Reviews For Fascination
Reviewer: Danica_Sharde
Date: 04/21/06 20:39
Chapter: Fascination

It kind of sounds like Blaize and Hermione.....Kind of...that would be a cool pairing.

Reviewer: toxicpsychotoff
Date: 04/14/06 14:51
Chapter: Fascination

I always love your writing. I love this story, too. My favourite story you've written is Temporary. That's the one I've most recently read by you, so I automatically made these two people Hermione and Draco in my head. I loved that you didn't specify, though. Excellent.

Reviewer: Devi Lynn
Date: 03/03/06 14:14
Chapter: Fascination

Why do all of your stories have to be so damn good? It's not fair. Anyways, I saw that as a Hemione Draco type thing. I don't know why I like that pairing, I never use it in any of my stories. But it was very good, you should add another chapter the story could go places.

Reviewer: Midnight_Luna
Date: 08/30/05 12:58
Chapter: Fascination

Wow! Once again, another very good story! I also think that this story cold apply for Harry and Hermione. I dunno, that's just the impression I get. Please write another chapter! ~Luna

Reviewer: Lurid
Date: 08/05/05 4:17
Chapter: Fascination

Hmm.. right at the end I was thinking maybe...Hermione and...Harry surprisingly. For some reason anyway =S i think it was the smirk. You see, Draco would never take his time with a kiss, and i get this impression from Delightful Pain, btw. Harry just seems so unsure of himself.... ahh I'm rambling. Anyway, i don't really like Hr/H ships, so please check out my story which is completely VIOD of this, and instead enjoy one of my own characters 'fascination'~10*

Reviewer: Beloved star
Date: 07/30/05 18:44
Chapter: Fascination

Funny, when I read this I didn't think of any of the relationships you mentioned...I thought of Snape/Lily! I thought that throughout the whole thing, and didn't even realize that there were no names until I finished and saw your note! I think that means that this is an excellent story; if the reader gets lost in it like I did it has to be good!

Reviewer: xAthenax
Date: 07/22/05 3:02
Chapter: Fascination

Hm. At first I thought this was Lily/James, but than going on I thought it was Ron/Hermione. But hey, you never know. xP

Reviewer: Kairi
Date: 07/17/05 17:07
Chapter: Fascination

I believe this should be a Lily and James one because Lily loved James when she was younger but she never really wanted to get to close to him so seeing as he making a move then she making one back but regretting it in the end. This is so a Lily and James story and I don't see it as a Draco and Hermoine because Hermoine most likely wouldn't of kissed back like that at first and Hermoine and Snape i doubt Snape would make such a move. So yea a Lily adn James story CONTINUE WRITING IT!

Reviewer: imo
Date: 06/15/05 12:49
Chapter: Fascination

I was thinking Draco and Hermione the whole way through, but at the same time was trying to figure out what other ship it could be. It didn't seem to fit any others quite as well, but as it wasn't listed under Draco adn Hermione, I was extremely curious as to who else it could be! I guess it could be loads of ships though...just like you said! *10*

Reviewer: mrs_dmalfoy742
Date: 06/14/05 13:37
Chapter: Fascination

While i was reading this i was totally thinking draco/ginny! i'm not sure why, maybe because of his fair skin and the "beauty marks"... i thought of her freckles. very well written!

Reviewer: Cecilia Dougherty
Date: 06/06/05 15:40
Chapter: Fascination

wow.. it was really good! i love reading ur stuff.. i know what u mean by not having a name for these characters.. i tried thinking up a few names and nothing seemed to fit. u have great talent. im told i do too, but every other thing i try to write always comes out dumb and kind of kid-sounding. i try tho! your stuff is soo good! hope more keeps coming!

Reviewer: nymphadora08
Date: 06/01/05 23:02
Chapter: Fascination

i'm a huge fan of your work. i really liked this one. at first i thought Harry/Hermione then i decided it was Draco/Hermione. but for some reason i stuck wiht Hermione. you the smart snobby bitch? he he liked that line. --10

Reviewer: Seraphine
Date: 04/15/05 9:40
Chapter: Fascination

still addicted xoxo sarah

Reviewer: dragon
Date: 03/31/05 17:07
Chapter: Fascination

Wow, this was so good! I knew that putting off anything that you had wrote wouldn't be a good idea! I really liked the way that you appealed to a large audience. Seeing you generally write Draco/Hermione, Hermione/Snape, and James/Lily, it was rather different to see a story not listed under those categories in your profile. However, in my opinion, it's still a Draco/Hermione fic, just because that is my OTP and it all seems to fit. So, in general, I loved this fic! I also wanted to congratulate you on your wins in that contest. You had some wonderful competition and I was kind of curious on how well you'd do. I hope to see some more of your works up there next time around! And I promise you, next time I'll actually vote!

Reviewer: Kerian
Date: 02/25/05 20:19
Chapter: Fascination

The poem was a great and I liked how that couldve fit any of the couples.

Reviewer: meva
Date: 02/25/05 16:46
Chapter: Fascination

tht was good.U r a good writer I imagined it a draco/hermione ship

Reviewer: MoonysMistress
Date: 02/22/05 20:46
Chapter: Fascination

Wow, this was REALLY good! thoughts on The Couple were first Sirius/Mystery Girl, then Lily/James, then Draco/Ginny. All sound reasonable, eh? But you have an incredible style, and it was very well-written. A ten for thee!

Reviewer: genhp
Date: 02/20/05 14:04
Chapter: Fascination

Ooooh! I loved it! I myself imagine it as Draco and Hermione, since that is my favorite ship. But I agree, it could very well be James and Lily or Snape and Hermione! Anyway, very well done!

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