Reviews For Visiting the Grave
Reviewer: ThatHPFan
Date: 04/30/12 11:42
Chapter: Visiting the Grave

This was so epicly written. I mean, the rain and the screaming person for love's lost souls. Oh, so Shakespeare. And I could here sad piano music playing in the background. He he, good job.

Reviewer: LoonyXBird
Date: 07/05/08 0:23
Chapter: Visiting the Grave

Wow. Definitely a tear jerker. I was really sad he killed himself, cuz well I'm really against that but whatever. You painted a very emotional picture. Now I'm off to find the tissue box!

Reviewer: SimplyCharmed
Date: 10/09/06 18:26
Chapter: Visiting the Grave

That was so sad!!!! I almost cried, which is very rare for me!

Reviewer: HedwigsChristie
Date: 09/29/06 12:27
Chapter: Visiting the Grave

wow very touching and well written
but why would he leave hermione and ron? but i geuss it was too much
i give it a ten for affect because that even made me cringe when you described the cut
very well done

Reviewer: ginnyaustin101
Date: 07/27/06 12:24
Chapter: Visiting the Grave

That was so sad. Definitly needa tissue box for this one. Keep up the good work!-ginnyaustin101

Reviewer: kikigurl1993
Date: 02/10/06 18:26
Chapter: Visiting the Grave


Reviewer: SherbetLemon
Date: 01/02/06 12:04
Chapter: Visiting the Grave

Aw, this is so sad! Very emotional, I was sure it was Sirius over James' grave until you mentioned "he left for me"etc etc. Great work, I'll check out your other stories.

Reviewer: peppermint_humbugs
Date: 12/10/05 23:06
Chapter: Visiting the Grave

most intriguing. it definately provoked an emotional response. cheers.

Reviewer: The Foreign Quill
Date: 08/25/05 5:22
Chapter: Visiting the Grave

Holy moly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was so completely awesome! I had no idea who it was, and what was happening but then when the final revelation comes it was so amazing tears were spilling out of my eyes. You will be the next JK!!

Reviewer: My_AvadaKedavra
Date: 08/05/05 9:44
Chapter: Visiting the Grave

that was really really good. I couldn't work out who everyone was at first, but that made it batter! *10*

Reviewer: HPlover11390
Date: 06/21/05 18:03
Chapter: Visiting the Grave

omg. this was one of the few stories that actually made me cry. i hated it when jk killed sirius. u should definitely consider a career in writing

Reviewer: Friday The 13th
Date: 05/25/05 18:53
Chapter: Visiting the Grave

I-you-b-w- Excellent. That is all that I have to say on the matter. That is pretty much where Harry is headed. Beautiful. Deep. Moving. Heart-wrenching. It made me cry, I hope you're happy. One thing though- How did Sirius have a grave- if they don't have his body? i mean it just fell through the veil and that was it, right? I loved it. Great, awesome, super, excellent. It paints a vivid picture- I can just see Harry kneeling in front of a grave with rain, tears, and blood running down his body- staining his clothes- a silver dagger glinting in his hand. Definitly a ten.

Reviewer: harry potter is my life
Date: 04/13/05 16:04
Chapter: Visiting the Grave

wow that was really good. there are hardly words to describe it! it was very powerful and your description of everything was very vivid and clearcut. great job!

Reviewer: MPPMarauderGirl
Date: 04/07/05 15:06
Chapter: Visiting the Grave

Mysterious again (I love mystery in fics, so you wonder who you are talking about). Bittersweet ending. Great angsty fic! They suit your strengths well. Keep writing!

Reviewer: Artemis of Light
Date: 03/20/05 16:36
Chapter: Visiting the Grave

Very well written! had me on the edge and all the way in! I love how you didn't try to mention any names until around the end. It added more emotion.

Reviewer: RedHeadMama
Date: 02/26/05 19:07
Chapter: Visiting the Grave

Horrblily powerful, although i was a bit surprized I would have that with Harry feeling that way that at least Ron or Hermione would have died too. But overall I liked it

Reviewer: lipiana
Date: 02/01/05 20:41
Chapter: Visiting the Grave

aww that story is too sweet

Reviewer: Nadja
Date: 01/12/05 16:06
Chapter: Visiting the Grave

Now I'm depressed... It was a very good story though, the emotion really comes through. I like that it's not necessarily a happy ending, but it's realistic. I hate reading stories where Harry kills Voldemort, Sirius comes back alive and everyone is happy. I personally think Harry's going to during the battle, but I like your version too. Lovely. You get an A++ and a Gold Star.

Reviewer: Tom Riddle
Date: 01/10/05 7:26
Chapter: Visiting the Grave

please please please write a sequel! or you can let me do one.. i want Ron and hermione to go the same way as harry with depression! awsome

Author's Response: i'm not so sure about a sequel for this one, it's kind of a stand alone thing... and having ron and hermione go the way harry did doesn't fit in at all. i might write something about them, like a little ending with the mourning their dead friend, but i don't want them to kill themselves. in my world they will live happily ever after with dozens of kids ;)

Reviewer: harry luvs ginny
Date: 01/06/05 17:38
Chapter: Visiting the Grave

That was some awesome writing. Very.. erm... graphic and descriptive of the surroundings. I cried at the end.... But that was truly some amazing writing.

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