Reviews For I love...who?
Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear
Date: 07/30/07 22:53
Chapter: Likely and Unlikely Pairs

Just to let you know, my questions are almost always rhetorical or just my passing thoughts. What happened to all of the supposed Gryffindor bravery? Will the notes ever get to thier true destenations? Did Neville's Gran ever recover from being ran over by clowns?

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear
Date: 07/30/07 22:46
Chapter: Results of a Miscomunication

Why doesn't anyone sign their names?! Ah well, it only causes more fun for the rest of us!

Reviewer: Diadem
Date: 07/25/07 10:46
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

I love this story; its soooooo hilarious!!! (Even though its really, really confusing). your other stories rock too!

Reviewer: Saphira_The_Dragon
Date: 07/17/07 11:48
Chapter: The Note

I can't remenber the last time a Fan Fic made me laugh so hard!! And I even started crying when I saw the part were Malfoy was talking to Harry about the love note!!! You know, you are the first author I haded to my favorites. =)

Reviewer: Saphira_The_Dragon
Date: 07/17/07 11:48
Chapter: The Note

I can't remenber the last time a Fan Fic made me laugh so hard!! And I even started crying when I saw the part were Malfoy was talking to Harry about the love note!!! You know, you are the first author I haded to my favorites. =)

Reviewer: Ron Weasley
Date: 07/14/07 16:22
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

This was always my favourite story...Hi! haha I wonder if you remember me? I'm gonna get back to reading more of your stories.


Reviewer: Fantasystar
Date: 07/14/07 5:09
Chapter: The Note

Oh yeah, BAGELS!!! XD
Hahaha..I could not stop laughing at that!
My eyes started watering, as I imagined him actually saying that, and I had to stop for like a minute to calm myself down, and keep reading. XD

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: Fantasystar
Date: 07/14/07 5:07
Chapter: The Note

Wow *out of breath from laughing*..I can't even tell you how much I loved that. I kinda wish that, that would happen to me in real life..xD
My fave part was when it showed that everything was going to the Slytherins.xD
The ending was sooo perfect! I could just imagine Malfoy's expression. To sum it all up, just plain hilarious!!!

Reviewer: Everlasting
Date: 07/06/07 15:51
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

Hahaha that was a great story! really clever, i loved the whole plot. you really kept me reading :D and i loved this part - Malfoy pushed his way through the crowd and saw a pile of the most random things imaginable sitting beside the fireplace. First he noticed what looked like a blanket that had a pair of pants lying of top of it, very similar to those worn by Neville Longbottom. His eyes then fell on a cupcake (with a bite taken out of it), a quill, three books, a picture frame holding a picture of Hermione Granger (?), seven left shoes, a toad, and a rather ugly hat. - I laughed so hard, hahahh :D

Reviewer: Ashdyn Gets naked
Date: 07/04/07 6:59
Chapter: The Note

Bagels! Muahaha. U rock. And loved yoor story. As did ((nearly)) a million other people. Yay! Ive had very bad experiences with note mixing. One that led everyone to believe i was pregnant. Lolzz. I dont use notes anymore. Haha. So yea god job and go you!

Reviewer: Ginny Safarjalani
Date: 07/03/07 5:56
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

LoL! Lovely imagination. All of your stories are wonderful, but you have outdone yourself this time. If I were you, I would try to make a story about the end of Harry Potter. You know, Voldemort or Harry dying.

Reviewer: zotius_221
Date: 07/02/07 22:38
Chapter: The Note

this is a really great story! I was cracking up the entire time. you are hilarious! keep up the good work Hermiones_Revenge

Reviewer: Holly218
Date: 07/01/07 19:37
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

I absolutely love it! I laughed so hard when Malfoy told the entire class that Harry is gay. It's wonderful, just like all your other stories.

Reviewer: sorcerorstone111
Date: 06/28/07 13:30
Chapter: The Note

It is HILARIOUS! The only problem though is that Ginny is not at Hogwarts yet. But the rest was very amusing and great!

Reviewer: viva_lee
Date: 06/26/07 11:51
Chapter: Bagels

i love the bagel part. it made me laugh sooo hard

Reviewer: GetOutOfMyHead
Date: 06/26/07 1:52
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

Awesome story. Neville's explanation kinda confused me, but eventually I got it.

Reviewer: lily_emerald_evans26
Date: 06/25/07 5:10
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

AHAHAHAHAHA THAT WAS A BRILLIANT BRILLIANT BBBRRRIIIIIIILLLLLLLLIIIIIIIAAAAAAANNNNTTTTTTT STORY!!!!! that should win best story of the year!!!! no honestly... it makes perfect sense, it's very well thought out, the plot is wonderful, and its absolutely drop dead hilarious!!!! especially with millicent at the end, i mean honestly youre just a genius!!!!! well done well done well done!!!!!

Reviewer: lily_emerald_evans26
Date: 06/25/07 4:55
Chapter: Two down...

AWESUM!! omg u flooed it in2 slytherin hahahaha!!!!!!! now malfoy will think sum1s gaaayyyy wiv him!!!!! hehe!!! lol :P ure soooo funniii mann!!

Reviewer: lily_emerald_evans26
Date: 06/25/07 4:47
Chapter: Who Would've Thought

ahhh NOW im gettin this.. WeLL dOnE! gr8 storii!!!

Reviewer: lily_emerald_evans26
Date: 06/25/07 4:41
Chapter: Likely and Unlikely Pairs

I'M SO CONFUSED ABOUT WHO'S NOTE IS FROM WHO NOW!!!! but i realli dont care lol

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