Reviews For I love...who?
Reviewer: Moony 62442
Date: 10/28/06 14:41
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

Great! I was laughing so hard I probably cracked a rib. Well done!

Reviewer: spix
Date: 10/23/06 5:38
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

Great story!!! absolutely hilarious...

Reviewer: echo123
Date: 10/11/06 17:21
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)


Reviewer: Pirkadatka
Date: 10/03/06 15:29
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

I've finished it, it has been hillllarious!!!!
Can't wait to read your other stories...

Bye for now.

Reviewer: Pirkadatka
Date: 10/03/06 14:32
Chapter: The Note

This story is great!!!
So hilarious... and it has just been the firts chap!!!
great job!!!

Can't wait for the next one, I'm just going to click on the "Next" hyperlink right above me, and read it...
You're amazing!!... uhm... not that way... :D :D

Reviewer: maddysl
Date: 10/03/06 10:35
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

you are evil. more

Reviewer: sweeterthanhunny
Date: 10/03/06 10:24
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

Malfoy still thinks Harrt's a pansy!!! And now he finds out Millecent Bulstrode (Milli Bulli) likesa him hehehehehehehehehehehehehe . BAGELS?!!!

Reviewer: LovelyxLena
Date: 10/01/06 14:46
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

This is such a funny story. And in the end the bad guy gets screwed, haha.

Neville figured it out in the end, I loved that.

Reviewer: meg123
Date: 09/30/06 17:37
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

OMG!!! This story was so really INCREDIBLY funny, and also really well written! It was just too funny! I also thought the whole think was very well thought-out, I mean, it's a pretty complicated plot... Anyway, LOVED IT!

Reviewer: weasleygal
Date: 09/28/06 17:22
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

Oh my God, that was genious! I loved it! Totally brilliant! That was the best fanfic I've read so far!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: James Jameson
Date: 09/24/06 17:28
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

Oh this is one of my favourites. I have tears of laughter in my eyes now. I loved: Oh for goodness sake the boy's a PANSY!!!!! That was soooo funny.

Reviewer: James Jameson
Date: 09/24/06 17:21
Chapter: The Plan

smoochie smoochie!

Reviewer: James Jameson
Date: 09/24/06 17:16
Chapter: Two down...

good story so far

Reviewer: James Jameson
Date: 09/24/06 17:12
Chapter: Who Would've Thought

awwww... Lav-lav and Nev-nev!

Reviewer: James Jameson
Date: 09/24/06 17:10
Chapter: Likely and Unlikely Pairs


Reviewer: James Jameson
Date: 09/24/06 17:06
Chapter: Results of a Miscomunication


Reviewer: James Jameson
Date: 09/24/06 17:02
Chapter: The Note

haha this is gonna be good.

Reviewer: unicorngirl22
Date: 09/22/06 15:11
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

Hi great story. I was wondering how long it took for your first fic to be validated. I really would like an answer. I wrote my first fic and I am really anxious. I am a fan of your stories. Please answer my question and keep writing.

Reviewer: ron_hermione_love
Date: 09/20/06 23:04
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

OMG that was so awesome! I cracked up so many times in that story. Very clever, humourous (and ever so slightly confusing) plot!
There was only one thing... in chapter 5, when Harry shouts out loud that the note was meant for Ginny, it says: "..looked up at the sight of her name." Uh, I think it's supposed to be "...looked up as she heard her name" or something...
Anyway, awesome story!

Reviewer: Glittering_Pheonix
Date: 09/20/06 21:55
Chapter: I can see clearly now (sort of)

I love this story sooo much! It is one of my favorites!!!!!!! I even read it aloud to my best friend over the phone!

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