parts I will reward you all with answers very soon indeed :)

Name: Siriusly_addicted2HP (Signed) · Date: 08/08/05 18:21 · For: A New Past
omg i loved this chapter, it was slightly confusing, especially the'Auror Potter and *DoM Potter murdered', but otherwise it was great!Update soon!

Author's Response: sorry for the confusion, I promise it will be cleared up soon (well it HAS to be since there are only a few chapters left!)

Name: johnnyandme (Signed) · Date: 08/08/05 18:05 · For: A New Past
hmmm... what to say what to say!!! why cant harry and ginny be together anyways you are very creative but i feel that it could have been made somewhat less confusing!!! i dunno!!! just dont wait so long for the next chapter please i hope to get more answers

Author's Response: yeah, i know the waits are awful, but it was summer break and my life was crazy. Lets just say I'm glad to be away from home again :p

Name: TTOOMMYY11 (Signed) · Date: 08/08/05 0:57 · For: A New Past
Finally anotha chappie! :D WOOOT!! I read it and its amazing!! It was definately worth the wait, but when you said it might be kinda confusing, the only thing that kinda confused me was when the newspaper clipping said AUROR POTTER AND DoM* POTTER MURDERED I don't get that, did the baby harry potter die? Or did james die, but he was already dead O.O well whatever you do, you do not need to rewrite this chappie its awesome how it is. And that moment between Harry and Ginny, AwWwWwWwWwWwWwW!! :D SO CUTE! :D But i thought that would be the last chappie, its ends off the story pretty well :D, but YAY THERES MORE! :D But please promise that you will submit chapter 43 this month, i did NOT like the month and a half wait, but i forgive you with this chapter :D. But please submit chapter 43 this month. And this thing about writers block, i definately don't see it, this is my fave chapter so far!! Because of what Harry finds out, (Sirius and Remus) and when Ginny hugs Sirius, (hehe) :) SO SWEET!!! Please update faster :D 10/10

Author's Response: no, those were newsapers from back when Harry was one and his mom and dad died. ekk...I hope it wasn't too confusing.

Name: Lunchbox_666_69 (Signed) · Date: 08/03/05 13:15 · For: Or is It?
ok i just read all 41 chapters in two days and added it to my favorites. I needed to read 41 twice but i think i get it, Sirius lives, so his name is cleared and the prophet wants a word, he angry about and will want to hurt fudge if he shows up. I'm guessing now Harry moves in with him in the next chapter and Harry/ Ginny will continue. Am I right?

Author's Response: ummm...not exactly...but close on a few points. Keep reading though (as soon as I manage to update) and it'll all mke sense!

Name: johnnyandme (Signed) · Date: 07/12/05 23:19 · For: Just Tell Him
love the emeralds!!!!! that was so sweet i hope everything comes back to same!!!!! great chapter

Author's Response: thanks again ;)

Name: johnnyandme (Signed) · Date: 07/12/05 22:55 · For: Luckily or Unluckily
how beautiful!!!!!!!!!! they kissed!!!!! i love harry/ ginny ships!!!!!! great chapter

Author's Response: and its actually cannon now!!! ::much rejoycing::

Name: johnnyandme (Signed) · Date: 07/12/05 22:43 · For: Ask Me Again
love the ending!!!!!! how smug of harry!!! i love his personality in this story!!!! great job. you are doing great characterization and you a great with how your workthe dialogue!!!!(by the way its Hogsmeade)

Author's Response: thanks :D

Name: johnnyandme (Signed) · Date: 07/12/05 22:30 · For: You Will Be Erased
i just want you to know that i still love ur story but i am not seeing the purpose of this time travelling thing.... i am still so confused about the double body and why they should even mess with it. sirius is back and harry has already learned to live without his parents he shuoldnt have to love remus and sirius too or himself shoudl this go wrong!!!!! ahhhh i am so confused........ great though i wish you would have had harry and ginny trick them in a different way YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN haha it would have been hilarious

Author's Response: yeah, like i told the other readers, this story doesn't make complete sense until the end, but I hope it holds you in suspense enough that you WANT to read to the end.

Name: johnnyandme (Signed) · Date: 07/12/05 17:25 · For: Quite a Paradox
that was beautiful.... i hope harry and ginny get together its my fav couple

Author's Response: i love them as well

Name: johnnyandme (Signed) · Date: 07/12/05 16:53 · For: You're Not Alone
omg!!! why are you making me cry???? this is so beautiful and i hope i get to see more of these opening up things between harry and sirius

Author's Response: oh there are plenty. I've decided that those are basically the only type of scenes I know how to write :p

Name: johnnyandme (Signed) · Date: 07/12/05 16:30 · For: You Promised
thats just sad!!! i am so confused right now but i hope it is better explained and that is why i am going to continue on....

Author's Response: yeah, you're just lucky you don't have to wait for updates to relieve the confusion like the others did :p

Name: johnnyandme (Signed) · Date: 07/12/05 12:16 · For: It Happens For a Reason
wow i dont like the sound of that at all!!! but it seems real important... sirius better not die again a nd hurt harry!!!!!

Author's Response: no worries. I already took a blood oath not to kill off Sirius ;)

Name: johnnyandme (Signed) · Date: 07/12/05 12:01 · For: Mere Minutes
brilliant!!!!!! i am still crying!!!!!! great job!!

Author's Response: thanks!

Name: johnnyandme (Signed) · Date: 07/12/05 11:51 · For: Behind the Veil
omg omg omg omg this is ny new favorite story of al time!!!!!!!! sirius is back i am crying!!!!!!!!! omg!!!!!!!! thank you..... its beautiful

Author's Response: lol, I love new readers! Come in and enjoy!

Name: Dan_D_Lion (Signed) · Date: 07/12/05 10:55 · For: Or is It?
Wow. I sure have missed a lot. Everything is updated, and I am actually going to give it a try and review! ;P
:) I am so happy that Sirius didnít die! Yippee! Lol. Though you said you werenít going to, I still had to read it to believe it. And you didnít kill Remus. Donít worry I didnít bite my nails. :D Itís weird, after reading that chapter, which was really good, I actually canít think of anything to say. So, Iíll end it here and wait for your next chappie.

Enjoy your summer and carry on! Dani

Author's Response: yeah i keep my promises :D thanks for reading and reviewing!

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