Reviews For The Sweetest Sin
Reviewer: raerae_1325
Date: 04/03/09 7:05
Chapter: The Story of a Girl

Does she Stockholm syndrome, she shouldn't be considering wether she loves the person who raped her.

Reviewer: raerae_1325
Date: 04/03/09 6:32
Chapter: Mudblood Town

She feel no guilt in what she said to Malfoy. If I were her I would have tried, no, suceded in killing him.

Reviewer: raerae_1325
Date: 04/03/09 5:55
Chapter: Iris My Love

I can't believe what just happened. It's disgusting, I hope Hermione gets a hold of a wand and hexes his a#%!

Reviewer: Twilight0Potter
Date: 03/23/09 19:29
Chapter: Crimson

Awww kathryn is so cute!

and... holy crap draco ISNT being a dick...

Reviewer: Twilight0Potter
Date: 03/23/09 19:14
Chapter: Meeting the Malfoys


thisll be interesting..

and the number system makes met think of the Holocaust... hmmm

Reviewer: Luisa
Date: 03/20/09 11:26
Chapter: Epilogue

Im cried....and im still crying. My god :( - brilliant story..and so , so sad end :/

Reviewer: lmcayton
Date: 03/04/09 18:24
Chapter: Epilogue

Wow. That was a great ending.... you are a superb author. I love how you portrayed the world had Voldemort succeeded, and how you made this Dramione so believable.
Also, I think the metaphor would be Draco letting go of Hermione from wherever he is.
Again, wonderful story. keep it up!

Reviewer: Boudahmim
Date: 03/01/09 14:54
Chapter: Epilogue

But horribly sad. The world is left in such a state...

Reviewer: Boudahmim
Date: 03/01/09 10:56
Chapter: Numb

I like this chapter best so far.
Your fic has a touching quality to it.

Reviewer: frivolous_29
Date: 02/26/09 7:47
Chapter: Epilogue

i love the story...


beautifully described and written. 


i love the ending even thought it is dreadfully painful.


i honestly love your stories. Do keep writing. 


take care


Reviewer: ticklemeteena
Date: 02/05/09 16:39
Chapter: Epilogue

this was soo sad.

Reviewer: jessi_hearts_harry
Date: 01/26/09 0:35
Chapter: Meeting the Malfoys

I am already so intrigued! Going to keep reading!

Reviewer: quillbites323
Date: 01/17/09 20:17
Chapter: Epilogue

Wow. Kudos. I couldn't stop reading this story once I started. And that ending! Again, wow! Excellent work. My would be on the floor if I had one on my head previously. Your characters where really believable. My mind has been blown. Keep it up, man!

Reviewer: I8yourcookie
Date: 01/06/09 16:41
Chapter: Epilogue

So sad...

Reviewer: princessesierra
Date: 12/31/08 0:58
Chapter: Iris My Love

he didn't seem like he was gonna do that!!!

Reviewer: princessesierra
Date: 12/31/08 0:52
Chapter: His Hidden Heart

why does tommy hate hermione so much???

Reviewer: Alt-F4
Date: 12/23/08 17:46
Chapter: Epilogue

Would that mean that I am heartless, considering I didn't cry at all...?
I love this story very much, I could actually hear the voices of the characters play inside my mind... but I'm not insane or anything**wink, wink**

Reviewer: patra
Date: 12/11/08 6:45
Chapter: Epilogue

this story has relly touched my heart.its some how heartbreaking, but its one of the best stories i have ever read. congrats!

Reviewer: SinnedSweet
Date: 12/10/08 17:02
Chapter: Epilogue

Amazing. Truley amazing. You have great skill as a writer. I did not review every chapter. Instead I will write this; now that I am done with your amazing story. I came across this looking at a writers page I remebered reading a story from two or so years ago; Secret Lily. I however didn't feel, at the time, like another James and Lily story. I then saw the name annie in here favortie writers section; and I clicked trusting the judgment of the writer. I scrolled through your list of stories happy to find that they actually exceeded one chapter long. That is when I saw the title of this story. The Sweetest Sin. It was that fact that it was so much like my penname that I clicked on it; ignoring the warning. I was sceptical at first, having never read a Hermione/Draco story and never having wanted to. I can't belive the fact that I could have ever felt this way;for I soon found out that this story was the best one I have ever read on MuggleNet. I found my self totally eclipsed and obsessed; even before finishing the first chapter. I know that I will soon find myself diving into another one of your stories soon. I hope to all else that you will continue to write. You are quite possibly the best wrter I have ever had the pleasure to come across; and I do speak with published authurs in mind. Continue on, and many thanks for the amazing story.

Reviewer: Linzzz
Date: 11/29/08 10:57
Chapter: Epilogue

wow.this was just amazing.

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