Reviews For Unspoken
Reviewer: naddie
Date: 07/21/08 8:58
Chapter: Holding Out

This was absolutely brilliant!! Ten out of ten for you adn five stars!! I wolfed this story down...XD

Reviewer: Pels
Date: 02/11/08 11:49
Chapter: Holding Out

pleeeeease write an alternative ending!!! this is so sad!!!

Reviewer: Dramione Luva
Date: 01/21/08 22:15
Chapter: Holding Out

i'm sorry, but that wasnt exactly the ending i expected...nor wanted

Reviewer: iluvkrum
Date: 12/06/07 15:28
Chapter: Holding Out

oooh! you killed lupin? ah, that sucks. good story though, loved it!

Reviewer: Noel Weasley
Date: 06/05/07 12:47
Chapter: Holding Out

so, umm, Remus is... Dead? (Starts to cry uncontrollably) Peter has to be dead too, or else... the Marauders are no more! so, is it the end? i don't think so because it said it wasn't completed on the page thing-a-ma-jig. so, will you please bring Remmy back, please? (:O

Author's Response: oh god, I apologize for that, the story is completed actually. *changes status pronto* I am brainstorming for a sequel of sorts, though. You can email me directly if you want to know where it's going because I don't want to give too much away on my reviews page of all places.

Reviewer: Darkness Enshrouds
Date: 05/12/07 0:31
Chapter: Chapter 8

Oh! Poor Ron...I've always liked the idea of he and Hermione as a couple, but...

I also like the way you've paired Hermione with Lupin. I haven't seen many fics like this that I've liked--a lot of authors seem to rush things so fast that it doesn't make sense as to why they're attracted to each other. You've made it real though. It seems as if Hermione and Remus are both holding something back, like they're afraid of what'll actually happen should they have feelings for each other. Maybe it's just me, but that's the feeling I get at times.

But yes, this is brilliant. I can't wait to finish it. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. Your feeling is right on the nose, because that was the ambience I was trying to capture by limiting Hermione's and Remus's affections. Thanks again for the kind words, it means a lot.

Reviewer: petra stare
Date: 04/11/07 21:34
Chapter: Push

Oh, please don't let Lupin die! That would be sad! (or harry or ron...) This is really good! Please update soon!

Reviewer: darklordjunior
Date: 11/26/06 15:37
Chapter: The Blood Room

your story is great so far can't wait till the next chapter

Reviewer: myriame
Date: 05/21/06 12:31
Chapter: The Blood Room

Hey, I've just finished reading up to this chapter and I'm really curious about what will happen next! I like the way Lupin and Hermione's relationship builds up slowly. It's not rushed or anything, so Hermione's attraction to Lupin seems very plausible. I hope you'll be able to update soon. Bye, Garnet.

Reviewer: Potter123
Date: 08/28/05 4:32
Chapter: The Blood Room

I'm first reviewer!! I said you can count on seeing my review, and here I am!! This is a brilliant chapter you got here. Very descriptive, and interesting. I can hardly wait for chapter 7!!

Reviewer: Chrissa
Date: 07/18/05 3:15
Chapter: The Art of Catharsis

this story is going well, please continue to update. but if you are doing something important like reading HBP, well, then i can wait a bit longer since i'm still reading it myself but please try to update. thanx

Reviewer: Emma Parkinson
Date: 07/07/05 20:18
Chapter: The Art of Catharsis

Oh, this story is very good. I've been looking all over for fan fiction on Lupin and Hermione. This is a great story so far. Please keep going with this.

Reviewer: Diamond Quill
Date: 03/13/05 8:24
Chapter: Chapter 2-Parleys and Pages

The nightmare part was spooky.

Reviewer: Diamond Quill
Date: 03/13/05 8:20
Chapter: Prologue-A Downward Spiral

Nice style.. nice story.

Author's Response: thank ye!

Reviewer: GwenFairbrook
Date: 03/12/05 19:32
Chapter: Daydream of a Boy

This is becoming scarier by the moment....especially with how you ended it. But I adore it. This is one of the most well-written stories I've read in a long long while. And I'm glad you are quick at updating. You have me on the edge of my chair here...I gotta know what happens next!

Reviewer: evoL
Date: 03/11/05 22:01
Chapter: Daydream of a Boy

Awesome. I had been wating a while for the 4th chapter. I'm glad it's here! Keep writing. I cant bear to wait anylonger. I don't think Hermione can, either ;). hehe

Reviewer: MrsHPotter
Date: 03/10/05 0:42
Chapter: Daydream of a Boy

Oo i like it, its getting intense. You're a great author, keep it up! i love this story.

Reviewer: Billie Bowtrunckle
Date: 03/07/05 18:18
Chapter: Prologue-A Downward Spiral

Nice job. I really like you writing style and how you create just enough tension in the story to keep it interesting. Please continue to post!

Reviewer: MrsHPotter
Date: 03/03/05 21:35
Chapter: Changes

Your story is so wonderfully descriptive, yet you keep me guessing as to who Hermione's falling for, is it Lupin? or am I just imagining it?

Reviewer: GwenFairbrook
Date: 03/03/05 14:49
Chapter: Changes

Green. His eyes were green. “Hermione…?” “I’m fine,” she said, shaking herself. “I’m alright.” That was AMAZING. How on Earth do you do it?? Your writing truly inspires me, and I can't wait to see what happens next. You actually have me scared, because I'm afraid of what they are about to face. Wonderful job. :)

Author's Response: aw shucks, I'm not that great. *blush* I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you!

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