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Reviews For Squib Sequestered

Name: the nutty imp (Signed) · Date: 03/09/06 6:57 · For: (This is a one-shot)
So rare do I see a character study about Filch (of all people). To be honest, I never liked Filch, he's such a bitter and evil man (in my opinion) - yet you manage to make me to feel sorry for the guy.

I like that he's still so in character throughout this story - his flimsy justifications for his actions holds conviction because you made he sound as if he believe in them. You really managed to make Filch come alive in this story. ^_^

Name: songbook99 (Signed) · Date: 03/09/06 3:57 · For: (This is a one-shot)
Wow. I'm not quite sure what exactly to say about this story. You have done a wonderful job with both Professor Dumbledore and Argus Filch. The way you have portrayed them is so true to both their characters, and I feel a little sorry for both of them in the situations they are in. Dumbledore's guilt about the mistakes he has made really comes through in your story, especially concerning the ones he made in regards to Harry. It is always so hard to see someone who knows so much admit to making mistakes. On the other hand, the only reason I feel bad for Filch is that he has had to endure life in the magical world without the aid of magic, and you do an absolutely lovely job highlighting exactly how hard it has been for him. However, my favorite thing about this whole story is probably the way you are able to weave a little humor into such a grave situation. That simple touch of humor makes the gravity that much more intense. Simple wonderful.

Name: TheoriesOnly (Signed) · Date: 02/23/06 13:29 · For: (This is a one-shot)
I'm completely amazed. Totally stunned. How do you make a one-shot about Argus Filtch that great?! Wow, that was unbelievable; you have talent. Everyone's characters were almost exactly like J.K. Rowlings, and you played their feeling brilliantly. I loved it! infinity/10

Name: rgreen (Signed) · Date: 06/15/05 0:40 · For: (This is a one-shot)
interesting. we shall have to wait and see what happens to old Filch. Well written.

Name: mugglegirl (Signed) · Date: 06/01/05 15:21 · For: (This is a one-shot)
WOW!!! This is great, and TOTALLY believable. If this isn't what happens to Filch, it should be!!!

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