Reviewer: mrs_depp
Date: 12/14/04 14:42
Chapter: Hermione, What's Wrong?

yum... imagining yummy Draco... I love him... if you see my bio, this is one of my fav ships... anyways, I don't think this is very OOC... i mean, I always thought Draco would be a rather passionate lover... but one thing... could you slow it down a bit? it just feels like its kinda going fast... but this is great... Lurve, Cassandra

Reviewer: wizard girl
Date: 12/10/04 23:00
Chapter: Hermione, What's Wrong?

OMG, I'm so sorry i didn't review the day i read this ch. I'm usually good about these things. n/e ways, i love this story. I still have no complaints. Although I feel really bad for both Draco and Hermione. I can't believe that happened. But I still love your story. It's really good. I also read ur profile, and i agree with you. Whats living without Draco/Tom?!?!?!...LOL...BYE :)

Author's Response: Dude! I love people who review like will get a thank you.. THANK YOU

Reviewer: Maggie
Date: 12/07/04 19:44
Chapter: Yesterday

just a little note...Hermione's middle name is Jane.

Author's Response: really? i never knew what it was so i made one up thanks, but i don't know if i'll change it.....maybe

Reviewer: meandmysharpie
Date: 12/06/04 17:49
Chapter: Hermione, What's Wrong?

i never thought that would happen...

Author's Response: exactlly what I was going for!

Reviewer: Touchstone
Date: 12/06/04 0:45
Chapter: Perfection

It's a good story. Just one thing...Draco Malfory singing HOOBASTANK?! LOL! I find that highly unlikely, but I thought it was very funny. Keep writing. Stay cool.

Reviewer: Akasha
Date: 12/05/04 17:48
Chapter: Hermione, What's Wrong?

this update was amazing! the only thing is he said hed never hurt her again but she has to find out about pansy!!!! i think he should have just told her then it would have been better later....newayz i luv ur story! u must update soon!!!!

Author's Response: thanks! by the way...I love when my stories make people think!

Reviewer: dracolover
Date: 12/05/04 12:50
Chapter: Hermione, What's Wrong?

wow! that was so intense!! I am amazed at how quickly Hermione could be near him....I would go near him only to kick him in the balls....but hey thats just me....Great update!!! keep them coming and thanks for your last response I am so flattered (blushing)....bye

Reviewer: Beci
Date: 12/05/04 7:18
Chapter: Hermione, What's Wrong?

I thought you handled such a sensitive subject really well. Looking forward to an update.

Author's Response: awe thanks! it's gonna take me a little while for an update...i need to get my thoughts in order before i go on rambling like i tend to do when I don't know what to write!

Reviewer: Beci
Date: 12/05/04 7:14
Chapter: The Magic Night

Oh dear, draco and pansy, not a nice image! Not attractive. I hope Hermione understands. Great chapter though.

Reviewer: daRkzhad0wcaSt3r
Date: 12/04/04 20:54
Chapter: Hermione, What's Wrong?

omg..she got raped..nd she still luv him..w0w..great update hope yu rite more tho ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: dragon
Date: 12/04/04 20:37
Chapter: Hermione, What's Wrong?

You are insane. Absolutely insane. But in a good way. :-) I loved this fic, even when it kind of rambled on but I dismissed it because it was a part of the story and made a lot of sense. I loved the OOC-ness, even though I usually hate OOC. I loved Hermione, poor confused Hermione, who got rape by drunk Draco. You know what, I still love Draco when he's drunk. He's still a jackass, though. And do you know what I especially loved about this fic up to chapter six? This line: What have you been smoking!? More importantly, where can I get some? That seems like my entire life summarized in a sentence. Keep writing!

Author's Response: Dude! That was an "insane" update! LoL!! You are starting to sound like me!! And yes...i do tend to ramble! Sorry, lol! Wow! Draco is sexy when he is a jerk! And the reason I do OOC sometimes is because it is really fun to do and sometimes to read. That is the whole point of Fanfics, right? To make someone else's ideas the way you want them? LoL! Ya that is a good line, eh? I have fun with this stories, specially readin my reviews! Heart, Tara P.S. I AM insane and forever I shall remain! You JUST wait! LOL

Reviewer: lucillaq
Date: 12/04/04 20:36
Chapter: Hermione, What's Wrong?

I know Draco loves her but wern't Ron and Harry taking this a bit to easily? I mean there like' call us if you need us' well HELLO!!!! She's just been raped!!!!!!!! but great update

Author's Response: The second Ron finds out he is P O'd right? He is like ready to kill Draco! Right, did we read this yet? I can never remember what we posted! This made Hermione upset and so they calm down. They all want to leave her alone so she'll talk later!

Reviewer: dreamergirl5
Date: 12/04/04 19:59
Chapter: Hermione, What's Wrong?

omg!!!!!! omg!!!!! wow!!!!! awesome update.... hurry update again soon!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: dreamergirl5
Date: 12/04/04 19:55
Chapter: Hermione, What's Wrong?

getting to chapter

Reviewer: mle
Date: 12/04/04 11:20
Chapter: The Magic Night

just trying to get to the chapter

Reviewer: wizard girl
Date: 12/04/04 1:16
Chapter: Perfection

sorry dracolover...LOL..BYE :)

Reviewer: dracolover
Date: 12/04/04 1:04
Chapter: The Magic Night

O' I hate pansy ewwwww he can't have a baby with her ewwwww

Author's Response: You are totally my like new favorite reviewer I think!! I can tell you like laughing, and what I want to do after this story, is write a comedy. I like writing comedy, so it should be good!

Reviewer: dracolover
Date: 12/04/04 0:59
Chapter: The Magic Night

yay! chapter 5, but by wizard girls review i'm not sure if i'll be laughing this time...

Reviewer: dracolover
Date: 12/04/04 0:58
Chapter: It's Not That Easy

GREAT!!!!!!!! and that song fits in perfectly!!!! hahahahahahahaha

Reviewer: dracolover
Date: 12/04/04 0:54
Chapter: Today

This is my new fav. story!!! OMG I am laughing my ass off...too too funny!!! I can't stop laughing!!

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