Reviews For Fate
Reviewer: Sycco
Date: 12/03/05 14:46
Chapter: You're Not Alone

Great chapter im kinda sad about the whole Harry's perants thing but i hope it all works out anyways 10/10

Reviewer: Sycco
Date: 12/03/05 14:25
Chapter: You Promised

I wonder exactly where Harry is not only that im a bit confused about the whole thing but im still in love with this story lol 10/10

Reviewer: Sycco
Date: 12/03/05 13:50
Chapter: I Used To

Wow nice chapter im worried about the whole 2 sirus thing one dead one crazy about disapearing into a still unknown vail but i guess thats good i think lol anyways 10/10

Reviewer: Sycco
Date: 12/03/05 13:18
Chapter: It Happens For a Reason

Bringing James and Lily back is a great idea ok i agree with the bit about Harry might not be "the chosen one" but that also means the prophcy is void and meaning that anyone could defeat Voldermort, but i dout one thing about the prophcy the Nevile bit if Voldermort Chose to attack Harry's family that means that He will try it more then once if he fails hmmm maybe just hmmmm anyways 10/10

Reviewer: Sycco
Date: 12/03/05 12:57
Chapter: Mere Minutes

Wow really powerfull chapter im really impressed how you described everything seriously 10/10

Reviewer: Sycco
Date: 12/03/05 12:32
Chapter: Behind the Veil

Wow great beggining you really know how to write i loved the bit about the fates and that there were 2 beings voching for him wow anyways 10/10 i best go read the rest of the story lol

Reviewer: Ginnyrocks
Date: 11/29/05 8:24
Chapter: You're Not My Son

OMG! That was so intense! (this is like my second time I read your fanfic) I was so close to tears! Poor, poor Ari. I liked her alot! it really good. I just Peter was not in it, Remus and James could of saved Sirius and Ari!!!! I loved it though=D

Reviewer: Ginnyrocks
Date: 11/24/05 11:03
Chapter: All Was Right

I like the ending a lot, i like that the Marauders may rest in peace! (but not Wormtail who gets his soul suked out of him) anyway i loved it! it wa really great.

Reviewer: Cheshlin
Date: 11/17/05 11:14
Chapter: All Was Right

Great story! It is definitely one of my favorites! If you ever write sequel, I will be there reading it. It would be interesting to see Harry fight Voldemort with The life he has at the end of this story. :) Thanks for the great times.

Reviewer: TTOOMMYY11
Date: 11/16/05 21:11
Chapter: All Was Right

:o NOOOOOOOOOO ITS OVER! :'( *cries* this story was excellent. It will always be a classic fanfiction :'] I love this story. :] Maybe someday, you could write a sequel....someday.....someday..... 10/10 :)

Reviewer: Evik
Date: 11/16/05 10:50
Chapter: All Was Right

It's over...:((( It really was an excellent story. I thought that the time travel would never work, but it did. I loved the last chapter (well, because of the happy end). All in all, your story was BRILLIANT and if you ever consider writing a sequel I would be very happy.

Reviewer: potterfan226
Date: 11/15/05 22:28
Chapter: All Was Right

It's - It's - It's OVER....!!! *cries* NOOOOO! OMG. I'm so sad, but it was truly an AMAZING story to read. I loved every part of it, even when it got confusing. I loved the entire plot and you're such an amazing author. Keep up the good work and please write more (not nessicarly of this but of ... ANYTHING!) I'd read your stories in a heartbeat. =) Again, great job, but I'm still sad that it's over. 10/10.

Reviewer: Moon Shadow
Date: 11/11/05 0:08
Chapter: Two Roads Colliding

I love this story - I can't wait for the next chapter! Sirius isn't realy dead. Yippeee!!!!!!!!!!! I wish he hadn't died in the books. But that's what fan fiction is for, I suppose.

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion
Date: 11/03/05 18:40
Chapter: Two Roads Colliding

:) <--- I don't know what to say so I am just going to smile. I am happy basically. Sirius is alive. :)
Carry on,
Dani 10

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion
Date: 11/03/05 18:32
Chapter: Try to Move On

0.0 Oooh. So it was Remus, eh? Oh boy, I wonder whats going to happen next. Oh, this is going to be short because I want to read the next one!

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion
Date: 11/03/05 18:09
Chapter: Try To Remember

Oh, I really don't want to cry. For all those who don't want to cry in public, start blinking. Gosh, you are just so gifted at making people cry. You have that wonderful power. Grrr you, I don't want to cry!

I just love Sirius and Harry together. Oh, Sirius is just the best and I love how you made Harry stop crying once he looked at him. Gives the heart a good feeling you know? I can't describe it, but it's there.

Now, You know that I already love your story. Why else would I review all the way from I believe chpt 6. --that's a long way-- But I also look up to you. You are a role model. you started at 11/04 and your still on a roll. Me, I can't write without a stupid, long writers block. Oh, heavenly role model, how do you do it? :)

Hey, keep it going.
Peace and love,
A nice 10 for you. Enjoy!

Reviewer: Crazy About Dan
Date: 10/30/05 9:03
Chapter: Quite a Paradox

good so far. I like it will have to read more. Just so you know harry doesn't have sirius's knife anymore. when they were in the department of mysteries, it melted when harry put it into a locked door.

Reviewer: kai
Date: 10/20/05 17:59
Chapter: Two Roads Colliding

i love this so glad ginny and harry are together now

Reviewer: Cheshlin
Date: 10/13/05 12:03
Chapter: Two Roads Colliding

What a great chapter. I was hoping that Ginny and Harry would end up together, inspite of the new relationship. With them both remembering the other time line, it only makes sense. I am also glad that Remus is starting to relax into the new time line. He really deserves to feel the love of the family he has...with Harry and Sirius. I hope he gets Tonks also! :) That would be the clencher!

Reviewer: kittyandlulu
Date: 10/12/05 23:05
Chapter: Two Roads Colliding


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