Reviewer: Prongs92
Date: 07/07/07 21:54
Chapter: Sonnet for the Moon

Oh, my, GOD! I can't even describe how amazing that was! i'm jealous! I wish I could write like that. Good job!

Author's Response: I see you're reviewing everything I've written here, thank you so much. It's great to see you like all my stuff!

Reviewer: BringPadfootBack
Date: 05/20/07 20:47
Chapter: Sonnet for the Moon

I love it!!!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: Starlight_maurader
Date: 05/16/07 23:00
Chapter: Sonnet for the Moon

'tis very good!

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you thought so!

Reviewer: allura mystique
Date: 01/26/07 14:08
Chapter: Sonnet for the Moon

Wow...lots of imagery; I love your poem!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

Reviewer: LovelyxLena
Date: 12/11/06 13:33
Chapter: Sonnet for the Moon

Well, I don't want to be an evil person. I honestly don't have enough concentration to understand this at the moment. But I read this out loud and the words were pretty in my mouth.

Author's Response: That's good to know. It's a Shakespearean sonnet, so it's not exactly meant to be a trip to candyfloss land.

Reviewer: Jane Bilus
Date: 11/19/06 14:07
Chapter: Sonnet for the Moon

wow that's really...good, but at the same time sad.

Author's Response: Thanks - glad you liked it! Thanks for checking it out after reading TM+HBP, though the rest of my fics are much darker.

Reviewer: queendiva4evr
Date: 08/20/06 14:58
Chapter: Sonnet for the Moon

Oh, you are sweet!

Author's Response: Aw, and you! Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: A House Elf
Date: 08/09/06 13:47
Chapter: Sonnet for the Moon

*shudders* Poor, poor Remus. He's got it bad.

Author's Response: Tis true, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Reviewer: detraction
Date: 07/02/06 3:22
Chapter: Sonnet for the Moon

Ahh. I love your work so much!
I plan to read all of it and review it all before the nights through.
You might just be my new favorite fic writer.

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you!

Reviewer: padfootnflawks
Date: 06/16/06 20:06
Chapter: Sonnet for the Moon

Wow that was very deep i really love your wrighting style. I had to re-read it to really get it and i think this poem is wonderfull. I honestly can not
choose what my favioret line of this poem is it is all so wonderfull.


Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I'm honoured to see that you've decided to read and review all my work on this site, thanks!

Reviewer: padfooyroxmysoccks
Date: 05/24/06 18:07
Chapter: Sonnet for the Moon

it's good. a little depresing, but good.

Author's Response: Well, it was meant to be depressing! Glad you liked it - thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: Padfoot3010
Date: 05/22/06 16:40
Chapter: Sonnet for the Moon

This poem is great! It really . . . I can't think of a way to say how good it is!! Was this written as a kid or as an adult?

Author's Response: As an adult. It desribes a great deal of varying emotions, but one of the main themes is how hard his transformations have become as his friends are now dead (and Peter may as well be). Thanks so much for reviewing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Reviewer: stardust
Date: 01/03/06 21:13
Chapter: Sonnet for the Moon

Zetera, this is one of my favorite pieces ever! The verse is just beautiful; all the more to be admired because it's rarely done so well. I love the line, "Upon a back broken thrice before,"-- is he talking about the deaths of his friends there? As to my guess... well, the words wield powerful meanings but they're hard to describe on the flipside. Beautifully done. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, that is a wonderful review! His friends are behind that line, as he lost each of them, and he breaks himself during the full moon now that they aren't there to control him... it's all mixed up in there but I'm glad you get the idea! Thank you so much again, I love detailed reviews like yours.

Reviewer: Louisa Chocolatecake
Date: 05/22/05 17:36
Chapter: Sonnet for the Moon

OK, "Fortune's fickle hand doth chide." Anyway the point is this: those words sound awesome together.

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you like it.

Reviewer: Louisa Chocolatecake
Date: 05/22/05 17:35
Chapter: Sonnet for the Moon

The writing was excellent (of course). You never disappoint me! The fickle hand of fate doth chide... (I like that line. V. cool)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, your reviews are always so nice. I can't believe I never disappoint you, now there's a compliment!

Reviewer: slytheringal
Date: 03/14/05 13:08
Chapter: Sonnet for the Moon

I like the way you incorparate teh merchant of venice in your fic - I've just read it, and upon reflection I think that Remus is a little like Antonio (anyone agree?). I loved it! Go you!

Author's Response: Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it! Your Antonio comparison is very interesting though I feel that Antonio is much more apathetic about life than Remus. I will enjoy thinking about that - thank you!

Reviewer: fvweasley
Date: 03/08/05 5:11
Chapter: Sonnet for the Moon

Great metre in your sonnet (very few people actually manage this, I'm crap at poetry because of this!)

Author's Response: Aww, thank you - btw, your story is v. cool.

Reviewer: LadyLupin827
Date: 03/03/05 18:15
Chapter: Sonnet for the Moon

Aww my poor Remmy!!! I actually got a few a tears in my eyes. (I know, I'm pathetic to get so emotional over a poem.) I love Shakespeare's work; therefore I really liked the way this was written. Excellent job!

Author's Response: You're definatley not pathetic , I've been known to get weepy over poetry myself! Nice to hear mine had the desired effect!

Reviewer: Nadja
Date: 03/01/05 16:15
Chapter: Sonnet for the Moon

I decided that I couldn't break the trend, so I'm going to review everything you write. :) I'm not much for poetry, but I liked this. It made me sad. I can almost picture the little Lupin I have in my head saying it.

Author's Response: Aww, thank you. That means a lot to me - really. :-)

Reviewer: MoonysMistress
Date: 02/22/05 14:02
Chapter: Sonnet for the Moon

Holy cannoli! */silly phrase* That was...well, deep! Hmm...the 'broken soul' line and 'empty hurt' sound like the Man in the Moon, how he's always supposed to be crying...and then 'despair beckons, I can take no more' (or however it goes) would be how Remus is unable to resist the call of the moon...but then at the end, the moon's spell is broken, and he can live his life again! I even close? *blush* That was fantastic, anyway, truly magnificent -- very ambiguous and dramatic and Shakespearean. Kudos!

Author's Response: Wow, great insight there! You got it, though you also got a few interesting ideas I hadn't noticed in the poem before - I usually just let this stuff flow out, without really thinking about it properly - maybe that's not good, but it's how I write! At the end I was thinking he was himself again, but he was curled up as a wolf on the chair, and when he is human, the wolf is curled up inside of him - waiting for the next full moon. Thanks for a great review!

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