Reviewer: hermionefan4ever
Date: 08/10/05 17:45
Chapter: 'Formula of Love'

I've read this fanfic 3x and I still loveit. SORRY for not reviewing sooner (technocal errors)- This the best H/G AND Hr/R Fic I've read. And I've read almost all of them.

Author's Response: It's OK, such a encouraging review is welcome ANYTIME :D "Choices..." had been my fondest dreams about H/G and R/Hr being happy together, so Thank you so much for sharing those dreams with me :) (BTW, is it just me or the 'I have to do it alone' scene in HBP is truly frustrating?)

Reviewer: H_Granger
Date: 08/03/05 22:00
Chapter: 'Formula of Love'

WOW! That was quite possibly the best fanfic I have ever read, and I have read alot! JKR better watch out, you could give her a run for her money! Amazign story!

Author's Response: OMG ... OMG ... * BLUSHING FURIOUSLY * I am speechless, I really am! THANKS so much for the nice review. * STILL BLUSHING and HUGGING MY PC :D*

Reviewer: CraftySlytherin
Date: 07/10/05 18:05
Chapter: 'Formula of Love'

What a happy, fluffy chapter!!! I'm so glad Harry and Ginny decided to get married right then and not wait around! And I'm so happy that they'll both be teaching at Hogwarts! Aren't happy endings the best????

Author's Response: 200% agree with you: HAPPY ENDINGS RULE! In fact, I love the characters too much to write sad stories about them. Kinda cheesy, isn't it :)?? Thanks for the cool review *xo*

Reviewer: Luna_Lover
Date: 07/04/05 22:08
Chapter: 'Formula of Love'

Are you sure this is the last chapter? You should write a sequel, you left so many things unsaid! Am I right in thinking you are suggesting that Snape was in love with Lily? This is a great story, write another! 100/10

Author's Response: A sequel? I'll think about that, promise! You are right, I do think that Snape was in love with Lily (I DON'T think that she loved him back), and that it was the reason why he later joined the OoTP or tried to save Harry in PS :) What do you think? Thanks for reviewing...

Reviewer: ma_raie
Date: 07/02/05 23:41
Chapter: 'The Order of the Phoenix'

Wonderful first chapter! ((even though I am your beta and I know what's next...)) I look forward to seeing much more of this story. I especially love the way that you describe what's going on between Harry and Ginny in this chapter. Very touching, I nearly cried! Beautiful work. Keep it up!

Author's Response: THANKS, ma_super_beta :) You're the very best! xoxoxoxo

Reviewer: gotfins
Date: 07/02/05 12:04
Chapter: 'Formula of Love'

I love this story *sniff* *sniff*. I'll be lurking around when you put up your next chapter!

Author's Response: THANKS for being so sweet, Gotfins! :)

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate
Date: 06/30/05 19:10
Chapter: 'Formula of Love'

I loved the story. I came back late from lunch so I could finish it. I liked the mention of the Dog Star, hinting at being watched over by Sirius. Very clever. : )

Author's Response: OMG, I hope you got no detention for being late ;)? Thanks for "spotting" Sirius in this chapter and mentioning it in your review :) Mr. Padfoot rules!

Reviewer: Huskers
Date: 06/27/05 21:44
Chapter: 'Formula of Love'

I like that you had Ginny chalange him to get married right then and there. I mean really, why wait? Lots of fun, and I look forward to what you decide to do next.

Author's Response: Thanks a lot for the kind review! It was a lot of fun (and a lot of fun) to write two weddings in a same story. I guess you know what I mean, don't you (ahhh! the vows!!) ;)??

Reviewer: shadowkat
Date: 06/26/05 20:36
Chapter: 'Formula of Love'

I swear 3 must be the lucky number for me. It took me 3 times to log in the last time I reviewed too. Anyway great story! I wasnt expecting Gin and Harry to get married that soon!! But it was sweet just the same. And what was it about the trunks? I have a feeling Fred and George are up to no good. I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: ... And you are the first to review for this chapter :D THANKS SO MUCH again. Well, I've always imagined that H/G would somehow "elope" and not have a "planned wedding" like Ron/Hermione... Fred and George are certainly up to no good (they've been very 'quiet' so far), but I'll leave their mischief to your imagination ;), because this was the last chapter of this story (* sniff *)... but 'see' you in a next story, maybe? xoxo

Author's Response: ... And you are the first to review for this chapter :D THANKS SO MUCH again. Well, I've always imagined that H/G would somehow "elope" and not have a "planned wedding" like Ron/Hermione... Fred and George are certainly up to no good (they've been very 'quiet' so far), but I'll leave their mischief to your imagination ;), because this was the last chapter of this story (* sniff *)... but 'see' you in a next story, maybe? xoxo

Reviewer: shadowkat
Date: 06/25/05 23:13
Chapter: Be mine to love and to cherish.

Took me 3 times to log in but awww I wanna cry!!! It was just so cute and pretty and awwwww I wish I was marrying Ron! Ok not really but it was just so sweet and beautifully written and the twins with the roses was cute was just such a good chapter I had to stop reading for a second to review. I'll continue on with the other chapters you have up right now..*sniff*

Author's Response: Thanks so much for taking the time to log in ;) I know I had to try several times to access my "account" too... And of course, thanks for the nice review, Shadowkat! I am so glad you liked the wedding chapter, I am ... very fond of weddings (although it is quite difficult to write:P). :) :)

Reviewer: Mrs_Moony_Lupin
Date: 06/23/05 7:57
Chapter: More than just the eyes.

I love your story!! Please hurry up and submit!! What was ginny going to tell harry at the end of chapter 4?

Author's Response: Thank You so much for the nice review! Chapter 6 has been submitted, and Ginny will tell finally Harry what she could not say at the end of Chapter 4 (but that Dumbledore had revealed in Chapter 5) ... * LOL *

Reviewer: CraftySlytherin
Date: 06/07/05 23:42
Chapter: More than just the eyes.

So Harry and Ginny will both be teaching at Hogwarts?? Truly inspired! I've thoroughly enjoyed what you have so far and will look forward to updates!

Author's Response: THANKS, CraftySlytherin for taking the time to review every chapter. I appreciated it, really!! You are great! :D

Reviewer: CraftySlytherin
Date: 06/07/05 23:33
Chapter: To fly on my own.

I loved this chapter because two of my favorites are in it (Fred and George). I'd write more in this review, but I'm too anxious to move on to the next one and see if Ginny reveals her new mystery job!

Author's Response: "Gred and Forge" RULE! :D :D

Reviewer: CraftySlytherin
Date: 06/07/05 22:27
Chapter: Be mine to love and to cherish.

Loved the wedding ceremony! I liked the whole Sunshine daisies butter mellow thing, very cute!

Author's Response: Thanks again! I fell in love with the "Sunshine daisies butter mellow" from book 1.... and still love it! :)

Reviewer: CraftySlytherin
Date: 06/07/05 22:21
Chapter: Because she loves me...

This chapter was so sweet! It kind of reminded me of that Christmas story called the Gift of the Magi.....have you ever read it? Anyways, the reason it reminded me of it was because Ron and Hermione both gave up something they really wanted (their dream jobs) for the one they loved. I can't wait to read the wedding chapter!

Author's Response: "Gift of ??", is it on Mugglenet FF?

Reviewer: CraftySlytherin
Date: 06/07/05 22:11
Chapter: 'The Order of the Phoenix'

Super beginning! Full of lots of happy stuff! I liked the detail you went into with all of the reporters and their questions, and Harry's answers were very wise!

Author's Response: THANK YOU! I am so glad you liked the reporters' questions and Harry's answers. Indeed, I worked hard those dialogues, and I was particularly proud of the "W.Q. Magazine" * lol *

Reviewer: Hollie Weasley
Date: 06/06/05 21:15
Chapter: More than just the eyes.

Yay! Another great chapter! Professor Potter... cool! Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Yeah, "Professor Potter" sounds really cool! Who else than Harry can fill the DADA teacher position at Hogwarts, right?? :) :)

Reviewer: ArrabellaWeasley
Date: 06/06/05 11:56
Chapter: More than just the eyes.

this was a really cool chapter. i enjoyed it a lot.. Im happy theyre gonna be at hogwarts together.. :) good job! update soon!

Author's Response: THANKS so much for the nice review. Next chapter has been sent to Beta, and should be submitted soon ... :D

Reviewer: Huskers
Date: 06/03/05 22:24
Chapter: More than just the eyes.

I get to be first. First, thanks for the plug of my story. Now, you didn't tell us what Ginny said to Harry at the end of chapter 4. I'm going to have to hurt you if you keep it up. Thank Merlin, you had Harry finally make a decision for himself instead of for others. No one should give up the love of their life for some dumb job. It's a good thing Dumbledore is so smart, and manipulative. Offer the job and then put a carrot in front of the boy's nose on top of it. A great chapter, now don't make me wait so long for the next one.

Author's Response: Thanks for being the first to review, and I meant every word I posted in the plug :). Well, Ginny didn't really have the time to tell Harry anything so far, but Dumbledore did (!), she will tell him, in her own words, in the next chapter. As for Dumbledore, "manipulative" might be a bit "harsh"... However, we all know that it takes outstanding magical skills to be 'the one Voldemort ever feared'; but I agree 110% with you that it takes a great deal of "politician" skills to run Hogwarts his own way (under the nose of the Ministry of Magic) and to set up the Order of the Phoenix & gather so many valuable members. :) Next chapter has been sent to beta, and should be submitted ASAP, so please, don't send me a Howler (yet)!! :D :D

Reviewer: Luna_Lover
Date: 06/01/05 12:04
Chapter: 'The Order of the Phoenix'

Yay!! I can't wait!!

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