Reviews For The Sweetest Sin
Reviewer: ninu_HP_luv
Date: 08/08/09 20:15
Chapter: The Beauty in the Breakdown

i miss harry and ron, n i feel sooo sorry for hermoine! awesum story so far, im just sad for hermoine.. n i loved the 'together till the end thing'.. grt job

Reviewer: shoutleviosa
Date: 07/28/09 6:34
Chapter: Meeting the Malfoys

whoa! your way with words is amazing. I think you did really good job. I actually was imagining the characters as I was reading. :)

Reviewer: Apple Fin
Date: 07/27/09 22:19
Chapter: Epilogue

I must say... This is one of the better fics I have read in long while. It brought about so much emotion to me throughout the whole story. So much... Sad emotions, really. And this is why I tend to avoid reading these sorts of fanfictions. It makes me look like a mad woman, bawling in front of the computer screen.

In any case, this chapter was so well written that when Hermione went to the garden, I just couldn't go through a paragraph without tearing up. Although I must admit that some parts were pretty predictable, the last bit of this, I never imagined happening. Reading the last sentence was the worst part. It tore at my heart and I just had to retreat to the bathroom to calm myself down.

So here I am, to say good job to you. I hope this compliment would inspire you to write more stories because it would be such a shame to hide this talent from the world. And also to thank you... For making me tear up? No... Uhh. I'll have to think up some explanation of why I'm thanking you.

Nevertheless, good job and hope you continue writing to fulfill the hunger of readers like me have of this "unlikely-Harry-Potter-pairing".

(That was a very cheesy and odd review from a currently very emotional Apple Fin. Good day.)

Reviewer: Apple Fin
Date: 07/27/09 20:40
Chapter: Written in the Flames

Hermione couldn't have been more obvious saying "I don't know what you're talking about." I mean, really.
But I'm extremely glad you stuck to JK's story as close as you possibly could, using as much of her original characters and items and such. I don't think I've ever read any Dramione fics that mentioned the horcruxes. I was surprised to have read it too.

Reviewer: Apple Fin
Date: 07/27/09 19:10
Chapter: In the Midst of a Storm

I'm glad you didn't put a lot of Hermione's hesitation in kissing back Draco. I think that would've just ruined the mood and instead of it being a dramatic and climatic moment, it would've just been annoying if you had done that. Although I'm sure there would be sort of regretful thoughts in the next chapter, I'm glad you didn't put a lot of it in this chapter.

Reviewer: Apple Fin
Date: 07/27/09 18:41
Chapter: Ice

Oh gosh. I'm glad you didn't stop writing this fanfiction. It's a rather good thing to read when one is craving for some emotion-filling story.
Although... This line made my eyes fill with water. "You have never loved and lost as I have." Almost made me start bawling in front of my dad, who's innocently watching news about the recession. If I read this when you were in the process of completing this fanfiction, I would've read it without any second thoughts about it... But alas, I don't own any timeturner, so knowing the end of this is unescapable. And I shall pick up little hints you placed, although I'm not entirely sure you knew you were going to end it the way you ended it, I think. But anyways... Thank you for continuing with this.

Reviewer: Apple Fin
Date: 07/27/09 18:13
Chapter: The Story of a Girl

Oh, it's so odd reading Pansy described as this. And yet... It sort of matches, in some kind of odd way. I already know what happens in the end of this story and though I'm mad that it was spoiled for me, I still can't help myself imagning what would happen at the end. Especially with the last paragraph in this chapter. I'm eager to find out what happened.

Reviewer: Apple Fin
Date: 07/27/09 17:51
Chapter: Mudblood Town

Oh darn. I thought you had something up your sleeve when you sent them to Mudblood town. I was starting to guess all sorts of stuff. Poor Jeanne... I'm going to guess that she's going to die in the near future and she's going to leave James with Hermione. Anyway, I'll see if I'm right or not.

Reviewer: Apple Fin
Date: 07/27/09 15:23
Chapter: No Idea

Oh man! I certainly did NOT see THAT coming! :0 Although I thought it would've been more drastic... Anyway, that was a good shock.

Reviewer: BirtheUldahl
Date: 07/23/09 8:46
Chapter: Up to Something


Reviewer: Fangerll
Date: 07/22/09 9:05
Chapter: Epilogue

wow... really good!

Reviewer: dumbledoreismyhero
Date: 07/20/09 15:40
Chapter: His Hidden Heart

i'm really enjoyiing it, and for the latin: sedo capilium instead of capilius, so that it's accusative. well done, though!

Reviewer: iCarlyrockslikeh20
Date: 07/20/09 0:01
Chapter: Epilogue

the only story that brought tears in my eyes. I never cry, ever! I guess this story brings back bad memories of my own. Great job!

Reviewer: TaraAnnFelton
Date: 07/12/09 1:58
Chapter: Epilogue

I love this story, but I have to admit that I sort of hate you right now.
Just take that as a compliment. ;-)

Reviewer: TaraAnnFelton
Date: 07/11/09 22:32
Chapter: The Story of a Girl

I loved this chapter.

Reviewer: TaraAnnFelton
Date: 07/11/09 22:13
Chapter: Fire and Glass

So I have a really good question. Iris is Blaise's twin sister, correct? You described her as being a white woman, but Blaise was described in the book as being a black man. Are you portraying Blaise as white instead?

Reviewer: TaraAnnFelton
Date: 07/11/09 20:16
Chapter: No Idea

I knew it had to be Blaise! It's always Blaise. Ha! I love this story so much.

Reviewer: FredGeorgeTwins
Date: 07/09/09 22:14
Chapter: Epilogue

OMG! I cried through this whole chapter! Bravo, amazing.

Reviewer: FredGeorgeTwins
Date: 07/09/09 20:51
Chapter: Unexpected

AWWW!!! Love it!

Reviewer: FredGeorgeTwins
Date: 07/09/09 19:03
Chapter: In the Midst of a Storm

Excelent chapter!! Cant wait for more!

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