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Name: MPPMarauderGirl (Signed) · Date: 03/25/05 11:21 · For: A Promise Kept
This was a very original piece of art. The way you bound Ginny and Harry together is something I've never seen before in writing, and to be quite frank, something I never thought before. I like the way you set them up as though before Ginny was born she was created to be his match (eyes, and even in their personality). You made Ginny very strong character (which I feel she is in the books, as well) and I agree that she will play apart in the series' next two books. There is much we do not know about Tom's possession of her, and JKR said in an interview she can't tell us what would have happened if Tom would have succeeding in killing Ginny (and that it would be of importance). Fantastic story! I will make sure to give your other story a try, but for now I am going to continue with my story. Great job, and I'll have more of Only You Can Understand before you know it... I'm about half-way done with the next chapter, and the day is long.

Name: Melindaleo (Signed) · Date: 03/22/05 17:01 · For: A Promise Kept
I enjoyed this. I loved the image of Harry and Ginny's stubborn personalities battling it out with each other. The idea of Harry throwing Ginny over his shoulder to forcefully remove her is a hoot. The only thing I felt was kind of off was Harry. He's stubborn and brooding and tends to pull away, but he's neither cruel or callous. In fact, I think he feels so intently that it goes against his nature to be callous. That seemed off to me, but otherwise, it was quite enjoyable. LOL about you changing Ginny's eye color and then trying to say she's a Metamorphmagus. That's a hoot.

Author's Response: I agree that Harry being crel and callous is against his nature, that is why he can't pull it off when Ginny stands up to him. The Metamorphmagus, hey I had to try and find a way to justify it. Thankfully, JKR provided me with an answer.

Name: Harriet Evans (Anonymous) · Date: 03/22/05 5:35 · For: A Promise Kept
Sorry it's taken me so long to review, but here goes... Well, I really liked this. It was well written, good pace and most importantly it kept me reading to the end (without skipping). Very original idea for the story; I kept wondering why it was moving along so quickly until I realised it is a one shot (duh)! There is so much potential that it could make a much longer fic. The fight scene with Ron and Hermione and visiting the arch with Dumbledore are just begging to be extended - perhaps with more dialogue. I adore Ginny as a character, especially the way JKR has developed her in OoP. I agree with you that she is wise and strong and I think you portray this aspect of her character very well. Good job on Harry, too; I could feel his anger and pain. Anyway, well done, this was an original and well written piece and I'm off to read your next one now!

Name: UPgirl5 (Signed) · Date: 03/18/05 15:56 · For: A Promise Kept
I read this story a while back and I have just re-read it. I loved the idea that ginny was born ment to fall in love with Harry. Its a great story keep up the good work.

Name: iahp_mom (Signed) · Date: 03/15/05 13:32 · For: A Promise Kept
Great job. I had actually read this one a few weeks ago and really liked it. Very interesting plotline to connect Lily and Ginny that way. 10/10

Name: scarlet phoenix feathers (Signed) · Date: 03/08/05 18:51 · For: A Promise Kept
Nice Job!! I, too, picture Ginny with green eyes. Red hair, green eyes, they just go together. I liked the spunk given to Ginny as well. JKR has big things in store for her. How could she not? LOL

Name: Powerful_Quill (Signed) · Date: 03/07/05 20:13 · For: A Promise Kept
Wow . . . I got your e-mail, and boy am I glad you sent me that, because this was really good. Yes, it is different than what I've read before, but it was good nonetheless. I like how you analyzed the arch, because that's exactly what I would have done if I came up with a plot like this. Good job. I'm going to read your next fics!

Name: gwenog (Anonymous) · Date: 03/04/05 21:29 · For: A Promise Kept
Wow...great story. It's not like any I've ever read, but...I wish there were more like it!! I'm off to read Blood Traitor...great job!!!

Name: Laudomia (Signed) · Date: 03/03/05 14:32 · For: A Promise Kept
Good characterization. Don't fret over Ginny's eye color or mystical link with Lily; love can be enough.

Name: fvweasley (Anonymous) · Date: 03/03/05 8:19 · For: A Promise Kept
Very good, very intriguing! But I'm still a bit confused about Ginny and the promise. When did she make it exactly; before she was born or at te arch?

Author's Response: before she was born

Name: kjpzak (Signed) · Date: 03/02/05 18:05 · For: A Promise Kept
What a wonderful, in-depth one shot! The premise of Lily choosing Ginny to be the one to find Harry and in essence save him was brilliant. Thank you for sharing!

Name: Ella Norman (Signed) · Date: 03/02/05 17:12 · For: A Promise Kept
Since I, being the moron that I am, changed Ginny's eyes to green too, I can't criticize that. :) This was really good. It was frickin' long, but it was really good. That is the way Harry and Ginny should be. Always. I really like that idea about Ginny promising Lily that --- awesome, awesome idea. Quite honestly, I wish that I had thought it and written it. Alas, I can't have everything, and it's always good to find someone's work that will make you do that. You make me very happy. For future reference, just trust the fans. If you ask for a bit of information, they'll find it. For instance, they'll definitely find evidence for Harry and Hermione getting together, even though I can't find anything. Anyway, I think this review is quite long enough and I've given you enough to go on. That said, it was quite enjoyable. H/G one-shots are absolutely some of my favorites, and it is a joy to me when they are exactly what they should be. Harry and Ginny were supposed to be together before the beginning of time. *sighs*

Name: Philo (Signed) · Date: 03/02/05 13:05 · For: A Promise Kept
Thanks for reading my fic! Your's is good--great story line and very descriptive. Keep up the good work!

Name: MADJH (Signed) · Date: 03/02/05 9:05 · For: A Promise Kept
Firstly, let me apologise for taking so long to pop over here. I'm very active on the forums and a SPEW reviewer, but neither is a good excuse for not being more punctual in following up on those kind people who review for me.

Secondly, let me say that this was absolutely fantastic. I am overwhelmed at the depth of emotion that you went to great lengths to describe. I could have done without the connection to Lily, but it didn't detract from the overall power of the piece. I loved the battle of wills between Harry and Ginny. The fact that she would not eat until he did, very clever! I also like that Ginny first terrorizes Dobby and then defends him. (very good jod with Dobby, by the way. You managed to capture his character without making him annoying or having him steal the scene.)

Your writing is close to flawless. The pacing was perfect, I didn't feel rushed and I never felt like you got bogged down in any of your descriptions. Ginny and Harry were in character and your portrayal of their emotions was wonderful. Umm, did I remember to say that I really enjoyed reading this? and I look forward to digging into yur other fic as well.


Author's Response: Wow what a review. Thanks for spending so much time and for your feed back. I hope you have good things to say about my other story too.

Name: brunahilda171 (Signed) · Date: 03/01/05 22:27 · For: A Promise Kept
That was really really good!!!!! It's probably the best one-shot I've read. Nice job :)

Name: deatheaterjb (Signed) · Date: 03/01/05 19:18 · For: A Promise Kept
Very good! All the emotion really came across great, I got really into it. Very creatibve premise too, excellent work!

Name: weasley_girl (Anonymous) · Date: 03/01/05 17:31 · For: A Promise Kept
Wow, that was fantastic! I absolutely love the whole twist with Ginny and Lily, what an original fanfic. All the fanfics like this (Ginny consoling Harry about Sirius and such and then them getting together) are very cute and fluffy. There's nothing wrong with that but this story shows a lot more angst and anger (and a large temper) in Harry instead of just depression. Awesome job, keep on writing!

Name: Greta_Prewett (Anonymous) · Date: 03/01/05 16:17 · For: A Promise Kept
Brilliant!!Even though Ginny has brown eyes now I wish she had green!!!!*10* definetely!!

Name: kaiserzacc (Signed) · Date: 02/17/05 16:06 · For: A Promise Kept
Excellent...I have e-mailed you so i won't repeat here...keep writing

Name: theMarauders (Signed) · Date: 02/15/05 18:01 · For: A Promise Kept
wow! amazing! i must say that this is one of my favorite one-shots ever! please put up ur next story-im really interested now!

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