Reviews For Wrong Again
Reviewer: moldy999
Date: 12/13/07 3:41
Chapter: Wrong Again

rofl im still laughing this is soooo cute and funny i love it, i was gunna have a heart attack at the beggining and wanted harry dead almost as much as i was lav-lav *gags* dead -growls-

Reviewer: LadyIntelligence
Date: 01/19/07 8:44
Chapter: Wrong Again

I loved this story. It's different, in a good way. Its descriptive, but not in the way that gets you confused. Great work.

Reviewer: LadyIntelligence
Date: 01/19/07 8:44
Chapter: Wrong Again

I loved this story. It's different, in a good way. Its descriptive, but not in the way that gets you confused. Great work.

Reviewer: HR1992
Date: 10/23/06 12:17
Chapter: Wrong Again

aww i luv it

Reviewer: Jane Bilus
Date: 05/13/06 15:59
Chapter: Wrong Again

hehe that was wicked! i loved it!

Reviewer: libby627onVTM
Date: 04/27/06 15:01
Chapter: Wrong Again

that was good, but hermione was in the hog's head and then you said she left the leaky cauldron. and then you never explained how harry became friends w/ them again

Reviewer: Apollo
Date: 03/30/06 10:21
Chapter: Wrong Again

I liked the story because the only ships that work for me are R/Hr and H/G. I hate H/Hr and D/Hr with a passion. But I liked this story because it worked out in the end. I noticed that Hermione discovers Harry and Ginny in the Hog's Head but then leaves the Leaky Cauldron, not trying to nitpick I just thought that was funny

Reviewer: Helluin
Date: 02/16/06 22:13
Chapter: Wrong Again

I really liked your story. I read a very similar story yesterday (H/Hr that turned into R/Hr and H/G), but you did it so much more believably than the other author. It was really well-written. I can't wait to read your other stories.

Reviewer: little_kitty
Date: 02/11/06 22:02
Chapter: Wrong Again

Hey, this was neat. I think you managed to incorporate the lyrics of “Wrong again” into your story quite well. I would suggest that instead of stating “flashback” and “end of flashback” that maybe you just italicize it and try to link it more with what you’ve said that’s not part of the flashback, you know what I mean? That will make things feel smoother and improve the flow. I loved your opening paragraph. The description was absolutely wonderful. IT caught my attention right away. You have a wonderful use of imagery in this piece, and that’s something very, very good! Somehow, you include a lot more description than a lot of other fics I’ve read, but for some reason, even though every sentence is full of adjectives and things, it doesn’t feel overloaded. Now that’s the true beauty of lovely writing! It’s okay that you left out some details…I actually agree with you that it’s good to leave something for the reader’s imagination.

Reviewer: prongs_potter_rulez
Date: 02/11/06 9:43
Chapter: Wrong Again

that was brill cept from Harry hurting Hermione like that (EVIL)!!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! even though STRONGLY against H/Hr. P.S What is up with that Auror8187 or wateva reader???

Reviewer: Auror81692
Date: 10/25/05 18:33
Chapter: Wrong Again


Reviewer: ronandhermione
Date: 08/23/05 14:39
Chapter: Wrong Again

I also hate H/H fanfic, but the way you did that was amazing!10!!!

Reviewer: pottergal200
Date: 04/08/05 14:49
Chapter: Wrong Again

*starts hiting Harry with giant potato chip* HOW DARE YOU HURT HERMONIE LIKE THAT!!! *gives chip to author* A sounviner. I LOVE IT!!! My two favorite ships!!!! Parent's kissing is like Percy in a Spedo. Utterly disturbing, but I LOVE IT!!!

Author's Response: Percy in a speedo? That's a mental image I really don't want to dwell on. *munches chip* Thanks!

Reviewer: Silent_Romancer
Date: 03/31/05 22:34
Chapter: Wrong Again

I loved it! That's really good! I'm still mad at Harry, breaking up with her when she thought she was going to get engaged! *lol* Your a good writer and I've added your story to my favorites and keep writing stories so I can read them!

Author's Response: I have another One-Shot in the works now. It should be finished soon. Should. As for another chapter fic, I'm not quite sure what plot bunny I'll be using for that. I just know that when One Night Changed Everything is finished, I'll start something new. Thanks SO MUCH for the positive review!

Reviewer: vanillasweety
Date: 03/15/05 21:52
Chapter: Wrong Again

that was great but i have to say did harry and hermione have to be together in the start, im telling you it has to be hermione and ron and harry and ginny, its meant to be that way there are so amny clues in the books its crazy

Author's Response: I'm afraid that if Harry and Hermione had not been together in the start, I would have had no plot, plus it would not have fit with the song. I personally despise the H/Hr pairing, and I thank Merlin that it's pretty obvious that Ron and Hermione will end up together, as well as Harry and Ginny.

Reviewer: Flame girl
Date: 03/04/05 17:27
Chapter: Wrong Again

Wow. Beyond words but I'll give it a go. I a real hater of Harry/Hermione fics BUT the way you wen tabout it showed me that maybe as a school crush. But not love like H/G and R/H. I liked the end more than the beginning for that reason and the way it turned out so well was just... perfect, for want of a better word. Love it. Amyx

Author's Response: I agree with you on the Harry/Hermione fics, I really can't stand them. I'm surprised I even included ANY H/Hr romance, but I suppose it was necessary to the plot.

Reviewer: Hawk_eye
Date: 03/03/05 14:52
Chapter: Wrong Again

OOO, that was great! Write more! 10's all around!

Reviewer: Hawk_eye
Date: 03/03/05 14:40
Chapter: Wrong Again

OOO, that was great! Write more! 10's all around!

Reviewer: Phoebe Cat
Date: 03/03/05 7:57
Chapter: Wrong Again

I loved it! Very sweet story. 10/10

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