Reviews For I love...who?
Reviewer: Rislans88
Date: 02/18/08 7:52
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

this is so cute and hilarious!! i really liked it :D

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 01/30/08 21:56
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

LOL!!! one of THE best humor fics EVA!!!!!!!! lol i LURVED it!!!

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 01/30/08 21:51
Chapter: Bagels

lol!!! SSSOOO good!! (and really, butter IS best on bagels) :)

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 01/30/08 21:39
Chapter: The Plan

lol!! i love matchmaking!! (although im not very good at it...)

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 01/30/08 20:56
Chapter: Two down...

LOL!!! omg i am going to DIE laughing!!! i loved the bit about flooing things into the slytherin common room!!! so original!! and i have to agree with hermione: i hate ham.

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 01/30/08 20:46
Chapter: Who Would've Thought

lol!!!! i LOVED rons "potions junk"!!! lol so funny!!!

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 01/30/08 10:39
Chapter: Likely and Unlikely Pairs

lol i never would have thought of lavender and neville! VERY original

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 01/30/08 9:32
Chapter: Results of a Miscomunication

lol this is so creative!

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 01/30/08 9:27
Chapter: The Note

lol SSOOO funny!!!!

Reviewer: Glynna_vyre
Date: 01/29/08 4:32
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

Wow. That was hilarious. But how on earth did you manage to keep track of who had sent notes to who??
Anyway, a well written and funny story. Congratulations!

Reviewer: Magic Muffin
Date: 01/19/08 11:49
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

I loved the ending!!!!!!! Yay!

Reviewer: Kattyratty
Date: 01/15/08 19:45
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

I love this story!!! It's the funniest fic on fanfiction!!!

Reviewer: Celestina
Date: 01/08/08 7:27
Chapter: Two down...

It's 12.26 am and everyone else is in bed and I'm sitting here sniggering at your funny clever story.

Reviewer: Celestina
Date: 01/08/08 7:07
Chapter: Results of a Miscomunication

I'm really enjoying this... it's a clever idea.

Reviewer: hpluver27
Date: 12/26/07 20:31
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

that was really good

Reviewer: the muslim DarkLord
Date: 12/16/07 6:06
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

i love your story haha
good work =)

Reviewer: hermybabay82
Date: 11/23/07 2:31
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

ABSOLUTELY HILLARIOUS!!! I almost fell off my chair - twice! Great Job!

Reviewer: mrsmalfoy7
Date: 11/11/07 8:33
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

omg LOL
the boys a pansy!
i LOVE that I was laughing so much!
great story by the way
all the confusion is planned really well!
i cant wait until you update next
my brain is hurting

Reviewer: Magdalene Rose
Date: 11/08/07 19:38
Chapter: Bagels

“Mister Potter,” Snape went on, brushing some of his greasy hair out of his face. “You will be working with Mister Malfoy.”


Immediately the entire class turned to face Malfoy, who had risen out of his seat.

“Mister Malfoy, is there something wrong?” Snape said.

“Yes Professor,” Malfoy began uneasily. “I…I can’t work with Potter.”

“Why not?”

“Because…things would be uncomfortable.”


“Because Potter’s not…” Draco paused, searching for an appropriate word. “Potter’s not the straightest road on the map.”

Snape’s eyebrows went up, making his nose appear even more elongated. “What exactly is that supposed to mean?”

“He…he swings both ways, if you know what I mean,” Draco stammered.

“No, actually, I don’t.”

“Oh for Merlin’s sake, THE BOY’S A PANSY!”

It was things like this that made Harry wish he could apparate.


my other fav part is

Ron threatening to feed Harry to the Giant Squid...

Reviewer: Magdalene Rose
Date: 11/08/07 19:36
Chapter: The Plan

hmmm... I know I reviewed already --- who doesn't like a lot of reviews? but I had sever favorite little sections.

(besides the fact that this is one of 2 favorite fanfictions I've ever read, the other not being on Mugglenet)

"D'you know anything about this?" He handed Seamus the note.

"Hey, I recognize this, I think," Seamus laughed without reading it. "Ron and I took it from Harry last night! I can tell from the way it's folded!"

Malfoy's stomach lurched. No... "Y''s Harry's?"


He could feel himself turning green. Harry...Harry Potter...Harry Potter...his arch nemesis...fancied him?


"Malfoy?" he said, a bit surprised to see that Malfoy could actually get within three feet of the Gryffindor table without becoming ill. "What do you want?"

It was obvious from the look on Malfoy's face that something was very, very wrong. He looked a bit ill and kept rocking back and forth nervously. For a moment he hesitated, apparently reluctant to give Harry an answer. Finally, he took a deep breath.

"Potter, let's get this straight," Malfoy began, as dignified as possible. "I hate you. You hate me. That little...thing you sent me? It never happened."

Harry stared at him blankly.

"Normally I'd love to tell the whole school that you're..." He paused, searching for a word. "That your door swings both ways, but since my name would get thrown into it, I'll cut you a break."

Harry blinked.

"It's not going to work out."

Harry blinked again.

"Well, aren't you going to say something?"

"Malfoy," Harry said. "I haven't a clue what you're talking about."

"Oh come off it, I know the love note was from you!"

Ron snapped his head around to look at them. "Wait a minute," he said. " sent Malfoy a love note?"

Harry's eyes bulged "What? NO!"

sorry for the length.... i just love it so... sigh

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