Reviews For The Sweetest Sin
Reviewer: xohplovr94xo
Date: 04/27/08 15:09
Chapter: The Only One

really good!!!!! this is a really interesting story.

Reviewer: sakrosankt
Date: 04/23/08 8:35
Chapter: Epilogue

That was one sad, sad fan fic....*sniff!* I read it all in one go, and, well, it just broke my heart....

Reviewer: xohplovr94xo
Date: 04/23/08 5:25
Chapter: Meeting the Malfoys

wow really good!

Reviewer: Milliebaby123
Date: 04/21/08 2:37
Chapter: Epilogue

omg, wow. ur story held me so captivated i coodn't close it down even though it meant staying up very late to finish the whole thing. i'm almost ashamed to admit i cried in it and i also want to congradulate u 4 a job well done. normally i don't read fic with more than 5 chapters as a rule (i'm very impatient) but ur's is now 1 of my fav's.
thanx 4 a great story!!!

Reviewer: winxcharmx
Date: 04/19/08 8:50
Chapter: A Terrible Crime

Ummm... Pooorrrr Thomas...GREAT story!

Reviewer: winxcharmx
Date: 04/18/08 15:24
Chapter: No Idea

This is amazing.
You are a great author.
The only reason I got a login was to tell authors like you how good you are.
Why do the Malfoys care who Went to BED with a *cringe* MUDBLOOD?

Reviewer: smm1993
Date: 04/14/08 17:01
Chapter: Epilogue

i loved this story. it was so sad though. it was very toching.

Reviewer: tomslovevishu
Date: 04/06/08 23:46
Chapter: Meeting the Malfoys

loved it... i usually like stories with happy endings but this was jst so awesum...

Reviewer: dracosecretlyluvsme
Date: 04/06/08 9:22
Chapter: Her Greatest Love of All

"Just don't forget me, and that flame will never die out."

I've known this story for such a long time now.
I just gathered my courage to post a review. ^^,
This sounds cheesy. But everytime I tried to re-read this chapter until the epilogue. *sighs*

I could feel it, It's like Dramione's alive.
the Pairing is alive. I could feel my heart skip a beat, I could feel my chest tightens. And like, Yeah. I cry every time I read this part.

The quote I copied is like my second favorite sayings or whatever, here.

Too bad, I hope you could do a sequel or something.

Reviewer: Waterlou25
Date: 04/02/08 23:25
Chapter: Epilogue

this is a bloody briliant fic, thank you so much

Reviewer: HpFanNo1
Date: 04/01/08 20:21
Chapter: Epilogue

reading this a year later, its still as good! =]

Reviewer: Ravenclaws Noble Heir
Date: 03/31/08 18:32
Chapter: Crimson

Catch up on old times?
Now what does he mean by that?

*~* Ravenclaw's Noble Heir *~*

Reviewer: Ravenclaws Noble Heir
Date: 03/31/08 18:19
Chapter: Up to Something

I guess he wants to do the 'nasty' with her

*~* Ravenclaw's Noble Heir *~*

Reviewer: Ravenclaws Noble Heir
Date: 03/31/08 18:12
Chapter: Observations

My goodness!
Hermione was raped?
But wait where's Harry in this story?
Maybe he isnt in this story. Well that would be good for a change
Not that I dont like him of course
I woulndn't be here if I didn't
*~* Ravenclaw's Noble Heir *~*

Reviewer: Ravenclaws Noble Heir
Date: 03/31/08 18:01
Chapter: Meeting the Malfoys

Bloody Hell!!
I don't believe it!
But all I can say I'm going to so enjoy reading this tory!

*~* Ravenclaw's Noble Heir *~*

Reviewer: Amber Lupin
Date: 03/24/08 19:30
Chapter: Epilogue

Wow this was an amazing story! Good work! Even though there where a few tears mixed with some laughter, I thought this story was very well written and I can't wait to read more by you!

Reviewer: cfm887
Date: 03/12/08 21:57
Chapter: Epilogue

Really good story. I was a little put out by the fact that she was going to fall in love with one of her rapist, but it all seemed to make sense. I do like happy endings, but I much prefer a realistic one. I think your ending was the only way it could have been. Now the metaphor at the end, could it have been Draco's tears from above extinguishing the flame? I will check the reviews and hopefully find out.

Reviewer: narcissam
Date: 03/09/08 12:53
Chapter: The Beauty in the Breakdown

i don't understand. she's acting as if she's not a slave - just roaming around the house, eat dinner with the family. hasn't she got any cleaning to do?

Reviewer: hypnotizedbyrain
Date: 03/05/08 13:41
Chapter: Epilogue

there is nothing more to say than : Wow, this is an amazing story that grippened me from the very beginning, and left me wanting more.. but all good things must come to an end, right? at first i was really pissed about the sad ending, but adventually i realised; this is the best ending there could be! thank you for a brilliant story !!

Reviewer: hypnotizedbyrain
Date: 03/05/08 12:50
Chapter: Her Greatest Love of All

a great chapter, but why cant we for once have a happy ending? :( this the sadest thing i've read since the death of dumbledore..

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